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Remember our #BetterVisionFor FREE LASIK Contest?

Connor was the winner and we couldn't wait to chat with him before his procedure to hear about what...
Hi, my name is connor and I won lasik from France. Eyecare and connor. What are you most excited about winning this free lasik surgery. I cannot wait to wear sunglasses first of all um. Secondly, it's gonna help alot with work um. If you wear mask so these get in the way a little bit and, as you can see, there, little bit small so that will be really nice to not have to wear these anymore um. Can you hold those up That car Some serious glassware you have and, if they break, I cannot, Dr cuz that would be absolutely dangerous, so what's your vision, like right now, number was um eine oh my prescriptions in negative for okay negative three and so like what does that mean for, for like a lay person without your glasses. What do you see uh everything just looks like there's best looking on on my so, Canada and so then what are you looking forward to doing most once you don't have to worry about not having glasses or having your glasses on my gosh Come eyecare can't wait to spend time with my wife, it'll make work a lot easier, because I really do need my eyes for that. Everything is pretty precise. Um that's I mean that I could name a ton but that's pretty much the big ones. Alright. We will follow up with you after you have your lasik surgery and we are Super excited for you. I'm very excited alright. Thanks color thanks

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