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馃弳 BLUES WIN THE CUP! 馃挋馃彃 St. Louis beats Boston 4-1 for the Stanley Cup. First time in team history.
This is a live Bommarito automotive sky Fox of the fireworks going off History has been made The Saint Louis Blues have won the Stanley Cup and you're gonna see all the live reaction right here on Fox Two Let's take you around to our different cameras where we are located tonight. This of course the scene outside of Busch Stadium and here it is outside of ballpark village We have fruits inside and outside. We've even got a clue with the gentleman who is now $100000 richer. He cashed his ticket. Mandy He did. Let's listen in on his fans are celebrating As the celebration gets underway, people are pulling out their newspapers that say the singles blues are champions. The gear is going to be. The boxes will be ripped open There will be hats and tshirts sold everywhere as the celebration goes on We cannot wait to find out how Laila was doing when she watched this how our friend who made the crazy bet Las Vegas on the Blues winning the Stanley Cup He's a hundred thousand Dollars richer tonight and we're not going to anywhere. We have a massive celebration underway in Saint Louis Fox's Rocky Madden is right in the Middle of all of it Rocky Hey, Rocky. Are you with us I guess his Bradley tell you excited right now. People are dancing behind me here at Ballpark Village joining me right now is Shane You told me you can boy and going to blues games at your kid What is that feeling in your heart right now You know what the one thing almost proud of is how good this is gonna make the city fill They deserve this all the years for bread Hall Gretzky all back in the 70 's 60 S. It's like where is very proud of our team and we're very proud that we're able to bring home a winner Finally no one wants to be called long suffering. They want to be called champions. Alright, thank you Let's go blues. It's been an exciting night here in this crowd You know we had rain outside. We have a chilly night put up the umbrella they put on the poncho They stuck it out and now they are early dancing in the parking lot here at Ballpark Village Glory has been playing. It's been a fun night here and it is so much fun for the city of reporting live here outside and here again is a live picture from Busch Stadium where more than 20000 fans gathered tonight to watch a hockey game you have to Good also for the local ownership group Tom Stillman in company They have invested a lot of time and money into this franchise It matters deeply to them to see the blue succeed and their team Their franchise has brought the first Stanley Cup Saint Louis Congratulations How sweet is road You know the blues have been great on the road and that's where we want it all They blocked out the noise and we got it In a moment here we are watching the festivities in Boston as well They are going to award the Con Smith and they just did so and I believe that it was given to Ryan O Reilly of the Saint Louis Blues. They acquired him in the off season via trade with the Buffalo Sabers and he has been named the most valuable player of the playoffs Ryan O 'reilly. What a story remember when he was introduced to the crowd and he told the ownership group Let's bring up dot com Yes, the day that he was Announced that he would be a player for the blues. He promised the grateful to be inside It was not hyperbole I believe it okay, we're gonna take a brief break but we have a huge party to take it to and we come back to don't go anywhere. Things are just getting started in Saint Louis as we celebrate the Blues winning the Stanley Cup for the first time They braved the rain and they watch the blues game because they all wanted to be together to celebrate this first for our city one of the greatest sporting events in history that we've had for our city. I've celebrated the Cardinals winning the world Series that you know when we ran on the Super Bowl but this is incredible for a long time This is inside carnivore. If you're unfamiliar with corner of war, it is formerly Modesto on the Hill right there on Avenue This is the side of the watch party for the gentleman who is now $100000 richer He made it that in January a $400 bet and he cash that time Martin Kill Coin is live right now in Boston Martin Alright, we are here in the tunnel. Look who's watching the Cup and parade around the Boston native Keith Chuck para Jackman couple of legendary blues What are the emotions I can't explain it right now. This has been the best feeling that we ever had right now and I hope the people and say in Louis are loving this right now because this is gonna be a great party Oh they're going nuts. Trust me Yes. What do you think I I can't wait to see the the video what's going on back in Saint Louis cuz here just the the owner's suite was was amazing and seen the guys hoist the Cup is is awesome but I can't wait See Saint Louis so real at all the ground. It's you and Brett Hole and Chris Pronger and this guy man in this you guys needed to be here. Didn't you Yeah. You know you kinda debated whether coming are watching and Saint Louis but I'm so happy that I'm here with with the big man here. Big Wall having a good time to hockey gods have been tough on this