Two girls receive a 'slap on the wrist' for putting Qld and NSW at risk of an outbreak

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Sky News Contributor Caleb said the irresponsibility and stupidity of two teenagers have placed both Sydney and Queensland at risk of a COVID-19...

Posted 1 year ago in Social Issues

Marian Keller 1 year ago

Please stop referring to them as teenagers. This will not invite any sympathy. They are grown women who knew exactly what they were doing. Absolutely no excuses for them. A $4000 fine for each is laughable. What will that teach them? Probably could not even pay the fine. A tougher penalty would be in order. They should also be immediately dismissed from their employment.

Dennis Mitchell 1 year ago

1 poor trucky called at the crossroads for a couple of hours and unknowingly caused a cluster of 60 people, how many did these 2 infect after 8 days?
They even ignored a doctors advice to get tested. 😡😡😡

Ron PGerz 1 year ago

They look like "Kardashian" wannabes. Throw the book at them and then send them to Melbourne to face the judge for their handbag escapade

Tracey Harman 1 year ago

Should of made a stronger stance and sent them to jail for at least one month

Gary Hobby 1 year ago

A 4 thousand dollar fine, that's ridiculous, it should be the full amount of 13 or 14 thousand dollar fine and the full 6 months jail? On top of that they should be made to reimburse all of the businesses that has had to be shut down because of them? Throw the dam book at them both as far as I'm concerned, make an example of them both for any future idiots that are thinking of doing the same thing?

Alfred Feld 1 year ago

If a person knowingly does an act that can result in the death of a person or number of people then they should be charged with "attempted manslaughter" and locked up for a long time.

James Mercer-King 1 year ago

Oohh so if its NSW its kids who raised the risk. But if its Vic - totally and utterly and unequivocally without any doubt just 1 man! What. A. Crock!

Paula Silla 1 year ago

Given they are wanted by the Victorian Police, will they now be extradited to face charges there? The fines imposed on this brainless group is a mere drop in the ocean, given what they stood to have made from the sale of their ill-gotten designer bags. Who was the smarty-pants who has let them off so lightly?

Dion Lacquiere 1 year ago

it seems crim pays each bag they stole will cover all the costs associated with the fine and travel expenses so they will do it again

Carmen Portelli Stein 1 year ago

My 91 mum is back to staying at home on shopping day,Im worried to visiting her as Im a nurse in a nursing home and don't want to put my mum or my consumers in any danger.Now tomorrow back to total lockdown at work.
Thanks to those selfish,irresponsible morons,give them a fine from all states and let them do there time in jail.
As for the masks wear them, whats the consequence, how would you like to b indefently on a ventilator.