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WATCH LIVE (Prime Television): We are in Ndola after questioning by the Police.

As per our constitutional right, we decided to remain silent during the...
The closest winter main product This is an interview for now that's what happened. I think the details and if necessary, to share at this things. This is your mission. Does. It skin Skating her good uh good news, giving the schedule bit fitness fear. My brother and I think that eating stan issues not about scare the issues and standing for the people of the first and foremost assemblages to stand for the people Center in that order. The people, history that people, Africa the people the That's how it works so when he's done for the people you don't fear, if you are afraid, we should leave us incredible business. everything's It's just possible say, thank you come on. I want to show you guys what I put in every time. Wanna position to lead that he's a list of the best and and on standby in so I think we should have a new dispensation where we should send no flammable gasses than all of us and that should be the It was one of the things that they are just one word it's amazing. It's just a right to defend that tomorrow to become with so we need to come. Please let us know that is important to trust. This appears as Green as the one we must, with this and we can only put this completely, see that's one for us the deserts of your political affiliation under matter of orders and free solution to speak the same language as a potential so I'm very We got to win here yeah. I think what you do understand this was that when we need to stand up, I mean a little jesus like you know and this country is going to a lot of time, place nice visit all coming together in the discussion solutions and ideas. How can dispense. We need to put this idea of if they're getting us with the issues that left me and I think it's a little bit of people don't have a look at that look And look I got to go through the master yeah exactly the one North festival that people were thinking. What the devil to and from this thing we have learned to look uh with the ability um kids the best movement. Yet that I think it's high time that the position you need to come up with a strategy to start together. My favorite from the other deals that the percent out of this uh. You know uh from deputy and I think that a lot of people have very happy that we're standing together you know for come on we're standing together for the people from different We shall stand together for as long as it's uh. I mean it's my meetings for the purpose of selling design. You can Thank you Journey you much Way to go Oh Go okay This is, I think Thank you very much. Baby alright jumped in it This is a You, like man, we have a lot of so I need to lift them on the Did you know that this Just come on look at the way come on come on let's go okay Oh, yeah You We watched it, we watch. We wanna say we change what you Go Free Go let's go try To just about anyone That's not that's Good Yeah Pool party outside Oh my name is Oh, boy, you Wait What Oh, yeah That's why I don't fucking know You want that God Okay Oh I wish you all the time Oh my goodness and Wonderful mother You Oh Go Right Right What you got Jump man Yeah baby let's go come on you understand why don't you come on Hey got a wide open Oh my God, oh You Go What Oh do it You see puppies get it. you I didn't wanna fuck oh Katie I don't know Yup go Go got everything Oh You owe Oh You think we left it. What you wanted. We want to one thing to watch it Mardi Oh, yeah Oh my God What Whoa Oh Yeah Tip this guy look at it Academics I Really Oh go Oh Go Go Oh Yeah What's up What's up Go Got Oh Like it That's not coming down with God is good You You The Mobile You have to yell it now come on come on Why you, cracker God What do you get Okay, I don't come with it The Everybody God For you Hey everybody You, fucking what I didn't move oh Oh Go come on God Go Oh He Oh Go Okay oh I don't want that done Hey go Go Let's go You, wanna go okay Does not have been go that was on sweet oh yeah baby Go The Okay, yeah Come on guys Oh Yeah

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