franchise It finally however it's over it's over Tom Stillman the whole fans everybody that Organization this is Doug from this is the best thing ever Alright, I'll let you guys go celebrate big Wall Keep the chuck Barry Jackson They hit the ice where all the play you can stay. If you want, you can go if you want bread hole in progress and we'll see you out there. Everybody headed to the ice will be out there in just a little bit and give you all the coverage. We're not going anywhere. We've got nowhere to go The Cup is staying on the ice. The celebration continues Charlie Ball is right over there ladies in the building. We'll see all night from the ice Boston Hey Martin. Have you seen Laila? I know Charlie interview her earlier but I'm just curious if you've seen her since the game ended I have not I have now we're just kinda herded like sheep here waiting to get on to the ice but we're gonna see everybody that celebration on. It is interesting all of these guys watching prong or in Hall and chuck all of them kind of saying the same thing to wondering what's going on back in Saint Louis and I said I can't see it but I can hear it They're gonna be pretty impressed when they get back home and see the video. It's gonna be a big celebration. There was a flight today. The blues brought their former players and brought Laila They're all gonna end up on the ice but they tell the families when it ends after the blues win. Stay in your seats. You can watch the Cup paraded around. We saw Alex Betrayal of captain handed it to J Minister the longtime veterans 17 year veteran. He carried it around first then handed it to Alexander Stein who is the longest tenured glow and I think I gotta confirm any Jordan Bennington may have teared up just a little bit. The unflappable goalie who stood on his head and his real game seven man fat have some emotions and there were plenty of coverage all night There are tears all over Saint Louis tonight Martin It is a huge celebration We're gonna be showing all of these amazing highlights of the celebration and then of course one back to Martin Live in Boston Because just stick with us, we've got a lot of coverage ahead Something interesting to note there you saw Martin interviewing Keith could Chuck and Barrett Jackson These are two former Saint Louis Blues players who are not from Saint Louis, but they've made Saint Louis their homes as well as he mentioned Chris Pronger Brett Hole just to name a few. There are a ton of Saint Louis Blues alumni who live in Saint Louis full time now so to have them there celebrating all of this tonight is about as sweet as it gets along suffering franchise suffers. No more tonight. The Saint Louis Blues are Stanley Cup champions and we've got a celebration here on set right before he handed off to let's telling Sandy Live Well done very very nice. Yeah. Oh my God. I tell you we are so excited about blues and everyone was like cheering in the newsroom. You know when the final goal was score Yeah. Probably heroes stop We heard you You hear us in here We have much more to come much more to come Yes. Alright guys, let's get to it. We've got a lot going on a lot to tell you about you can count on This is Fox Two news at 10 Which Stadium in downtown Saint Louis for a huge crowd of fans at gathered to celebrate the Saint Louis Blues are Stanley Cup champions And right now let's go straight to those highlights Zack is joining us right now Exact show show some highlights game seven from Boston. Do we have those let's get to it She is blues biggest fan Laila Anderson in the House tonight Jordan Bennington. How about dinner S stop after stop after stop as he looked nervous. No, he did not tonight and then it's Brad Marshawn later on Jordan Bennington. Another big stop boy received the difference overall So how about the Blues best player the entire season Number 90 Mister Ryan O 'reilly office shot from J Bold Meister Alright gives the blues a one nothing lead in the first period. Nice Twentythree points in the post season for Rhino Riley to Con Smite winner and then later give us the dagger. Ifyou will aid seconds left in the first period. It's the captain The Blues big boy showing up tonight number 27 roofs for two not lead and then in the third about praising Shin beats two grass like I said the big boy showing up and then it's Zach Sanford the assist from David Kron and there you have it Let's see it 52 years in the making Oh my gosh, I'm only 34 years old and I think I was ever gonna see this how about everybody else? 52 years been trout is over how about that shot to captain Alex Pietrangelo lifting the Stanley Cup the first blue ever to lift the Stanley Company hands it off to number 19 jbo over 1200 career games in the National Hockey League and then he hands it over to Alex Stein as well before one is your final score Wow Riley, his eighth of the post season. He is your Con Smith winner your playoffs, most valuable player rhino Riley, 23 points. That is a franchise record. I was portray Angelo He had a big night as well I don't even know what else to say anymore except that I mean this is what a night what a knife maybe what's going on in Saint Louis? Yeah, we're getting word right now that there are people all over Saint Louis at their home shooting fireworks night