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Sunday Shop In! Let's get in to it!!!馃槅
Just Okay, the side this is, can be easy to do when it's for the back that's why I always push it back a little bit. You already got somebody down icy to like this. I need to go live Hey Ryan Hey me Here yup yup and yup don't forget to like and share, ladies And Let down movie This one is coming tomorrow is that the one I just got a family Now I need to make sure those this tomorrow pull up that's right real, high this fall hey pucci The system Hey baby hey ashley hey baby Hey Victoria What's, hot in here yesterday but you're, not so bad when you hear of this hot, I think cuz we really movement to hey pookie. I just saw you text me I'll literally have been sleep most of the day because I'm trying to catch up on my rest hey baby because, as you know, I've been on the go for quite some time and oh girl just being able to lay down for a little baby good hey Ashley hey felicia area, hey ashley. I share my run hey Ryan. Thank you so much for joining us tonight. I got you an extra entry me one to third yeah I'm gonna pull the toes of fun I hope all is well with you guys on this beautiful Sunday at least. It is beautiful here. I don't know what it is like in your location, but um it's been a beautiful day here in tupelo Mississippi What about you got I've got you in ashley. What about you guys. How is your day being How has it been Put you into ashley and I got her. We got you it's been great. It has been great for me as well. I slept. I went to church and then, when I got out of church, I slept for about three hours because I was tired and I'm always tired because I'm always running and doing stuff here, there and everywhere and so it was such a blessing to be able to just get in there and get, like a great great nap, so that's. What I did Did I've been up for about 35 minutes. Hey thank you for joining us. Hey peggy. Thank you for joining us. The giveaways are gonna start in just a few minutes so today has been a great day for me because I never get to sleeping in so when I got out of church today andrea and I went home and I took the longest nap, I mean the longest nap so I've only been up about 30 minutes and I'm so proud about that. Yes, I am yes. I am I am a little worker bee, but it's time for this worker bee to get some rest. So today was the first day of getting some rest and I'm excited about it. So what about you guys. What did you all do today with the child in crate. What did you do Hi Andrew bolt page go ahead and andrea go ahead today. I attended church with my dad. This today and um. I spoke it yesterday. I spoke apples um oh you worked at the army. You knew go salute. You, but is spoke at their women's prayer breakfast on yesterday and so I decided to just continue on my fellowship with the people that Campbell chapel and went to church with my dad today, so it hey and so it was a really good day when out to dinner with my dad and visit The Visit with my migrate from home and so it was a pretty good day. It was a pretty good day. I didn't get to take a nap and lord knows I think I go so often. I didn't realize that those of y'all know how that goes who knows. You like no, I dont saul, but that's about all I got in today but when I go home I'm going hard me too I've been going to bed by eight 30 I'm going hard to make going to bed At eight 30 Yeah nine for the 26 yeah what dresses you know. This woman about all those dress. Oh this humidity yeah Yup yup yup you worked at the army unit today go girl, be all you can be in army and that's the greatest slogan ever be all you can be two who's ready for Thanksgiving oh yeah bring it on. Let me tell y'all I love Thanksgiving and if you've been following us all this time, then you probably already notice it is one of my favorite holidays aside from my birthday, it is my favorite holiday. Yes and I love it because it's the time when most of us spend time with our family, our family and I'm a huge advocate of family so I love it because none of my family lives. I have one family member that lives here. So I've got a chance to see my family members none of my siblings live in Mississippi and I had the blessed opportunity to see uh. I was with my sister last weekend. I was in tampa last week cuz my nephew got married last weekend, so I got a chance to see my my sister and my nephew. She has our boys. I got the chance to our boys uh. My nephew Dan I already married the children except for the elderly children at College and then just another power. Another sector of my family and then I'm going to Dallas in just a couple of days and I'll get a chance to see both my brothers and one of the things about the holidays is it gives me a chance to spend time with my loved ones and for me oh it's such it's such a beautiful thing. I mean it rejuvenated me. It gives me the Opportunity to rest and just laugh and talk with my siblings and hang out so it's nothing like it for me. So, thanks giving is one of my favorite holidays for that very reason. I love spending time with my family I'll see both my parents, my parents don't live here either. So I'll get a chance to spend time with both my parents because we always been Thanksgiving together as a family unit, even though my parents are not together anymore and we've been doing that for 20 years beautiful and so It is always such a great great great time with all of us and I wanna encourage anybody to have parents who split to really encourage your family, your parents to get along because we get along we travel together as I save the minute that we're going to Dallas. We travel together and we