Ghost of Tsushima - Japanese Trailer

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“I swore to protect this island with my life, never once betraying my code... until today.”

Ghost Of Tsushima is nearly upon us.

Posted 1 year ago

Justen Yeung 1 year ago

The lips look out of sync with Japanese audio, like they're still synced to English audio, and it's somewhat jarring. I just hope they patch that. Besides that, dis look beautiful

Nick Sommer 1 year ago


Shäfi Miakhil 1 year ago

Chit Thae 1 year ago

Shut up..take my money

Fernando Elvir 1 year ago

Mario Castillo que opinas?

Michel Dubé 1 year ago

Sa dlaire meilleur en japonais 😂 Simon Doucet

Surf Pruet Termpaisit 1 year ago

Just Buy today 🥳

Robert Sallasvaara 1 year ago

Yes, my favourite anime.

Daniel Rain 1 year ago

Overrated trash.