honking horns It's just unbelievable So many stories for everybody involved. I mean a lot of us being blues fans growing up. I remember getting you know bread halls, autograph kid. I think about my parents take me to hockey practice and 60 'clock in the morning. I mean this all of us blues fans right now or just what in the world is happening. This is happening Everybody history has been made and you got a live look right now at the watch parties at Stadium. Let's head down to rich gold. This is outside Enterprise Center obviously gonna head down to Ballpark village right now though we're rich John Brown had been hanging out all night You guys, I'm pretty kidney but here at tell us what's going on down there We can hear you now, it's calm down just a bit I can here People started going outside to party but not many You can see the shirt just Stanley meet Gloria This is a bridge to be in this kind of environment to witness something like this to people thought would never happen in their lifetime and to think back about that silly movie script How the team was fighting in January, their last place and here it is they did. It is the greatest turnaround in the history of hockey without question it might be Raiders turn around in the history of sports You care of going worst to first when a team one year is in last place and then they go through an off season and then they hire free just to buy some other players and make their grapes and all of a sudden they're good. They win They win the pennant and the World Series not the blue they were in last place a few months ago in January on January than their last place and now they're the Sanly Cup champions Yes Think about everything else Interim coach rookie goal tender you know guy Comes back here to play for less money to be around this kid. Everything that's involved in the C And there's still moments I'm having this moment. I don't know if you are people at home maybe three or saying oh my gosh that actually just happened. They just won the Stanley Cup It's over and they are taking home the trophy I'm sure fans at the same thing probably can say that same thing right now I would love the New York a little class into a picture of Fred Hall Say happiest man in America That's the headline. I wanna see out of it because you know holly Kelly cheese I think of the late. Mike Shanahan Think all these wonderful blues Better that are so pleased to be part of this Organization and Tom Stillman is not watching. I wish you was you go ahead and release whatever letter you want to right now Let the print that sucker. Yes That's all right with us. If you wanna talk about a parade bring it on I Cannot wait to see this parade several years ago in Chicago had their Stanley Cup. They talked about you know one to two million people in downtown We're gonna see the same kind of thing here because not only Saint Louis but this entire Agent for Kansas City and Springfield, Illinois, Springfield, Missouri Old Midwest They've all gotten on board to see because of the story that it is and you know when it happens, they're all gonna packed downtown. That's gonna be an amazing spectacle We have been here four times thousand one We're undefeated in this building I had such a wonderful time looking Stadium across the way to go If we're getting it. We're getting information in our head to go to somebody yellow just a little louder. We're having a dickens of a time here and everybody it is something else Okay Yeah. So we'll wrap it up with this rich wooden environment Alright, we're gonna come back out of there. You know where there's even a bigger watch party I think at the Enterprise Center Let's check in now with Jasmine Hood a jasmine what's going on there? I know the fans are over the moon There's a lot going on here. You guys an enterprise Center. You don't want that just came up to me and said this is too good to be real. I said well, this is the real thing Please want game seven of the Stanley Cup final. They are the champions take a look at this crowd here They are so excited to be here tonight You know people are gonna ask where were you when the blues won the Stanley Cup finals in these 20000 fans can stay right here at the Enterprise Center This is totally the game all the lifetime. You should see the rash into the fans when the buzzer went off and the game was over the place erupted. The fans went wild This is all came down to this game This is a game of a lifetime I reject and rich talk about a parade I'm thinking about that for right now, this is I wanna take you to Boston right now and check in with Charlie Marlow who's talking to one of the big blues players. Charlie taken away just a great group of guys unbelievable you know great guys So we're gonna join us for a while Just the city of Saint Louis is going crazy right now for a fan base that's been waiting 52 years for this. What does it mean to do this for the I mean they really taken me and my family and honestly It's a great place for lesson we love being here. So I'm happy for the city of Tyler Bozak Steer with the team not a bad for sure with the Saint Louis Blues stuff but these guys I've never seen this play harder tonight then tonight like just all the block shots and just the competitiveness out there and the will to win really