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Hot off the press: new colours have landed in The Be Kind Desoto! ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŽจ

Get them in your baskets quick!! ๐Ÿ›’

Like, share a comment NHS to win a Rainbow...
afternoon everybody and welcome to Rubio days and we are just a quick impromptu live right now because I have a little bit later so hopefully if the ones who do like to see me, you know you got it twice today and I hope there is some of you out there because what was just landed. I'm here to talk me through this absolutely gorgeous new colors and the be kind so this came back in stock last week and it went no kidding. I think within an hour or colors we've got. More close to the collection this week just before I get going though, I'm not gonna keep you long so I do have to get some lunch. I have lots of work to do before. I'm gonna come back to a bit later, so we'll be quick just so you know today if you love us, share us and comment what we commented on its one -A NS. We're gonna give one of these away. I just decided to go live today is the last day of that. We're all gonna be showing our massive appreciation for the wonderful work that the NHS I've been doing over the recent weeks and I'll continue to do. I've decided this one 's for the last one and I said you do a lot. I think it's quite a good idea that but what we've got is. We've got a way that you can carry on showing your PC as time goes on because they're gonna still be doing lots of hard work for the foreseeable future, so you could carry on wearing one of these Tess. This is a shape as a top to talk about today and what we could give one of these away. so we have got of these on sale on our website right now. so this. Seet Red hot tea, and this one is the thank you. I thank you. Laura. You're welcome. We're Cosby. I can't see so yeah. I love those right now, Chels and comments and shares because it's the last day of the last day. We're gonna show our appreciation cuz we're gonna continue to do that. but just it feels right because it's the last day that we're gonna go outside our front doors and do our massive class. So let's make it a real big one tonight and we're gonna give one of these. I do with that for us today, so please get going with that if you're watching still keep doing that love share go to as many times as you want come in and it just so you can cover anything else as well If you want to ask us any questions well, I always endeavor to try it on. see you and why we're live or live from. so yeah. That's what you gotta do to win. so right now. I just wanna talk you through the absolutely wonderful rainbow colors, which is in the Bca. So. So if you're not familiar with I'll just quickly tell you who we are, We are the one for the world and we are multi award ladies clothing business based in the northwest of England and we do ship worldwide on our website, which is simply revealed days dot Co dot UK really easy to find so please get shopping. Please be quick with this got the basket quick because we know that we're gonna sell out so start with cooler. I wear a brand-new color hot off the press like I said just been delivered. I have just quickly put out this online for you. I thought I did well. How did that go live? We are live right now. This is the color that I'm wearing. I was once told I can't wear yellow a few years ago, I think so I well. I'm not listening to that person anyway. I think it was a different kind of yellow A- one put in a dress and then so it's a few of our members and she was laughing the same. No. It's not for you but I'd like it and I so we call this sunshine and it does feel. I forgot to do is I've got a hundred and one viewers. Thank you for all you viewers out there. We did get one question Maureen Hall said about essential shops open from the fifteenth of June. Well, that includes okay. Well, I will talk to you in a second so just before any further as well if you are a key worker. so if you are work for the NS, what's the emergency services? If you are a teacher, you're working in the come the school you work in the supermarket if you are Essential for you to go to work and by being so I've got the non-essential people that's we're gonna be going back to work soon and essential key worker. Then we are offering you still, I will continue to do this because you're doing such a wonderful job and roughly 20 percent discount to do to send us a quick Facebook message. Give us a picture of your ID and also you say you can't do that. We don't do anything with it anyway. we can be a picture of you in uniform. It could be a keyword collector and it could be that. Let's see what you you know, we'll take care of you. just let us know I just send a quick message to tell us what you do just give us a little bit of you know some ID or information you know to prove what you do and we'll give you 20 percent discount. so make sure you do that as well. We'll be quick. It's one of these you get that message quickly one of the girls around here and then get this in your basket. I'm saying the yellow by the way. Thank you. so maybe I come. It's absolutely gorgeous weather the whole of the UK and Scotland's go this week on everyone's got it and I actually got home. I started. I didn't realize how hard it was. I said to my family, I've been like this all day cuz you can't control so I don't I don't really feel about it. I can't tell how hot it was absolutely gorgeous me feel better. That's what I've called the sunshine and really nice, lifting cooler. The MD Yes, it's been day-I was' to the garden and I. Louie this morning that we do things I got to do stuff right so more new colors absolutely gorgeous colors. so this one we did have this in last week. we have black, you know, so I think we've just change the picture on it everywhere. Yeah. Yeah. So there's a few exceptions to the White rice and of probably it's like you can put whites the whites versions. so I'll talk you through that in a bit, but predominantly be kind. this especially of all got the wide apart