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Fam! At the beginning of this year, the Lord spoke to me to give everything that I do to Him, for His Glory, and this song 'My Life, My Offering'...
My whole life. Laying Laying down down Your feet. My home and I I lay lay down at your feet. My whole life. Oh, Down Free. Laying down Your feet. That's all the response. To your Holiness, God is to come as living sacrifices. It's the only response the only adequate sacrifice that we have to give God is our whole lives so we don't come in part. We bring our whole thing and we lay it on the altar. In the beauty of Holiness, They don't. Oh, The worthy of this world. The worthy of this and so much more. You're worthy of our whole lives, you're worthy of our complete surrender you're worthy of the whole sacrifice sacrifice Lord Lord. Lord. We we. We don't don't push push push it it it out out out out today. we we lay lay down down on on on the the the altar altar altar ourselves. ourselves. ourselves ourselves and and we give ourselves completely completely to to to Jesus. Jesus Jesus Jesus and and and to to to Jesus Jesus Jesus. Jesus only all all you're you're you're so so so worthy worthy worthy of of of of our. our our our surrender you're so worthy worthy of of our our our yielded. yielded. yielded and we yield again to. God we repent for what we've held things back from you and we open our hands today. Father and we say here's the thing that we've been hiding from you. Here's the thing that fear would not allow us to present to you wholeheartedly today. we present this wholeheartedly to you. We hold nothing back because we need nothing else. We hold nothing back because we need nothing. Else we need you and you alone Jesus. Just you Jesus. Just you Jesus. Just you Jesus. You're the only thing that. You're the only thing that we're after. In person we're preoccupied. All that really matters. You Jesus. Jesus. My free lighting-up My I know.

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