From-Scratch Strawberry Cobbler

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Seriously so easy and SO good!

Posted 3 months ago in Food & Drink

I am baker 3 months ago

Lately when I share baked desserts with fruit someone comments "I don't like cooked fruit". And while I can understand their preference, I feel the OPPOSITE! 😂 I can't get enough, especially when it's strawberries in a from-scratch cake! 🍓😍


Breanna Brosemer 3 months ago

Can this be replicated with other fruits? Or would you recommend other recipes?

Andrea Csak 3 months ago

It looks a bit more like a strawberry clafouti. Cobblers have a thicker dough placed over the fruit which rises like cake almost and has crumbly texture.

Anita Smoyer 3 months ago

Does anyone remember the pie type cobblers great grandma used to make. Anytime I look for cobblers it gives the cake style type. Grandma had her mom's recipe for a cobbler any type fruit. That had crust on bottom but a bit thicker than pies. With dough pieces in it with the lattice work or whole crust with shapes cut out. Loved that stuff.

Virginia Wollenmann 3 months ago

I love fruit in desserts it's a good way to get kids to eat more fruit too. 😉

Jennifer Bender 3 months ago

I think people who don't like cooked fruit either have never had it cooked correctly (over cooked or stewed to death) or don't like the texture. When it's done right, cooked fruit is the ultimate comfort food for me!

Jodi Today 3 months ago

Ooohhh I bet a little rhubarb would be good in there too....maybe would need a little more sugar! This is a great recipe with lots of options!!! Thanks!!!!

Mona Meacham 3 months ago

Thank you thank you thank you! I had a recipe YEARS ago for a cobbler like this with peaches and I lost it! I knew it wasn’t hard but I couldn’t remember how to do it! SO excited!

Teresa Hunt 3 months ago

That looks delicious 😋 I like to add a little vanilla to the batter

McCardie Wendy 3 months ago

I like the way you bake !!! #easypeazy!!!