do this every year we spent every Thanksgiving together Everything skin period point blank and we all get along and it's great so I love love love love love doing love doing that. So what do you guys. What are your thoughts about Thanksgiving hey carolyn. How are you created to put your on it and I didn't see it kinda put a raised Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year as well, because one it's my birthday, one yea. I have a birthday next Sunday excited just a little bit. We might have some cake next Santa bubble cake Thanksgiving coming to tupelo okay, but yeah it's one of my favorite because it it does give you time, you know it's meant to be thankful. Everyday we're supposed to be thankful, but you know people tend to reflect a little more during their time and it's a blessing um just to be able to wake up Family see people well or doing better than they have been and so it's always good to reconnect with your loved ones. Friends, families you know you might make the end me a friend to you never know life is always changing. That's right and we are forever evolving or hopefully we are, we are, we know, we are. We are to speak for the two year we are, we are forever evolving and always know that that's what everybody should be doing, even when it's difficult it's still a chance to go over to evolve and grow And difficulties sometimes bring about the beautiful in the most greatest growth. So don't neglected don't be angry at the difficult times embrace them and learn and grow from them. It makes you better for isolates it makes you better for lisa. I can tell you guys. I don't mind being transparent anybody knows me know that I tell you I've been having a really tough year for multiple reasons that I cannot get into in the broadcast, but I stay prayed up and I stay encouraged that the lord has got me regardless of what's going on at home work, business or personal life. it Stay prayed up and I stay trusting that the lord will see me through and that every difficult moment is created to make me better to make me stronger is created for me to have a testimony to help somebody else when they hit a place like this. In their world and so I don't begrudge it, embrace it in brace it sometimes I braces sadly and then other times I embraced a little smile, but so I just encourage you that even when it's difficult embrace embrace the evolution embrace The evolution embrace embrace embrace. We got some people on your side, one on my side. Hey let's get it popping 1234 I'll be in his corner getting day I'll will share some information with you, since we are just talking talking talking um November the thirtieth will be our last day of operations here at this site and when I say this side I'm talking about eight oh seven bars to drive for some reasons. I can't really get into a can but I can't really get into we're having to relocate from this building. However, we have And I found a new location, yet, although we have been looking diligently, yes and we are still looking, we are going to close down this facility. We will still be online and we will still be looking for our next location so please keep us in your prayers. As we search for a place that's perfect for our businesses. That new place to call a new place to call home. It is not a fad time. It is it is the season of evolution. It is not in breezing of evolution so I will show you all and How we we started uh packing up we're starting moving things trying to make play time trying to make space at my House for alittle bit of everything. Yes, because and then somebody ask me yesterday, when you sell me the White captured some absolutely not. No way it catches going to the next location is the White experience and we love that White couch. I mean really there is going to be a next location we've already been looking and it's so crazy You guys to show you how to lower words. We started looking before we haven't found ever found out that we were gonna need to read okay. It was in my spirit and I'll talk to create a bad and I was like it's time for us to relocate little bit. We know that we're gonna have to relocate anyway, so the lord is amazing. He is amazing and I trust my journey. We trust our journey with God, whatever it is, we trust the process and we trust the journey because he knows We know that he's leading he's lighting he's lighting, our path we're makes provision and he makes it so November thirtieth is our last day here. So if you wanna come by we're open we're running all kinds of sales, curry has a 38 percent off sale in recognition of her thirtieth birthday for all things, organically yours. I have a 50 percent off sale for all things. Internet Street and you can go online to sale is online, as well. My promo code is black Friday. yes So you can buy the items online as well and for the White experience I'm having a 25 percent off sale for all bridal gowns and veils and what nots, because even though some of the gowns belong to other people, cuz, you know it's an upscale consignment boutique for brides some of the dresses. I own so they will be added. They will be added to my website as well, because I own several that are here in the booty, so in lieu of Our relocation you know we're trying to get it all together. Yes, thank you so much for putting that out. There we're trying to get it all together, but we want you guys to know that we are so thankful for all of the support that you have been giving us over the last two years we've been here for two solid years and it's been two fabulous years, but it is time for us to re locate to another space that the lord would guide us too, so, like I