This is halloween sign language video SSE.

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Happy Halloween everybody, I hope you enjoy our version of This is halloween in sign supported english. Everyone put amazing amounts of efforts into this...

Posted 1 year ago in Holidays & Celebrations

Michael Russell-Smith 1 year ago

Wow what a fabulous video you are so talented Jade and your sign along with Us group. Happy Halloween 🕷🕸🦇🎃

Lorraine Fisher 1 year ago

Omg this is amazing so much effect that's been put into it for us all to see just perfect for a scary Halloween and signing to and just love the baby sister in the pumpkin bless her taking part to well done all for putting it together for uss all to see x

Kathy Manktelow 1 year ago

very good guys.loved it. happy halloween from Canada

Dawn Dean 1 year ago

Wow !! Well done everyone, you have worked so hard for us all to enjoy your special Halloween!! Thank you so much!! Have a wonderful time, stay safe everyone xxxxxxx

Megan Hunter 1 year ago

Wow, that was phenomenal, you all were Brilliant. Well done Jade and Sign Along with Us x

Teresa Crampton 1 year ago

Absolutely brilliant. Make up amazing. Signing amazing. You are all amazing. FANTASTIC X

Elaine Powell 1 year ago

Absolutely amazing video and well done to everyone sing along with us happy Halloween

Mary Tsekouras 1 year ago

Absolutely amazing. ...happy Halloween to everyone. from Australia 😘

Kate Moody 1 year ago

Jade you’ve made signing into a cool art form that young people of all ages and backgrounds can identify with. So fantastic to see a crowd of such talented and enthusiastic young people, who should be so proud of this fantastic skill. Keep going!!!

Sara Gent 1 year ago

Happy Halloween🎃 everyone have amazing weekend👹 and tonight👻 keep safe and warm try in enjoy self. Wish over now hope gone back normal soon