The Rock is giving his word to create change and normalize equality.

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Dwayne The Rock Johnson is giving his word to create change and normalise equality.

Posted 1 year ago

Donnie Williams 1 year ago

We simply have a problem of lack of respect amongs ourselves and until that's restored you won't get nowhere. And burning and robbing half the country hasn't helped anything!

Butch Vanmneter 1 year ago

The rock is a big shame and just like in the movie fast five he thinks he king so u all no what do milk was a man but when u look this the rock is nothing but a kid so say he this way very sad I hope u all think about walker’s movie an what rock did to it

Noemi Torres 1 year ago

You gt it yeah we all have to stick together no matter what white black Santa Monica we're all equal that's why God gave us life like this how we are and that's how we came out like that and thank God that we all be friends all together

Debra Green 1 year ago

We all matter and we all need to work together to make a change cause no matter what..... there are still good people from every race that want to make our country better again!!!!

Robin Marker 1 year ago

Tone deaf ppl. It's not that black lives matter and no one else does. Educate yourself.

Anthony Turner 1 year ago

Then why don't the Rock play Black roles in Hollywood. He is a "Black man" after all. His daddy is black and his mom is Hawaiian

Jonathan Harbin 1 year ago

All lives matter . if blm why do they kill each other more than any race . they need to stop this bull they have more than any one I'm tired of this bull and if rock is falling for it than he isn't as smart as I thought and I think he just lost a fan I believe all lives matter not just there's

Liam 'Lja' Angell 1 year ago

22 seconds of an 8 minute speech, this is what annoys me about a lot of media outlets who pick and choose snippets instead of giving full context... This is what I call #parisiticmedia flexes as it's manipulation of perception by not providing full context and that's part of the problem

Tyra Hollingsworth 1 year ago

Can I just say speaking as a health care proffesional and I deal with alot of patients/ people this sits close to my heart in the fact i am in complete agreement that all lives matters but "black lives matter" is representing white people, lower class upper class, different backgrounds etc... but as having the skin tone white we have not been penalised. It is so sad in the society we live live in it is still happening have your believes by no means disagree In peoples morals but to hate on somebody for the colour of their skin hurts my heart. 😘😘

Encik Amin 1 year ago

All of this start from who? It doesnt matter even black or white people. The most important thing how we respect people around us. Respect to each other will give us live happily and harmony. The choice in your hand. Think about it.