pulled us through the night that our goalie made unreal safe Yeah everybody talks about Bennington nerves of steel a game seven in Boston. He showed tonight he did you know I had some good opportunities at power play in the first period was key made some big saves their many huge saving a third period you know and just just gave us Confidence and we just kept going and our guys they worked in battle that was a tough game you know and they hung in there and did a real good job packed House at Enterprise Center packed House at Bush Stadium. What would you say about the fans back? What have you learned about him to yourself? They're the best I set before. what a town for sports Cardinals in Saint Louis, Luis caffeine really can't towns unbelievable the city the fans you know this is this choker for them to say disturbing Thank you Greg. Thank you Let's keep it rolling here they David David Army sharpie City for the first time is is crazy and tough to put into words. I mean these fans have been waiting a long time and it's exciting. We're gonna have a lot of fun with them in shorts Celebrate near Blues win their first Stanley Cup in franchise history It's crazy out here on the ice in Boston We're trying to walk around and get some more guys for you All the blues fans. If you and of course we've been listening to Charlie Marlow and Barton killer Coin talking with the players that played players. Yes. Yeah and you can tell you can just imagine it's crazy down there. So they're gonna grab those players as they get them as they come out giving you see right now. They're in Boston voicing that Cup and boy that's a nice sight Surely waited 52 years to hoist the Cup and by golly they're doing it now and you talk about a team that played with stamina and grit and determination They definitely wanted it more than the Bruins tonight As well as all Saint Louis I think so and I think Ryan will Riley when he scored the first goal I think he set the tone for the rest of the night because it was like all blues all the time up until that last way when the British got their goal but by golly, I'm Brianna Riley is in tonight gonna go back out now, Charlie Marlo in Boston with Puerto Rico Saint Louis franchise for a long time We are so happy that we gonna bring this thing home forever with standing that That initial push hand Play it down a little bit when you got such a good team They have a lot of good piece of have it all I mean that's why we're just having obviously they battle They bring it every night and they just they play well together so much fun I don't know I'm not really describing for you guys How great you feel for Laila You're her favorite player. She's here you guys are playing for her She's obviously just not having so much fun I can't wait to give her a hug when I find her she's been special to me. Man do everything obviously each other on battles but to help each other when she was there for us this whole time Help her through everything and I can't wait to give her the Cup and killer at celebrating the deserves it. She's absolutely more than all of us I can't wait to give her a big hug that Cup right now behind you is it still crazy that going from January. That's your voice on the Stanley Cup That's almost hard to think I mean at that point the season Bird is trying to go game by game and trying to come back in Who's defenseman Graco Laila Anderson her favorite player is called Graco interviewed her before the game. She was so excited Jacket the same jacket all the player's wives where Laila was so excited calls. Your favorite player should be down here on the ice soon to celebrate with the players she is the blues number one fan Reacts and I can't even imagine I'm sure Down there shortly, we can hear a lot of cheese and can you tell us? Are they chanting? Let's go blues in Boston I don't think he can hear us but you know he was talking about Laila and I remember that video that was posted on social media when she found out that the blues were actually flying her two Boston to watch game seven to watch Oh yeah, let's head down to Busch Stadium. You've never seen Busch Stadium so blue to miss Ellis down there where they had a watch party for him What does it feel It feels Freakin'. Awesome. Yeah I'm gonna go ahead. Get your shout out Hey. Did the rain affect Y'all at all Did you mind the right at all I think the whole time Yeah. We're gonna send you out to Boston now to check back in with Martin Kill Cohen. He's talking with one of the blues players right now Martin taken away I mean it's amazing. I mean we're still in the Cup champion and Can take that up they can take that from us and I mean the best day of my life by far Did you ever think you'd be in Boston a game seven in their chanting? Let's go blues Never I mean the fans have been there all season I mean they've been incredible and I'm really happy to celebrate this in front of them What about your goalie tonight Unbelievable early unbelievable throughout this whole run He's been incredible. I mean it's one of my good buddy and I'm really proud of them It does he ever show any emotion to you guys. I think he might have cried when he touched the Cup Yeah, I think he did the first time in the water And I'm like having some emotion like that but like I said he's been