said, keep us in keep us in your prayers we're praying we're asking God to light our path way into Iraq At our journey so onto the, giveaways or crease corner which one do you, wanna do this corner is short and sweet. Oh yeah. If you don't mind Andrew drop, my code in my promo code as well, which is B day. 38 again that is B day 38 so for you all that will live with me last week and the key is absent at the beautiful way because it was gorgeous yes, it was they voted for me to do many twist and y'all I'm so proud of me. I can't wait. I know they look so good. I kept my whole week y'all many twist no real part Except on the side and it is to crawl away so the next style is probably going to be some finger. Coils which I will do tonight more than likely because you know I did really well not kept to test out the whole weekend. I don't keep it has to have a whole week. Are you washing your hair so I I'm really thinking about it. I'm so used to think about you know it's so much stuff down here, so this week, I want to talk about thankful and what I'm thankful for and this is gonna sound small to some, but it is huge for me and it's really quick. I am thankful for having hair This year, yeah because for you, you all they don't know and we talked about before breast cancer survivor. I went through Thanksgiving one year with no hair and it was cold as the dickens. So just know, during that time, organically, yours was birth and from there. It became something fabulous. You know it comes from God putting something in your spirit and then people confirming it nikita has attendance ticket for a lot of things for me. I just don't think she's like my confirm are but organically yours one out of that and so we celebrate every year and this year the sale is huge. B day. 38 so, let's get turn off by turning 38 and get 38 percent off already affordable products Are you doing alicia the liz wiseman yes, delicious so just think about it. What you said, delicious now she might be hey make, but just know that hey everything is everything and whatever you allow God to do in your life, giving up control to him, is always going to turn out fabulous so guess what we can't wait for what's next. We can't wait for what my hair gonna look like next year is probably gonna be at the big burn of this style cuz honda's with her name was before, was born today, so you know in the end of the day, I am thankful for hair. They gave provision from oregon Yours being born in just taking care of a ball cap, cuz guess what we've all just you gotta take care of your scared go so we don't get into these giveaways. Let's get in let's get it let's get into it. So guess what we have some people that didn't pick up their things so you know how we do it if you don't pick up, we give it up again we're giving away one more time to see what's what so we're gonna talk about organically you're, sad and cleans and I have four not one but four bottles of organically. Your set and clean water that I really want organically yours and said clean Actually hair and body and face wash. Yes, it does all three of those lol three whale you're talking about ingredients like black soap aloe vera juice cast our gracie or olive oil. Glycerin and vitamin e peppermint oil, all the things that make the great combination for keeping the hair nice and soft hair in renee but what it does is it keeps the skin and the face and the body supple I've got guys that use it for back acne. I got, ladies that use it for clear skin on their face and You got people like me that just use it all over so the question is, can we get some hard some likes and who wants it who wants it. Yeah I'm not giving away one I'm giving away two I'm giving away three and I'm giving away four. How about that. I'm about to put my name, you come up with my name on one so far the first person they're gonna give to one for them and want to share you can get one as away as a Christmas gift, so nice crazy so let's get it to me Yeah yeah we got alright the first set goes to non other than She'll lisa lisa are you still here lisa so they run regularly. This size 12 dollars. I wish I could tell you that what the 38 percent off but I do not do math in my head and let you talk about, for 50 percent off for 25 percent off you won't yeah oh. I would do it, but I don't feel like having hair issues real bad and dump into the doctor who have helped at all you know what that sounds about right that's sounds about right, but I'm gonna tell you Something this right here is great for cleaning your scampi has a little touch of it has the peppermint all natural stimulate blood circulation. It has a taste of tea tree oil to keep the scalp clean that aloe vera juice is going to keep your scalp. Your scalp in your face as well as your body, ph balance and that black soap is just pure group goodness from the motherland. It is really great for all skin types and the fact that it has all those oils in there. It keeps. It from stripping you would Put your name here, we got you and we got to win is that Mr night. Yes, I put you win, but the question is lisa still here, because you might have your chance to win this because she didn't want me you're going to if she doesn't claim it become somebody else's that's right that's right honey and you know what miss I'll remember when I went to spell my hair filigree can tell you had three balls fast and without sleek one about that baby. Let me see if I can get it. What about that be and then one about that baby yeah. My hair from All out yeah I have some stuff going on with me internally and um and because of that, it fill out but I can tell you that when your