Family Pranks & Fart Machines

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Prank you very much! 👀

Do you smell something?! Watch this crazy fart machine prank with The Holderness Family on this episode of Prank Your Family

Posted 10 months ago in TV & Movies

Erin J Cunningham 10 months ago

“Pranks for watching!” 🤣

Brian Emch 10 months ago

haha yeah blame it on the dog, love it!

Hendricks George 10 months ago

I love your family prank videos.

Keith Farris 10 months ago

So we decided to prank the kids on Christmas morning with the canned air horn. They all cried and claimed worst Christmas ever. We had to do some mini counseling to calm them all down before going upstairs to see what Santa bought. Parent fail... or parent win? We are still trying to decide.

Kimberly Martin 10 months ago

I hid a fart machine next to our daughters bunny cage, when she got off the bus I told her that something is wrong with Lucky ( her bunny ) then remotely set off the fart machine when she went to check on him, she then started screaming saying how we had to get him to the vet right away, it was so wrong, but to this day just thinking about it makes me laugh till I cry ...sorry NOT sorry

Brenda Jones 10 months ago

Everyone needs this, and laugh out loud...

Brian Emch 10 months ago

Air horns - gotta love em!

Brian Emch 10 months ago

ok that one at 3:19 just gave me an idea to scare my niece and nephew

Kyle Powell 9 months ago

This reminds me of the time that I have prank my dad several years ago. It was a late April Fools Prank when I put Scotch tape on the sprayer on our kitchen sink. When my dad turned on the faucet he hosed with the water on the sprayer. Lol.

Donnita Cook 10 months ago

If this all you have to do to get laughs, I feel sorry for you. Not funny at all. In fact, you people are kind of sick.