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Listen in as T Duane Brown speaks with the media during this morning's press conference.
It's kind of a veteran leader. How important is it for you when things get going and you're on the field to kinda help get this group together with so many new faces it's very important. You know, often a long play good off the play is major factor is just chemistry you know and and and and continuity, you know we've lost a big chunk of our starting pieces of this past off season so this off season. so you know we got some new faces. We got some guys that have been in the system. we got some guys. Haven't been there so just getting to know each other. you know, learn the terminology communication. you know just learning how we do everything here. all the stuff is important. you know so I'm doing what I can now virtually you know over a text phone calls just to try to you know build as much chemistry as possible until we're able to meet and then physically going to feel and do stuff and once that happened once that happen. We'll have a small window you know to try to you know, build each other up as much as possible until the season starts. I doing last CBI most reason but the last one day restricted to contact the off-season that's impact on offensive line but now you're looking at off season without OTA or many camps most likely what are the biggest challenges that incoming rupees in even the bedrooms there are new to the team here going to have to face just jumping right into training camp I think for rupees ah they not just have no introduction and all to NFL You know what I mean, not not being able to be in a facility to be around the players to be an actual meetings to be in a workout to you know kinda have any kind of OTA's to see how we go about our business. you know you just have to rely on information that you're given you know and I've talked to a couple of guys just about kinda what to expect once we are back and up and going and you know for veterans that have been around. It's just a different. You know you come from whatever team you're on, you kinda know what to expect to hear so when you come to a new team, it's a different strengths and different and that you know the different coaches meetings are different. Everything is different. You know, so you just don't have a feel for kind of what to expect and how things go and so that's that's the main thing you know and it's it sucks. You know not being able to do that but that's the position we're in you know so we have to make do what we have. you know the thing about it is every. Is dealing with it, you know, so you know, we're just trying to do what we can to to do what I can to try to feel the man as much as possible and what to expect when it's time to go and once we go to training camp, you know that's the most intense part of the off season. you know so you don't really have a build up. you don't have to build up a workouts and meetings and kind of a walk through a job through temple or practice you're going straight to pads and full speed. you know so you know it'll be it'll be interesting to see how it plays out but we're all competitors. Professionals and you know we'll get it done. Right now. Hello Dwayne. How are you good? I don't man. Thanks. How's the knee and did you have to do anything after the playoff game to that end? he's doing great didn't have anymore anymore work done after the year, you know we got it checked out and just got treatment done to it and since then just been working out, you know strength and keeping it strong, You know getting you know moving around. you know just the typical all season for me. This point not really nursing in it too much so doing pretty good. It is this a silver lining to this pandemic and not having to be up and around in OTAs, Mini camp, a little less wear and tear. you know, I mean considering you know where I'm at in my career, you know and I you know a lot to discuss with the training staff and everybody you know I wasn't gonna be trying to prove much you know during this time of the year anyway. so you know it I would rather be in OTAs for sure. so you know just being around everyone and like I said, we lost a big part of our lives. so just try to you know be around the guys more and and and build that that that that chemistry of. Now will be be better than you know being here and off my feet in the past, you've you've made your statements protesting about the NFL's cause for police and equity and brutality. What happened the last couple of days in Minneapolis are we getting anywhere as a society? are It's just it's you see any progress there. No, I'm not really, I mean if you know the the the details of what happened, it's a tragic situation. you know rest in peace to great Floyd, you know prayers to his family and loved ones just an all situation that that could have been prevented. I feel like you know someone called the cops on them for potentially writing a bad check and you know he ended up dying on camera. Unarmed handcuffs you know and so I mean it seems like things like this continue to happen every year at some point you know I don't know when we don't change but it's it's it's sad. It's sad you know and I don't really know what else to say about it, you know, but you know, I mean it's it's been happening for a long time and we'll see what what what transpires from it. you, let's go to art. Bye. I'm I'm wondering what you're what your take is on the restart in terms of the kind of drug testing that will or the kind of virus testing that will occur and what's your to the best to be understanding. What's what do you think the players Association wants to get out of this in order to restart the season? I'm not sure I mean from what I've heard you know, it'll be a lot of testing done regularly you know and you know just keeping as little contact from outside world is possible. I guess you know