hair falls out from a girl, who's growing, it back I've grown me back plus a little extra you've got to be aggressive in handling that and when I'm being aggressive in handling that you've got to use your cash for all you've got to you late treatment so you gotta treat your hair. You gotta miss you gotta scalp massage. Your hair. You got to watch that hair. You gotta wash in massaging your hair every week it's like you gotta be feeling very diligent And so, if you're getting that you gotta take a vitamin, you, you have to be aggressive. It's different when black women lose their hair versus when White women lose their hair and I can tell you this because I did the research and so I can tell you that when we start to lose our hair for whatever reason, we have to be aggressive, everything you can do at one time you need to be doing like I would recommend the liquid vitamin iced started using when I put my hair my hair flat I use a regular vitamin, a regular hair vitamins, but now that they have liquid vitamins out you want to use a liquid vitamin because they 95 to 96 percent of their absorbs directly in your body versus appeal of meal, appeal absorbs about 20 to 25 percent in your body. So you wanna make sure you get a liquid vitamin. You wanna use peppermint or you wanna use something like this to wash your hair because you want to emulate your hair. You want to stimulate what's going on with your scalp so you want to Make sure you get in there and get aggressive with that. You wanna do hair massage just massage your scalp everyday only takes five minutes. It really does, and I always say it used to like to warm my oil warm. It up and getting it and I'd say I pray over everything you do when I make my products. I pray over them. I pray for these hands to be new nutrients to you. Your body as well as your head, get in there and you massage with the pattern of your fingers and you don't take any time yay Yes, cuz I've been there so I know as a person who has lost and growing back, I can tell you so much, much, much, much about it. Cuz I did a lot of research. I do a lot of reading period, but when there's something effective affecting me, I always look at what I can do. Naturally and when I learned that black women are losing their hair three times more than White women and that is when we lose it. We have to be more aggressive about growing. It back and maintain what we have at They're really little fire under me and I think had I not done that. My hair may not have come back and sometimes that most of the time, our hair does not correct yeah and it came back and it's healthy and it's strong and it is long, is shorter. In the party. If I didn't have it braided up today, I will show you cuz you can tell where it came out, but it's crazy because I had a pastor came out over here and it's the same length as this head over here, so it but you know what essential lisa has not claimed hers are you gonna give it to the nineties. Are for you I'll give your pool related For you just let me know if you live in town and out of town because if you live out of town, I will ship them to you. Renee has moved I'll be paying attention. Renee so what you need to do right now. As you just need to inbox curry or myself, your address and we'll get those to you cuz honey. We wanna help you as much as we can the lord put here, put us here on this Earth to help each other and if we can do that, but just encouraging you and pass this along honey honey, Hollywood Do what we can every week and you know what since your own here I'm gonna give you all blend and I did it first, I did it first for beers for night. I did, but then I noticed it was really great for my hair and what you can do with this is called an imperial bomb where imperial exams and it gives you a dropper and you can just put a little bit on your fingers and you go to the pet with the past week of senior experience. You can drop it and you can drop in to see our used what I had but my box braids that's when I figured, I was like this is the bomb for box braids so I'm gonna let you get one of Imperial liquors and these, as you all know, usually run for it. I think it's 11 dollars in the store. They usually 11 dollars and so I'm gonna put this in your boxes where we'll get ready to send it to you don't give up on sometimes you just gotta find a new way to do it that's right that's. Why. Don't give up and honey I'm telling you, you can get it back cuz. I got all of my back plus song don't cry crying nice and she crying alright. We don't want you to cry hey heather. My cousins on the other side, my cousin is getting married next month. congratulations We just know that God put us here to be blessings and that's what we're supposed to do. That's right. It is the season of Thanksgiving really and we lost in ball. Yes, I was completely yeah and as you know, it took taxes here and most people here. They have a lawsuit hair did not grow back from Texas, two year that's right we've, both been there and I have big shot when she, when she lost her I've big chopped again with crazy so we've been there and then I lost my hand behind their after that. So you know it is what it is. I wish we had a bunny. We can give back to tell you Oh, hey India, a lot of times today, India, sleeping with the bunny on a satin bunny because we're losing a lot of hair at night opening up those cotton, pillows toss and turn in bed. But if you get your scent on it, do these things massage scalp wash that's cap of you should see something you should see some results and you should see that rather quickly and at the liquid vitamin you're gonna be in the curls curls has