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He demanded their flyers and tackled one activist to the ground. Now he's facing serious charges.

Posted 1 year ago

Cecilia Thomas 1 year ago

Exactly Jackie Kaplan. Children must be taught to defend themsrlves.

Tim Traxler 1 year ago

remember how to stop someone. knees, nose, nuts or throat. all will disable most!

William Hawes 1 year ago

Why did no one do anything why didn't anyone knock him when he was going for the little girl, and more so when he grabbed her ?

Richard Collie 1 year ago

Why is he filming and not defending the child like most adults would do against that bully, he needs a good 👊

Pucho Geigel 1 year ago

wow that face , did your wife had an affair and she doesn't want to go back to you ?

Luis F Perez 1 year ago

These "tough" dudes really know who pick on, for their own good..

Mark Hartmann 1 year ago

I would have picked his bike up and threw it into the creek.

Kim Bee 1 year ago

He would need that bike surgically removed if he'd gone at my kid like that.

Anita Lancaster 1 year ago

Touch my daughter and I would have beat the crap Out of his a**

Marc Leonardo 1 year ago

What the flyers said? I dont get it. Show the message damn it so it becomes clear..