from what I'm gonna show. So the hot pink, that is how you think it's how gorgeous is this now. This is our nell's favorite color today by the way was wondering what is Nellie is suffering really bad with hair and she's no voice so it should be done. It's day-I. I'm about to start my day that she will hopefully be back next week cuz Nellie asked her, you know committed to one day where he's gonna come live here. But now it's favorite color. The future is bright. Syringe That's it got so excited when the delivery came because we know how popular this stuff is, we said. We'll just have everything you're doing it and give us as much as you can and give us a call so we did actually know what was coming. We have lots of swatches. We said, send them So Aqua. I call this one citrus so you know we like to let's change this a bit confuse ourselves. Yeah. so we don't go with the citrus that I mean how gorgeous are as well and neon as well, isn't it, but it's been on it. Yeah. it is Yeah we are being you know to the food, so it's a little bit more mature like myself, not like Laura and it's all free chicken if the camera so as long as this is the exception to the whites, which has got the black cuz you can't put water on it. This was. Pauls last week Well, they all work cuz they are. They are the really fast so the teter got your wallet. I'll be forever The Gray has got the black on it as well, So I said it was a couple of exceptions You will see on the page anyway, so you will be clear on what you're gonna get on the right and the blue Classic. Wonderful rights comb I mean I do usually go right-I just I'm having the the weather and switch it, but I would always fight for a ride wherever possible, cut around with the black and then I've just sneak those in the back cover it up cuz we're giving that away this coming a little bit little shares a common NS you could win one of those I just got a few people asking for the size and the price I'll do that. and then if you want to. So we do this gorgeous what's it called the funky. Thank you to Sasa exactly the same shade, which just got that Red one so you can continue to show your love and support for the NHS even after we start going outside our doors at 11, I'm gonna do for the last time today. Yeah. right price call Oh no price shape size and details on it go to pockets. We all love the pocket, Everyone's pocket and for anyone who says with the dogs because sometimes we have a dog walks so we have to put in your pockets I. It's just a nice little feature, a nice little addition to any kind of clothing so you're gonna see pockets. It's a long, it's long enough to throw on in your gardens if we can get on holidays again soon, it's a perfect holiday cover up so you can buy the pool. You've got you know coffee biel's a bit long sets the bar or restaurant. It's a great one for just walking in about so you know some slides or flip-flops on but like we are all doing. It's a great one to you as well. I'm only five foot four so just give you an indication of a lot taller than you wouldn't be able to do it on this dress but five to four or less than that, and I think it's perfectly acceptable to do that and we are saying size 20 - two. I think we say on this so we do this top with long sleeves. We do it in short sleeves. We do it in with rights. now we do it. We're all different kind of angles on it is all the same shape top and it's all the same fit in. so if you do like the top you just want it. Or you want something different, you have to do lots of hearts. We do Leppard stars. We do an absolute massive is got to be our best selling top of all times like I said. We do it all year round because we just have the sleeve and so we got a little bit of long sleeve version in I don't what is it? It's a flattering sleeve anyway. it's so you know I got really like showing my arms in front of the trees and they could do a little bit slimmer and that was it, but I do think it's quite quite to sleeve on it on this one and any questions you just got a lady asking a lot you like slash tros as. From I'm from here from the world of days and so this is about choices. This works really well with the pair of leggings if you just wanna throw some leggings on especially if you're wearing the black card, But you know what I've got a Charlotte, please do me a favor. give him a car of course. Thank you. The car was the fastest so last week he was ready set go and that's what I'm gonna say to do it in a minute on this because you're gonna they're gonna go fast. so yeah the car. The the the the the gray, I think it look great, just throw it over a pair of leggings, but I am wearing the magic and they've got to be out of all time It's like the hunger and the and that's just pass me a hundred thousand. So I so yeah the the magic of choice is what I'm wearing. We sell this in rainbow colors as well. We do the classic blacks and the classic whites' with the White really fresh. And when the more popular last week and the about a 27 pound, we've got four way stretch to them. They are the most wonderful chace of the we call it magic for a reason because they are like magic and if you feel good in them, they're comfortable. you've got jogger waist band and I don't know because I've got on. I haven't been cancelled that I think I don't think I got White or so we got to jump away and you've got the drawstring waist. so they're not going anywhere. you know when you're wearing jeans or some size leggings even on the ride. Annoying so you're not gonna get any of that with a bunch of and we do an absolutely massive range of pattern versions of this as well and we have another question earlier about your sandals and other wide fit. Yes, I've said. We are sorry. This is 24 pounds, so I didn't tell you 20 - four in the desserts and BS the plain version of this I think 22. I don't think about 16 or 18 version should know this and we've got Mandy dropping so Marie can you just tell the price you would think that would no-I. I bet she knows about myself. I don't need to look and this is one of our VIP customers This