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Listen in as DE L.J. Collier speaks with the media during this morning's press conference.
It's about myself and about the League and you know I break guys around me and great coach and I love them and what I can bring to the game this year. Thank you. Greg Bell. Good morning. I'm J. Thanks for doing this. What's up. Greg Good morning. Good morning. Pete Carroll mentioned this off season that on third downs or pass situations you and might go inside and be more of an inside defensive tackle. But how different is that for you? What if I told you about the role, I mean I knew coming in last year, I was gonna play some three techniques. you know and nickel and coach hurt me and talked about that. you know. that's what they told me they draft before to bring that Michael Bennett and he he did some inside and out. I'm excited for it. man. You know I'm athletic guy and I know that I can do on the inside of my quick on my strengths. so I'm excited for it whatever I can do to get on the field. Like I'm not, I'm not worried about it. You know how much the TCU use you inside on third down Nichols not very much. you know I played three in 2016 season. I played three technique the entire season, but after I move in, I didn't get much inside inside work but we talked a couple Texans on this the last couple weeks and months, what's it like down there right now. is it seeming like it's gonna a little bit back to normal and what are you able to do? I mean it is pretty much an open and people can go to stores. You know, I haven't really that much. I just try to keep my schedule the same, but you know Walmarts open you know, store people are being able to sit in restaurants, something like that and you know local capacity and things like that, but try to start to get up things like that. you know people are starting to everyday life. Some people can't go to work in some can't. But as far as me, I've tried to keep on the same routine working out, you know feeling the House you know, running lifting or working with my position. Are you on the assumption the next time you're gonna be on the field? Probably training camp. Yes. What's what's looking like pretty much cuz you know and I'm doing whatever I'm gonna be ready. I know exactly what I need to do and I've been there so I know what to expect and so I'm gonna be the best shape I possibly can. Thank you sir. Curtis LG looking back to last year, was there ever a point where you felt like you got fully back and to a hundred percent and we're healthy and all of that at any point game you're given given how bad an injury that was I definitely wasn't a hundred percent, but I got to where I could play and everything like that. and I thought the time was right. maybe I should have waited longer, but you know I wanted to play and that was that's what I should have waited on. That was me. I want to get out there and maybe I should have waited a little bit longer but I don't Anything from last year, I learned a lot of the player myself and what I need to do and what the League and everything and what type of player I can be. That's why I'm excited for this next year. I know who I am and I know the competitor I am I'm to bring to the table this year and how much more excited are you just knowing that, at least you have the knowledge of the scheme, the PlayBook the defense on your belt now to where when you do get up here and work that you can get in front of the season. I'm excited man you know just it's so fun. you know. I love the name of all and just to be able to get out. Understanding that was going on we had I can help with that you know me and really fun thanks Brady Hi LJ. I'm just wondering if you could take us back to what your head space was like last year when you suffered the injury and then you know took a while to get back and then some weeks we weren't playing what was that like mentally dealing with that. when I first got hurt, I was excited. You know I did my first game next week. You know to show what I could do. you know I finally started you know, come up. I'm having a good camp everything and then I get hurt and you know man. I'm like that's stick to you. A month long six week injury like man I don't know I had like this. I sprayed my ankle, but this one was just different and so I was just thinking to myself. man you do what you can do every day you pay attention to the meetings you work hard you can in PT and whenever you get to get back on the field, I was just hoping to get back on the field and run and things like that. But I'm excited man and it was hard and difficult, not playing some weeks, but you know it was just in time it was it was all new to me, so it was just trying to figure out and just maintain how to stay calm and stay patient and you know figure that out, which is why I'm excited for this year like the name of the game is to stay healthy. And you need those reps and that's why I'm gonna be there. I get I can possibly get it's a three technique or and I just wanna play honestly it's just and have you made it back to Monday recently not recently, but I did before everything when I sat down. I want to watch my nephew and I wouldn't hang out with some family and friends back home. Thank you. Art deal Hi, LJ, I am I have a non football question about the bigger picture. you've seen what's happening in Minneapolis the last four days can you share your thoughts about how that appears to you? man. It's just like it's upsetting just to see what those people are going through the way that they have. That's what they have to resort to just to get you know get be heard just to be seen and I just at what point is these people have to continue to be killed just for somebody to understand what. Is like that's when we go through every day, just the fear that being pulled over, you don't know what's gonna happen on just like nobody wants to live with that and just the ride and you're just a point of like what do we have to do for you to hear and it's just a sad thing and I wish we would have a better and I feel like this should open doors to help people understand what's going on in this world. How people of color are being oppressed? I feel like you know. Thank you. Hey, just be totally your ankles a hundred percent good now you're you're working with no problems at this point. Oh yeah no problem with not anymore. It's and then is there an eagerness to you know, introduce yourself to the NFL a bit you know having to essentially take a Red shirt to where I think everyone's still is eager to see you and what you bring to the table and that is that go the other way around where you know you just kind of jump in the bit to get out in the field. I am trying to get out there cuz just cuz you know it's one of those things where you know you don't to get so it's just kinda shifts you. If you can't play, it's a it's disrespectful and I feel very disrespected, but I'm the type of person there's no need for talking just showing go out there. You know you wanna do a couple of people you want the people's faces you make noise and people don't remember who you are very quickly and I'm excited to get back and show people who I am you know. I don't really care about the first round pick stuff. I'm I'm a football player at the Day-I can play football at a high level. just like everybody else. I'm out to prove that I'm one of the best I can do what I need to do. I can so I can stop the run. I'm out there prove that I'm one hell of a football player. I'm gonna show that this year which You know part of the game part of being a defensive lineman. Do you miss most. I don't know being out there with your teammates is big but just in terms of getting to play the position you know when you're sitting on the sideline and watching other guys, do it, you know, is there an aspect to it that that you really missed last year really just the excitement of getting a sack or just getting a big-time TFL or really just making a big time play with your teammates and celebrate with the It's just felt like you know I missed out on a lot of stuff. Do you know I was far behind so I was I was missing out on the Rush Group and things like that you know, I was way behind and stuff like that and you know. And things like that step behind you know, come off an injury. you know my body is different. You know, it's just hard to move in some place and people who play sports and understanding that you know, it's just a difficult time but last year last year and I'm focused on this year. I'm not worried about last year. If I worry about last year, I wanna be this year so it's time to do what I can do and eat and at the end of the day. What time to do is eat play ball and make some plays get after the quarterback and help this team anyway, I can thanks JJ. Hey, what's up? LJ is there any maybe underlying benefit to your first season? Not going the way you want it and people riding you off to maybe set up some type of motivation or desire that you seem to have to prove yourself. I mean I know who I am and I never know what type of stuff is gonna happen. I told myself if you're coming to a certain way and things happen, people are gonna be against you. They're gonna be with you in the doctor will stay focus keep the tunnel vision and grind and last year taught me to always stay humble. Even when you know I've been. Down before it's what you do when you're down, I can choose to stay down or I could come out of this and do what I know I can do and that's be great. so I'm focused on being great Masters last year. I get my body right. get my mind right. I'm doing everything. I need to do to be great this year and go out and have a great season and plan on doing that. Thanks man. Alright any follow ups LJ Great. Alright LJ. Thanks again for joining us this morning. appreciate you appreciate you guys have a nice day.

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