WWE Full Match: Nakamura vs. Hardy - U.S. Title

WWE • 5 months ago   11.1K     121  •  992.8K Views
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Jeff Hardy has to look behind his shoulder for a lurking Randy Orton as he attempts to regain the United States Championship from Shinsuke Nakamura at...

Posted 5 months ago in Sports
Daniel Connor Andrews
Daniel Connor Andrews5 months ago

I'd love to see Orton vs Hardy in a falls count anywhere match

رامي رامي فخر
رامي رامي فخر5 months ago

جيف هاردي ان خسرت او لا فنحن معك

Souvik Chakraborty
Souvik Chakraborty5 months ago

Hardy is legend ❤ 🔥

Prince Nikunj Prince
Prince Nikunj Prince5 months ago

Bring back nexus

Kevin Bollers
Kevin Bollers5 months ago

Would have been cool to see Nakamura face RVD in his prime.

Precious Barbie Zulu
Precious Barbie Zulu5 months ago

Becky is overrated too bad the white attendance WWE fans will cheer for her not feeling sorry for black Bianca

Craig Peerenboom
Craig Peerenboom5 months ago

Interesting that what they are showing is not from this year's SummerSlam the entrance ramp is wrong

Abdallah Eldenary
Abdallah Eldenary5 months ago

Jeff please go to AEW ,because wwe don't treat you with respect

Darrell Priz Allen
Darrell Priz Allen5 months ago

That was a Great match for Shin.I wasn't a Hardys Boy fan back in the day but now they came up.I love to see matches like this.❤

Oscar Keiter Godoy Quispe
Oscar Keiter Godoy Quispe5 months ago

wwe steve austin wants to go, he wants to go to hollywood to punish him again ...