12 Days Until Texas A&M Football

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We are just 12 days away from the return of the 12th Man and Texas A&M Football!

Posted 3 months ago in Sports

Tracy Mc Mahon 3 months ago

I urge Texas A&M to close this horrific & pointless laboratory. Too many animals have suffered needlessly already. Please be progressive as a University & say enough! Send these poor tortured dogs to good homes where they can finally be at peace. You are a University & as so should lead the way forward. Thank you for reading my plea, I await your University's response.

Rascal Rakoczy 3 months ago

I don't understand why a "leader" such as TA&M would condone and use student tuition dollars to pay for abusing and mistreating dogs. Please CLOSE your on-site labs and programs that torture dogs in medical experiments and pay for the proper re-homing of all the dogs currently on your campus that have known nothing but horror their entire lives at your university. You owe them that. Dogs are FAMILY pets. They are officers of the LAW. They are MEDICAL personnel. They serve in the MILITARY. They are intelligent and very situationally-aware. As a species they have earned the right to be treated with respect. They never deserve the things your currently funded and active program does to them. It is shameful and appalling you allow your staff to do this. Do Better. Do No Harm.

Kathy Marceleno Stilwell 3 months ago

And the FTAB…isn’t that why everyone goes? 😜 Whoop!

Yolanda Obregon 3 months ago

Gig’em Aggies Whoop 👍👍👍

Linda Taylor Salitros 3 months ago

And the red, White and Blue game

Catherine Green 3 months ago


Michael Miller 3 months ago

Just like Jimbo Fisher said: We can not let the weakest opponent score a touchdown except field goal.; Let’s keep on going, we have a lot of work against the top 25 ranked teams. Let’s make a 3-peat for the SEC! I’ll be wearing maroon against the top 25 ranked teams. I only wear maroon against the top 25 teams in the country except the non-ranked teams (white, light gray, dark gray, & black).

Luli Lima 3 months ago

Please Texas A&M University close its dog laboratory, release all dogs for adoption into good homes, and redirect its resources into humane research methods. I would believe that this great university can work in a modern methods

Gerald Breeding 3 months ago

Gig'em Aggies

Rita Ordner Molina 3 months ago