viewers this day was dropping these links for she's amazing. I'll come out to be happy patient with it, but yeah, 20 - 420 - two pounds in the bottom and the lacrosse. sandals and they are I think it's 24 threes in the doorway and I've got the I've got the black and it's too 02 things back in Tanya. Thank you. I've been busy this last week. Let me tell you so yeah two in those really comfortable. Yes, I said the good for a White folks I've I just absolutely have to adjust this cuz Louis's this so she had a bit wider. what she's been showing you when she showed her the weekend, I know so you can just. You don't even need to invest in that, but Louis's got a full size bigger than me and so I like to just tie it to the this little strap there, but the grapes I know a lot of you, including myself, you know when you've got a you've got to you know like that and even sat down. Sometimes my boss can get in the way, but it's hard to be hard work like balance this one you could just slip it on and off. It's a really good sandal. It feels like it's soft as leather. It isn't. It's not for that price, but it's a really good. Soft sand on the wet, It's just a nice little westerner. A lot of we don't like to wear something to talk about our car was something like this one. you're not gonna feel like you're gonna go over it or sometimes where you can feel like you're in a tough love that really contour and do we shift to the Netherlands where we absolutely do We should worldwide wherever you are in the world. We can bring a little bit of our world right to your door. So yes, I just go to our website Review Daisy Dot com dot UK and it's a really easy to use website. I thought if you have any problems. We also on Facebook, we have a VIP group, which is, of course it's a wonderful group. It's a group of really motivational people on there and especially if you're having a bad day cuz some people are so I don't you know bad days right now, which is fine. It's alright to not be alright. This group of VIPs will really lift your spirits and it's just a great way to see our clothing on your customers as well because the share that the the get better and better and stronger and stronger and their self again and pop them on there of course the gym. I can't It's the moods for I'm not selfish. so yeah join that group as well, R and D VIP is where you'll just pop that on Facebook and you'll find us there. Register on our website as well because we do send out updates via email as well. We don't we will not bombard you with emails. We'll also send you a box two or three a week at the most and I would say and usually because I've got something really good to tell you about and our VIPs. And when we know working conditions, which were slowly getting back, not not so fast back to our VIP's do hear about everything first. they're the first to hear about what we've got new. what we've got exciting coming up and they are the first they're they're also get exclusive offers discounts as well but right now across the board for key workers, we're offering 20 percent discounts so that is so that's about all show our gratitude for the wonderful work that you all do you're all doing out there but I'll go back. Is it Maureen Sbs clear non essentials of fifteenth of June. We will be offering on the fifteenth of June here our at our flagship store, but we will be open very soon and we've got some things to sort out before we we are we don't want to be rushing into that either because our main priority has to be our staffs customers safe and always will be That is paramount to us. We are making some steps in place and to get us ready. We've got some more news coming on that very soon as soon as we've got to tell you about that we will and again our VIPs will probably hear about that first and it's all exciting. I'll tell you that it's very exciting so I feel start to feel the you know the apprehension I want to build the height. what's coming. so? yeah we've got lots of new exciting news coming very soon on which will have an effect on that, and I know a lot of you are messages and lots of those but what we have put back in place this week is. So you can click and click again and lots of you are doing that and you know just a little bit of a chat between those and without the staff here. So I know a lot of you are enjoying that. but yeah, so we feel right to open can open and because you wouldn't want to come in to the shop right now, put it that way because of the short is to shut up. It's not actually a show. The shop on the is at the moment so we need to buy. For that we open very soon also going back to the bross for five minutes, but it's not five minutes in there, but it's telling you to do it live and we want to let you know about all these new clothes and be kind. you know lots of people. it seems like you know this, Facebook Warriors and their Facebook police out there and a creeping back in you know some people seem to be forgetting that we're you know not too long ago. It was you know. The price and so like you know that, by being kind and you know what we and that's how we try to live our whole team here always do that. We think what you put out the universe is what you get back in. so we live and breathe this saying so you know it would be nice for more of this going out there with this. I just remind those people aren't always that the eyes I've you know. it's very, you know. not hard to just be kind and cost anything. So yeah, so this will be the rainbow of colors. If you want an actual rainbow, we do have this this one so I said which ready steady go on this month and I will be back to you. I've got another really hot seller. That's just landed as well. I'm just about to put back in stock and some gorgeous new arrivals and I got back to you later on this afternoon to talk you through have a wonderful if you enjoy it, don't make sure your notifications throughout. so you see you can come live again because you won't wanna miss the next one either and I'll see you all soon. Bye.

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