a liquid vitamin that is so fabulous and I'm not one to really get out there and advertising other people's products, but I just I tell you, curls curls has a liquid vitamin that is phenomenal and has a blueberry taste to it and, as we know, blueberries are very good. They're not under any accident, for the body period and what they do is promote good bacteria while helping your body have free rides. Yes, read the free radicals in the bad bacteria, so blueberries are good for your body as a whole but curls they have a liquid vitamin That is a level it tell you when I get home, is renee before the end of the week. You inbox me, your information, I'll inbox. You, the steps that we told you about. Yes so that you can at least try those and try those aggressively for at least at least a month to see what you get and during that time you always want to take note of what what progress you see so I'm more than willing to help with it. yes Okay, I'm gonna be honest with you. Yeah we can all hear. We jump around a lot, but we have a very similar goal in life and that is to help as many people as we can and in any sector of our lives it's not just here selling stuff at the boutique or whatever, but in the Center of our lives, we try to help people as much as we can. I think, that's one of the things that God has Commission everybody to do. We just don't do it effectively always still stuck in who we are and what we want, but where we do, we can help and if that will help you rene. We are right here we're here in the fight for you. I Let me give away something Party oh, yes, oh, yeah the birthday party birthday party, cuz. It is the birthday girl and we're always celebrate. We celebrate our birthdays to the fullest. You know. I'm I'm the big 47 47 La crosse you'll be 38 next week Sunday Sunday to be exact so we we celebrate these birthdays and I need to eat a meat girl. Can have going on and she's been doing and I've got blue, I feel so good been there done that too, so I don't know what she talking about and I'm gonna tell you how you need to clean out your system anyway, cuz we're coming up on Thanksgiving My breakdown has me. Thank you. mimi Yes, and another thing that I didn't miss. Yes and I'm finishing up one right now, when you got a lot of bad bacteria going on in normally when your hair is when you're losing your hair, that means there's something going on in your body and so whatever nutrients you're getting that would normally go to your hair is going to those other areas that you need. It in your body because your body smart enough to know that your hair is not really a big deal even though it's a big deal to us so it's it's channel or it's moving on nutrition from what you're needing. What you would normally get from your hair it's putting it in that area of your body where you need it so you should Always do a probiotic once every three months I'm finished. I got two more days. I do a probiotic once every three months and I also started doing um that's right. A cleanse yes, I also do a cleanse because you we have a lot of waste in our body that we just let it sit there and when I say we, I mean people in general and yes so you gotta get that out of your system and just cleaning your body out all together is going to help you with your hair growth journey. I also tell you somebody that followed on Um you too that was she was inspirational to me, are you to name, is ella pizza free jazz have you seen her Alabama pizza free jealous jessie J is ella pizza free, just and she lost her hair as well as she's grown up as long them and yours and they told us she had a t-shirt that it was not a throwback but um. She has a like tons of videos on that As well, but anyway back to my giveaway so as you know, we are we are relocating shutting down shop and I'm just in the mood to just say whatever. However, just move it out. If you want you can get it right about now. Hello so tonight. I'm going to give away this fabulous clutch. I am a huge fan of clutches. I'm like I'm going to put my I'm a huge fan of clutches ima um, even though it might not look like Make it tonight I'm a huge girly girl when I'm in the mood, when I'm in the mood, I go full out girly girl sweet girl and a part of that for me is having cute handbags having cute cute clutches and the whole nine yards and so this was a clutch. We got late summer going into fall really afoul clutch, but it is absolutely beautiful it's rated on the front it's beige in black so cute we're looking outside because somebody has pulled up yes and so we have to look And so here is what the inside looks like and it has a pocket in inside as well to hold your goodies. Please, yes, and if you're like me, I'd, like to just care in my clutch like this, but it also has a risk that, but you can take the risk off as well and you can just carry it like this board, but if you're at a football game or something and you need the risk that you can just put it back on This retails in the boutique is eight 40 40 bucks. I wanna say it's 40 bucks, but tonight it's gonna be free for somebody. So who wants it. I do What do you know what I just thought for the people that love to monogram things. Yes, he has the greatest camp is back for monogram e yo. My goodness and you're gonna get it for free y'all. Can have it it's mine three 99 cruz taking y'all back yeah better say hello. Let me stop we're in the blessing. Business don't be sale to show you some hearts and some lights for anybody who's interested in claiming this beautiful beautiful bag and let me see what we working with I don't have any more sweetie you have to wait till next time. Hey give me the