Jimmy Barnes - This Is The Truth was written by a guy you...

Jimmy Barnes • 7 months ago   6.7K     463  •  95.7K Views
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This Is The Truth was written by a guy you might’ve heard of, my good friend, Don Walker. One of Australia’s all time great songwriters. It's about the...

Posted 7 months ago in Music & Audio
Maree Stone
Maree Stone7 months ago

Thanku Jimmy and family u made my birthday as I hv lost my son and granddaughter to the drug ice I will always stand by them no matter what as they need our family help to be beside them we will beat it together as 1 I ll stand by them all the way u and yr family make me stronger listen to yr music thanku to the Barnes family love u guys stay safe love yous xx

Chris Harding
Chris Harding7 months ago

Your beautiful wife Jane is so right Jimmy, The Truth does set you free! Such a perfect song written for you by your close friend Don Walker, and yes I can just hear you saying he’s like Flesh & Blood, to the Barnes family. 💕🐶🐶

Carol Ann
Carol Ann7 months ago

Loved it, thanks for shacking up the bordem during this Lockdown.I look forward to your videos every day.Thank you Jimmy, love you, love your band,and absolutely love Jane.♥️♥️

Christine Keen
Christine Keen6 months ago

Such a beautiful song - thank you for sharing. Stay safe during lockdown. Looking forward to hopefully seeing you in Adelaide in a couple of months.

Trish Muir
Trish Muir7 months ago

I agree with all that is said great soul and emotion, absolutely love it. x

Tom Mclachlan
Tom Mclachlan7 months ago

great music and fantastic song keep up the great work Jimmy all the best from Tassie.

Karen Wings
Karen Wings7 months ago

Your bullets are a picture of the dynamic soul of you and Jane. I hear you both. Beautiful people. You’ll not always know who you have helped through hard times, but l wish you both to feel
Our Love ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️💞💞💞❤️💞❤️💞💞💞💞❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👏and more 😁