Sick Grandma Takes Spoiled Teen's Bedroom, What Teen Does Next Will Break Your Heart

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Always be grateful for what you have in life.

Posted 10 months ago in Relationships, Friends, & Family

Dhar Mann 10 months ago

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Dhar Mann 10 months ago

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Zenaida Lipedusi 10 months ago

Allow me to share. We went out to get a small bite to eat. I saw the young lady that seated us looking so sad behind her mask. When we left I told her, I don't know your situation but God told me to Bless you. And I gave her something special in her hand. She Thanked me so very much... Do something for someone, anyone... Spread an act of Kindness...... Thanks.

Coretha Cox 9 months ago

These younger folks are so spoiled. They always get what they want so over time it have turned them into these selfish and inconsiderate individuals. I am happy she learned a very valuable lesson soon after seeing the unfortunate Dad and his daughter's situation.

Susan Thorogood 10 months ago

Your right when you see people who are less fortunate to have our luxuries a home with the facilities of comfort and security then you realize how luck we realy are so appreciate what you have and help others

Nievera Melendez Blanco 9 months ago

thank you so much Dhar Mann this one is very touching and all ur stories are very inspirational.God bless hope this will last for long

Clara Ehab 9 months ago

Thank you Dhar Man for this amazing message it is very nice and very inspiring 👏 and I just learned that I should be grateful for what I have even if just a roof over my head without any thing inside it 😊

KC N Leigh Fahel 10 months ago

It's funny. When I was that girl's age, we had BOTH grandmothers living with us. I shared a room with one of them. It was awkward, but we made do.

Julie Smith 10 months ago

Loved the video. What the father could of done is, put the Grandmother & his daughter in his room together, & he takes the daughter's room, that way they no one has to sleep in the lounge room.

Sheila Bass 10 months ago

You are awesome with your videos if I get through one without crying. Thank you for touching hearts and changing lives.