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Troy Lawson
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“Do The Right Thing EP. 6”

Troy finds himself in another sticky situation & is forced to make a decision.

Starring: Troy Lawson @MissIndigoBlu
Hey, Britney. Hey, Troy. Marcus said fuck Marcus, Marcus, you you you know know know know. Trina. Trina Trina. she's she's she's not not not here. here. here. here. I I know know where where she she at. at. Oh, okay training to sit down. Well, Marcus do now I just came from a day party. You know, normally I have to work but today I got the day off. so I'm asking everybody. Where is Marcus Where's Marcus at nobody knows. Finally, I find him he's in a DJ booth, but but when when I I go go go up up up there, there. there, what what what do do do I I I I see see see? see? some some chicks? chicks sitting on his left? Marcus is so reckless like and I'm trying to figure out who this bitch is sitting on my man's lap and I look. And it's my best friend your best friend. Yes, my best friend damn yo what. My trainer, Yes, your girl and my man had been sleeping around behind our backs for the last three months. Get the fuck outta here. Hold on Imma call her right now. call him right now. She ain't gonna answer. She's with that nigga right now. I don't believe that okay. She straight to voicemail. Yeah, I know so what you wanna do what the fuck. I think I'm about to put hands on this dude. No, you need to put your hands on him. You need to put your hands on me. They need to know how it feels to get cheated on just like us. No. Yes, yes. Oh, you're welcome to two the 360 seconds. seconds. will will will it it it be be be A A A hit hit hit it? it? it be. Marcus see kick her out wife her up. What do you choose? Troy? I'm a phone a friend on a friend. Hey, man, I know why you're getting shut the hell up. Marcus you oh, hey baby. It's a long story. Not your baby. Oh, I can explain all of this. I don't wanna hear shit you know bro. Come on man. What what what's going on? man you you you sleep with training bro. Hey man. It ain't what it looks like. okay. It is man, but I I you you know know she's she's a a mini mini mini skirt skirt skirt man man man that you bought. Marcus. Marcus Marcus. Marcus. hey man. Okay, now I ain't shit I know so Amen. If you I mean cuz you're my boy man you can go in and smash it. Oh, he's gonna offer me up like that. I mean it's only right we was gonna do it anyways without your blessing. What what you mean right? Alright Troy. What are you going to choose choose A A A B B? B B? C C C? or or? D? Imma pick. See it. Who are good man? Yo families. Surprise him cuz he always talking about how I never come to his functions. So I got dressed up. I wanted to look good. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. it's all good. I don't know so I was thinking Joyce welcome to do the right track all over the place. I'm a phone a friend, hold a friend, Okay. We'll do that now. Amen. I know why you hit me. What's good everybody? It's your boy, Troy and La. I'm back on YouTube, making videos back with the hilarity back with the randomness back with the creativity. I want you all to click the link in my bio. make sure you subscribe turn on those notifications. just in case they hating on your boy that I want you to see me. you know what I mean so so turn turn on on those those notifications. notifications. notifications. I I I mean mean mean mean beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube space space. space space space right right right right now, now. now. now. make make make make sure sure sure. sure you you you get get get. involved involved and and get get your your. laugh on.

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