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Joe Rogan & Rob Zombie on Police Officers today
Accomplice be a crazy job horrific because I can't imagine I mean doesn't justify this stuff we're talking about but I can't imagine how you couldn't go crazy in that job right? You see everyday and what you most of them. I think of PTSD and they don't it does It's not addressed Most people have destined for them almost everybody. They meets a liar Yeah. Cuz you may need a guy like I didn't know how fast I was going but this is my House I just can't find my keys like everyone's lying to you and you're the enemy You are a professional enemy and you're wearing an enemy outfit for all these criminals to me It's a terrible Way to live Yeah We need them badly right It's it's it's I don't know I can't win on that job. I don't think no No you can't and it's and people don't you don't get paid enough People don't respect you They don't appreciate you You know I don't want you around until they want you around Yeah And then you're not there fast enough exactly and then you suck Yeah

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