Inmates Are Being Released from Prison

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Is coronavirus a good reason to release criminals back into society?

Posted 1 year ago

PragerU 1 year ago

Linda Young Raimondi 1 year ago

Criminals of all types have been released because of covid.. and the leftist mayors want to lock up covid patients who don’t follow their edicts. Insane.

Roger Clay 1 year ago

Put a mask on prisoners! It's safe they say! Mandatory in some States for Law Abiding Citizens! Wake Up Sheep!🐏😷🐏

Vincent Vanderelst 1 year ago

Same thing happened in Belgium. It's insanity...

"Releasing them because of their safety concerning corona"...

What about the safety of law-abiding taxpaying citizens, concerning these criminals walking loose in public???

Carolyn Brumm Bina 1 year ago

Criminals let back on streets . Businesses being burned down , looted and vandalized while demands for police to be defunded . Not to mention cops being attacked physically and verbally across this country . Gee why would citizens feel vulnerable? Why would they be taking measures into their own hands to protect themselves. My hat off to the Democratic leaders for putting the safety of law abiding citizens dead last on the list of priorities. You’ve just proven your leadership skills suck!

DeeDee McCormick 1 year ago

If all it takes to release them is a virus, then our prison system is messed up.

Kimberly Hooks 1 year ago

Not if masks are safe enough for the rest of us.

Denise Germain 1 year ago

It is among some of the really stupid things going on right now. This country and others have gone crazy. We need to get things back to the Republic that we are supposed to be.

Sherry Berry 1 year ago

They should have to pass a test first.
The test should be: let the inmates live with the governor in his home with his family for 60 days...oh 60 nights 😁

Pinon Lideig 1 year ago

That’s why so many criminals out on the streets. That doesn’t make any sense! why don’t you protect the good peoples. So they won’t have to live in fear.