The New Day and The Street Profits swap titles: Raw, 10/12/20 | Facebook

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Champions have been drafted to the logical solution here tonight and one that I'm authorized overseas. Uh huh is a simple title exchange right? Yes, That is that is the most logical solution. What is it? I mean, okay. Hold on. We talked about this. I know Fam look, Patricia Wright and clown the Clippers each and every night for alright. Okay, we can make that happen. Man Wow. it's official. You guys appreciate it. can you tell big Oh how convenient is this The street profits get to run the SmackDown before we get what we're real nice guys. good job. You know how yeah you know what else we know we beat the raw tag team champions in a six man tag match and we deserve a match with the Raw tag team champions. We don't give a damn so now you want to you name it. I get it what you're trying to say that you wanna have a go at your new raw WWE world. Is that what you're saying is that what you're saying? That's what he said. That's what bitches a whopping the dial once and we shall place our foot twix dying in the cheeks. That's right get a preview turn around. We're watching you boys watching. see you out there. It don't even matter because the new day and the streets are up uh huh and we want. A smile.

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