spring baby move hold. It out for you So who gets this wonderful clutch tonight look crazy. Oh my gosh. She put out an imaginary name. Yeah it's going to go to jennifer jennifer jennifer. I bet this pucci and she's still there. Oh God put you better, be here. Don't you put you She's still here here we just want to say, put you better say something down sit. You know to Japan and get her something to drink some water stuff. She got you better say hey I'm here, like you, giving us your hearts and likes over here. It's pushing, giving us your hearts and likes you know we pull your name. Are you doing yeah I'm this hair. I do. I get to give it to somebody on this other broadcast. Like luxury shot. Many cool I'm really She looks she still really like it. Love it. I want you, I need you to go down here and hit this box says come in the little comment. The little thing and say I'm here I'm gonna give her a few minutes to claim this bag only because she keeps giving heart your life. Oh, there. She is so congratulations to jennifer because she won this lovely lovely lovely lovely love yeah. What she said yeah this lovely coach you will not be disappointed and I know you love purses Well, here you go yeah yeah I'm here all right on to the next. Let me go out. Um you can do one of my dog we're gonna. Do this one more time get one for you and give it to your boot or your friend or whatever you know so, like so hard we've already talked about how great set and cleanse he is I'm going to use them when I do my hair tonight because yeah I'm tired look at this it's time to do some difference 10. What do you know what Dance, my practice tomorrow, though, I'm might leave this up into yeah. My latest up until Wednesday. So don't look for a new hairdo just shit so who wants it hearts and likes. We see those we see you, ladies and see you, ladies Whoo Got dark out there quick this is to funny everyday. I would love to give See what New York he worked. It was intended for how to have it was meant for you to have it, but I tell you what, because I walked out on what the spirit spoke to me we're gonna give this to somebody else okay. Mr tonight we're gonna draw again the kingdom. Let you shake it off shake shake shake shake shake come on oh yeah. I don't know this. This this this is my baby saying cleanse. I use it on my hair as well as on my body and it gets my hair So squeaky clean so it goes to India are you still India are you still with us. Hi India. How are you are you still here it's a fabulous is she here is she here. It was it was for me, I must agree. India, India, India, we're gonna slide it to the side and India we're gonna give you a few minutes girl get your few minutes. She says I'm here you guys can India, on snagging those two sad cleanses that's right. Your hair and body. I'm going to thank you for it. I'm like on you. Why she's go ahead and get one to your mom or thank you with my love. I love that kid you, not I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it so you guys congratulate India alright. I want our next thing in honor of our other business partners accord agree. We always give away something from her stash and tonight we're going to give away this is a lovely lovely lovely turquoise necklace and earring set here's the earrings on the back Yes, it was on the look kinda like that to dude and this this um turquoise set is absolutely beautiful and you get up closer. You guys can see it and then close so you guys can see it. We love paparazzi because it is lead and nickel free and it's only five dollars and it is so absolutely fabulous that you do not have to break the Bank to look fabulous that's right. You do not. You do not have to Break the Bank to look fabulous in this necklace will allow you to be our source of sorts of fabulous all sorts of it. Yes, it will so who wants it. Everyone wants it. I'm rocking pepper today today are you girls. Thank you. We are and earrings I love these earrings in their light, was earlier when I went to church but six um that makes it when I got out the bed. I just don't know what else Let's see and the winner is shawn East, Joe webber better known as fireball it's the fireball stealing that you see here is a fireball in that my mom's happy No, no Okay, let's pull another one Oh, sharing you, one. If you see Sharon Are you still here would you be climbing this absolutely gorgeous paparazzi piece for my girl, so cory Green would you be claiming this. I'm not gonna keep coming by your job is tough when you be calling wish tonight. Yes, no. Maybe so where are you people leg. Yes, congratulate congratulations. Sharon did you mean I said pickles let me respond so that was all of our giveaways tonight, but we will be back next Sunday to close out the Sunday shopping and the close out About our last Sunday in this building don't be sad, be happy for us. We are relocating we'll. Let you know where, as soon as we get our newest spot, keep us in your prayers. Cuz, we wanna be what God wants us to be doing what God has for us to do this because we are faithful believers and we wanna do everything he has for us to do in this lifetime that's right. You know you can catch us always online at dot St dot com or dot organically, yours Dot dot com peace love and soul and we'll see you next Sunday on increase birthday. Y'all bring some people next Sunday. They help us. Crazies birthday. We gonna turn up. Let's see, like it won't get you need iga. I gotta go to work. The next day oh yeah. We gotta go take it back up to the Oh my trying to take down the party did we love y'all love you by night

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