Henry Cavill "rescued" his nephew from bullying at school

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The actor's nephew was being punished for saying that his uncle was "Superman" himself, but no one believed him and he was branded a liar for several...

Posted 7 months ago in TV & Movies
Alan Yurchak
Alan Yurchak7 months ago

Lucky he had an uncle that cared. Great story but someone should re examine the bullying policies. My guess is this school is a hot bed for bullies

Kathleen Jones
Kathleen Jones5 months ago

Exactly the Teacher should be a Leader ! Think his Teacher and Principal need a new Job! Where is there understanding and Compassion! The students should have been made to Stop!
Extremely Proud of this young man ! Happy his Uncle came to his rescue an taught these Bullies all a Lesson!

Penny Johnson
Penny Johnson7 months ago

What a horrid school and terrible principal

Tarra Moss
Tarra Moss5 months ago

Awe that's so sad because he was telling the truth 😟 but thanks to his mum she cleared that up

Jamie Arnt
Jamie Arnt7 months ago

🥰🥰❤️❤️ Best uncle ever so awesome of him to do that for his nephew

Emma Taggart
Emma Taggart4 months ago

What a lovely man to do that for his nephew. Not a nice school though

Jennifer Ashburn
Jennifer Ashburn7 months ago

Awesome super hero and uncle! ❤️

Rachel Wright
Rachel Wright6 months ago

I seen a interview about this and he said he's sister had to explain to the teacher that her brother was playing superman. Cool video though 😂