I don't really know what to expect you know regarding that but you know everyone. I've talked to obviously this is a big part of our lives and something that we enjoy doing and we wanna give back to doing With that being said, you know, it's it's a very weird time and we don't really know what's what's the next few months? We're gonna look like a nationwide so you know you have to take as many precautions as possible. but for us, you know it's our livelihood. It's something that we love to do so and and this is something that the nation wants to be able to enjoy it again. so it's you know we don't know we don't know man you know whenever we are back. I'm sure you know there'll be as many. Procedures taking place as possible to try to you know, get us tested regularly and and keep us safe, but you know I don't. I don't really know what to expect just following up, but can you describe your level of apprehension going into play as far as where things stand now where I am right now You know I I think I think we'll we'll be okay playing I don't know about you know packed arenas or anything like that. And you know that that's things like that can get a little bit risky but or very risky. but you know I think I think we we we can find a way right now. Thanks Curtis. Hey, Dwayne Hope all is well. I know you went through the lockout back in 2011. We got off season, It's probably gonna be kinda similar to that. What was your kind of experience working with that particular? I don't know if offensive line trying to build continuity when you've got at least 40 new spots, probably looking at a new starters coming in how big of a challenge is this gonna be for you guys to get on the same page. it's gonna be it's a little bit different. You know what I mean during the lockout you know when I was in Houston, you know we're all we're all living in Houston for the most part, you know and and we couldn't get to. As a team or an organized stuff, but we definitely got together as as individuals and as a as a unit, you know and we worked out together, sometimes and things like that. so you know and we weren't stuck in whatever city we're living in and without access to do things like this is we are now sometimes so you know that was a little bit different. You know right now. Everyone's kinda scattered all over the place so you and you couldn't meet up kinda early if you wanted to you're a state that that that that allows that. so right now like I said, you know for the young guys that haven't been a part of this team. I'm I'm doing my best to kinda try to talk to him. kinda tell them what to expect. We're going over our playbooks. you know any questions that anyone has I'm answering for you know and whenever you're up and going, you know, I said, we just have to try to shorten the learning curve as much as possible to to get that continuity. again, we have a lot of guys that were in the system last year, so it won't be probably won't be as drastic as it seems but You know, it's still takes a little bit of time just to get that going and and OTAs and and many of things like that are essential. So you know we'll make it happen. Dwayne. Yep, Brady Henderson. Alright, Dwayne excuse me. Have you given much thought going into? I believe this is year 13. It's about how much longer you wanna play. Do you have a goal in mind or what's your thought on that? I don't think about it too much, you know. I tell myself you know, I don't wanna put a number on you know when I wanna walk away, you know I'm enjoying it. You know. I'm just this year. My goal is to stay healthy as possible. play be out there every Sunday and that's all I'm really concerned with. Thank you. Yeah. Joan Dwayne Did you ever need any work on the bicep and how was that as well? I know you mentioned the knee, but yeah, I don't get anything done to it. I'm doing great. You know I've been working out and haven't really had any restrictions or limitations with it. that happened pretty early in the year. How frustrating was it just to kinda have to you know deal with that constantly and and be in constant maintenance mode and how much were you laboring through you know pretty much every. Last year, once that bicep thing hit the bicep was you know the first couple of weeks I was you know I missed. I missed two games from it and when I came back after this first second game, I don't really have any issues with it. You know, I did you know having a maintenance throughout the year as well as my nigga, I was, you know that was tough. You know, I'd never really have had to go through that. you know daily maintenance on just nagging injuries but. Once I got to the first couple of games that I didn't really notice that much and it didn't restrict me from you know being strong and being able to be effective so yeah, but the first first few weeks were difficult. Thanks man. Timm booth Hey, Dwayne I'm curious because you guys have so many new faces on that offensive line as part of that as part of that group have you done anything as a as a unit, you know a unique or different. It's sort of build that camaraderie. I know like earlier this off season that that's offensive line was doing like some competitions with each other to kinda build that relationship with with one another. Have you guys gone down that road to doing anything unique? Nah, not yet you know, no just this conversation really man like we haven't really done anything and he challenges of competitions or things like that. this conversation just trying to get to know everybody. you know the people that haven't been around trying to get to know them as much as possible. I think you know that's kinda where it starts when you try, you know, build a good line. You know it's just knowledge of each other. So you know I'm just trying to do my best to get to know everyone and you know but other than that we haven't already. Was and for the veterans you guys have brought in not the young