a big part of this team and I'm really happy Alright. Thank you Sammy Blaze Stanley Cup champion. Let's get it over to Charlie Marlo Thank you Barn Laila. Quick interview Okay He's right over here Okay Thank you Laila Anderson walking right now too cold break o her favorite player before she does all interviews She wants to go see Colton We'll walk right there Laila Anderson, the Blues number one fan wants to find Fulton break first And while we're waiting on that to see little Laila get up and congratulate Colton Break, we're looking at right now. Live shot outside Enterprise Center is the fans are starting to kinda come outside of the building now but I bet you they're still lot the high 50. You know it you know they're gonna be lingering for quite sometime and there's a little with the big big beautiful Rico Cheers Always listening. Let's unreal So I'm gonna have it We gotta get a picture Unreal Come on. Let's go Let's go to the dragon's picking up Laila now Get a skater over walk over to the Stanley Cup. This is gonna be awesome Cohen favorite player Laila Anderson is about And lift the Stanley Cup The kiss Oh my goodness that there we go. Another kid That's a memory that that little girl Oh she will always remember that when it's always treasure that we were talking about what a thrill this is for her. I mean look at that what an opportunity to hang out with these players and to touch into kissed the Cup and Colton Carrico is really made this little girl's dreams come true. He made sure with the rest of the blues players that she was on the plane and at the game tonight in Boston. So amazing She's definitely the Super fan but from one Super fan to another win Shirley, let's go to South City. What do you think Now it's listening speechless I mean I never doubted these boys for one second Why did you believe what others did Cuz I mean I accomplished my battle They were my inspiration so I knew they were gonna finish as well and when cold says come over here I want you to hold the Cup What did you think I mean he's my best friend. That's just the thing you would do and what was tonight like you never doubted Any nerves not at all walked into Boston very confident You got a lot of fans in Saint Louis too pulling for you pulling for this team. They kind of. Did it together How does it make you feel I mean I'm just so speechless. I couldn't think Saint Louis or the fans of all the hockey teams enough love and support blues made sure you were here tonight Yes What does that mean I mean I thought it was 100 percent of joke I didn't really think I was gonna be here Are you ready for a parade Oh yeah Family public better in person than it did in pictures Yes How did we Laila folks Colt breakout just handed her the Cup a surreal season. What they surreal moment Alright, now we're gonna go another Super fan. Shirley had to listen to see what Laila had to say. Let's go out to Katie Coleman. She's in South sitting with a man who is a big winner tonight. Katie Lady doesn't champagne showers of ended. The crowd started taken in this moment. We've been singing a lot of Gloria I wanna bring you an introduce you Scott Berry I'm not sure that there's anybody else in the city He had as much faith in the Saint Louis Blues as you did this year Let's go back to January. You're in Las Vegas You bet $400 Place team What has this season meant to you to do see them 60 seed moment after moment game after game every step of the way I mean never stop believing versatile. you know put it on there knowing they had a good chance and then they turn it on since January and I'm like this has a real deal and then it's funny that ticket went from my sock drawer to my safe to my safety deposit box. Now that's a beer journey that I have this whole thing but it's been it's been great and it's so proud of the Saint Louis Blues in this city and their fans and everyone is just a Ride and I'm just so glad more so than I deserve hundred we deserve this a city more than that Some big offers every step of the way every time they've advanced a little bit further. It was 12000 40000 up to 48 thousand You are committed Yeah I mean I got text for 40048 Thousand and something about it. It just weird six cents feeling of I just gonna let this thing ride if I believe them too much and when you bet with your heart and your mind you don't sell out and I just wrote it out in game seven and wow. What a game What a payoff. It is $100000 to Scott Berry this Family celebrating tonight Damian Shirley we'll send it back to you Alright, Katie. Thanks you talk about I haven't safe. Yes. Having faith and being a hundred thousand dollars richer murderer getting giving up Oh my goodness. Yes. History being made tonight giving you a live look downtown. Doesn't the arch look good lit up in blue We do have a little programming note for you PM is gonna be preempted tonight as we continue our coverage of the blues historic game seven win tonight and you talk about a Team that went from worst in the League to first It's a movie It's a Disney movie I'm loving it. Well, don't go anywhere. We are gonna be right back with continuing coverage of the Blues historic game seven Stanley Cup final win. They are. The champions will be right back

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