Quarantine Cooking: All-Natural Acai Bowl

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I was a little hesitant about this recipe my daughter-in-law, The Trendy Smoothie by Claudia Deen, shared with me, but once I tried her All-Natural Acai...

Posted 1 year ago

Shirley Sarmento 1 year ago

Doesn't matter on the makeup, we are here for you always and your truly wonderful recipes... i was a left handed child and the teachers in school pushed me to use my right hand.. i can use both, but it was not fair to me to go through the upset by the teachers...Let the children be themselves..Yes, left handed people are creative..I do canvas painting, sculpture work and jewelry making.. teaching my granddaughters to do crafts... Thank you both for being on today 馃挅馃挅

Shelly Bucci 12 months ago

Love watching you and your daughter in law, I think you said her name is Claudia. That definately is a recipe that I would like to try.

Debbie Twigg Burrell 1 year ago

I鈥檝e had such a terrible day. Thank you for your sweet loving cooking segments. You always make me smile.

Terri Simmons 1 year ago

Absolutely beautiful without the makeup. Thank you for doing these shows enjoy them so much have done a few of your recipes .

Leslie Whitaker 1 year ago

Love you Ms Paula. Have watched you from the beginning, love your stories, and your recipes. Grew up in California. Moved to Texas for 21 years. Now live in Ky and have been taught different flavors from the states.

Carol Garland 1 year ago

We love you Paula! You are teaching us so much! And being in Georgia, Warner Robins, I feel as if I can relate to you.

Gladys Mills Wooton 1 year ago

Love spending time with you and forget all the problems in the world, you bring happiness and joy with just your voice in these videos. Love all your videos

Elaine Clement 1 year ago

Please tell Claudia I must know where she bought that beautiful dress? It was stunning, and looks so comfy?

Carol Dooley 1 year ago

Where can I find the hush puppy bowl you shared on your show you received as a gift? Love it and would surely appreciate your help. Love your recipes and watching you cook. Keep doing your videos. Your blessing a lot of people during this pandemic. Prayers for your family to stay safe!

Sue Scott Marion 1 year ago

My girls gave me the Salt & Pepper wooden box you use, and I Love it.. Ordered from your store.. Just turned 80 and still cooking...