What Does Straight Blast Gym Mean to You? | Facebook

A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA gym may mean many different things to people. It often times depends on the coaches and members what a gym will be for others....
This is big even to me It's a home away from home I think everybody here feels that way it's a place where I actually go to socialize and learn a new language that language things off that's I've trained that a lot of other gyms uh during my digits oo career and spg is the first gym where it's felt like a community of people number one um the instruction is the best I've ever had in anything I've done and uh That's saying a lot that has been really really good instructors I don't think it's a scary place to be like that I don't think the people are intimidating like maybe what it looks like they are doing might be a little intimidating but it's like everyone's Super nice and show and like I think people were eager to help the new people all of my friends in portland trainer spg um it's it's just this truly close knit almost family feeling kind of channel a lot of people spend time here um and you'll see him hanging And sitting on the couch after not in a big rush to leave uh because it's so comfortable here um and everybody is very um friendly and engaging so it's uh social Place that's fun to be and you get lots of support from everybody

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