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Today’s Adventure first time 🎣🎣

To be continued we will be better next time


Posted 8 months ago in Children & Parenting

Ar’miah's Unique World 8 months ago

Thanks for watching everyone have a great night we didn’t catch any fish this go round but the next time i know we will God bless

Symone Stevens 8 months ago

Look at all that pretty hair!! Ar’miah you are so beautiful I just love your face ❤️✨

Regina Day 7 months ago

Clydie Spann 7 months ago

I Love the family and parenting skills. Thank you for allowing the community to watch the many families adventures

Ardee Isidro 8 months ago

Have fun and may God bless you always! You are a role model and inspiration to others💖

Darren Graber 8 months ago

I love fishing, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as I do when I go

Sharon Yvonne Martin 7 months ago

This was awesome, brought back memories of my first fishing experience. I see you catching many fish in the future!

Shirlirica Taylor 8 months ago

The best black family show on, all of you are this show I would love my family to watch! A positive influence, always up lifting, happy children, mom and dad working together and loving each other, love your videos. Great Job Family!

Frederick Grant 8 months ago

This family makes my heart happy I just enjoy the interaction between them congratulations, don't stop loving each other

Annie Herring 8 months ago

It's so nice that you all have the kids in all aspects of living and experiencing life. To me it's a joy to watch. Thank you.