This Boxer loves to swim and dive!! credits:

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This Boxer loves to swim and dive!!


Posted 1 year ago in Animals & Pets

Deborah Scandiffio Noreika 1 year ago

I just love boxers. They are the dog kingdoms funny guys. I’ve had three! ❤️❤️❤️

Rob Young 1 year ago

Thanks for this! Our previous boxer had to be acclimated to the water and eventually would swim a few strokes to fetch a stick. The new boxer is at the why would I get my belly wet??? Stage.

Thomas Patrick McGee 1 year ago

What a cutie that is so awesome that he dives!!!💖👍

Sharon Upton 1 year ago

Mine will dip his toe and that's it 🤣🤣🤣

Diorge Nacarato 1 year ago

Rodrigo Fabiani Aim qdo meu cachorro toma banho entra agua no ouvido dele. Olha isso ae...ahahah

Clair Scott 1 year ago

Wonder if your baby will love to swim Kat Scott ?

Cynthia Sease Lominack 1 year ago

We are on our sixth boxer in 47 years. Only one boxer out of the six could swim. The others were just waders. The one we have now is just seven months old, not sure how he will be in the water.

Donna Campbell 1 year ago

I have never seen a boxer go underwater like that😂😍

Karen Wisbauer Russell 1 year ago

My boxer hates water ! Doesn’t even like to walk on wet pavement lol

Sarah Walker 1 year ago

My boxer ruby 9 months loves water will have to get a big pool to see if she can swim tho....shes destroyed the kids pools 3 times by running round the garden jumping in and out of them like a lunatic and loves the river.