guys, but BJ and Cedric and those guys. what what's your impression of them So far through those conversations? I think the great man I think they're very excited to be here. I think they really wanna be successful and and compete and and produce you know so I'm looking forward to it. You know all those guys have different personalities. You know I love they got you know a lot of experience. you know play a lot of ball. And they're just you know they've been very this question a lot. you know just kinda what to expect from the from the team kinda what to expect. you know in our division things like that you know and so You know they they've been great so far, you know I'm looking forward to working with him. Thanks. Chris Francis. Hey, Dwayne. Thanks for doing this I'm curious after the draft, John said he wanted as many grown men protecting Russell Wilson as he could get which is I guess explains all the turnover in the offensive line, but how would you characterize all this turnover is it just a business of football? Is it an indictment of your guys's play? How would you characterize it if you had to? it's a business, you know what I mean. I don't think we've been you know horrible upfront you know but you know you had a lot of decisions that had to be made. you know had a couple of guys that were entering agency you know it could be salary cap casualties. You know with some guys, you know things like that. you know that you know, it's it's a lot that goes on. you know what I mean and I was you know, I missed the guy that we're here are no longer here you know but but it's. You know I've been in this long enough to know that I don't take anything personal. not I advice everyone else not to you know other than that. you know you just have to you have to be ready to go. You know everyone landed on their feet and this situations you know one is still healing from an injury, but you know other than that you know he just you move on. you know you you know you try to improve every year you try to produce every year and I think you know we got some some solid guy that we bought in. I'm gonna do my best to. bring them along you know and and learn from them and teach them as well and that's all we can do. Thanks man Yeah. Bob can do it hey Dwayne just you mentioned trying to be as healthy as possible. This is there anything you can do with the state of your career. That's that's I guess different than in the past to try to make that happen at all or one thing that I've worked on this off season is mobility just being more flexible. You I've a lot to my career. I've just kind of focus on. You know speed strength quickness things like that. and then you know I've really been big on mobility this year. It's being more flexible working on my hips more more body maintenance being more proactive about my body than in years past you know I've worked very hard. I work out a lot. I work out you know five days a week and so in doing that, you know, especially the older you get you have to match that with the same level of of like physical therapy. And and body maintenance, you know it's you know I get your muscles too tight and things like that. So that's been a big point for me and one of the did you ever thought on on the CBA. Just I guess in general thought on what you got approved and you know do you think it was a good deal for you guys. I'm gonna be honest with you. I wasn't I wasn't as a as tune in to that as as as a lot of people you know, I knew some of the some of the things that we're going on. you know you know I thought it was it was it had some had some pros and cons just like every CBA we have you know so you know you take it for what it's worth. yeah it was there I don't know good could see hey question I know you are not there yet but have you guys I how do you accelerate the process once you guys are together I mean if you give me some part of that you move to different teams execution in the practice how do you do that you really waiting to that um I think put in more hours in the normal ah you know in you know we don't know how would be able to do that you know China campus you know for You know but I don't know when we'll be back. I've seen reports that we'll be back in another month so we don't know so but whenever we are you have to put more time in meetings make sure you see everything do the same set of eyes answer any questions that someone has just because the thing with the we try to communicate as little as possible. when you when you communicate a little as possible and you still know each other and that's when you know you've done so good. a good pick of. Of of being a good team and and you know when you're not, you know a lot of guys who's not familiar with the system you have to over communicate, which can give you a tip, a lot of things that you're doing off to the defense so we'll have to spend a lot of time in meetings again, execute and practice. just you know it's gonna be mistakes but just trying to cut them as little as possible. You know it's you know I can't. I can't really tell you what it's gonna be like but you know once I get a feel for it. The first few days and you know I'll I'll kinda know where to go from there. Thank you. Yeah. Alright. and then one last quick follow-up from Greg Bell. Yeah, Dwayne. Is it more yoga or what have you been doing for flexibility? Yeah definitely been doing yoga just stretching a lot like I stretched probably three times a day for about you know 15 to 20 minutes and this will work out to work that I do. I was doing a lot of Olympic lifts before and really hitting this large muscle groups and then and now I've been hitting more smaller muscles and just working my flexibility throughout my workouts, you know, instead of just going in and doing bench. Squats powers you know I'm I'm working in smaller muscle groups and working in flexibility and you know in between my lips, you know the stretch my muscles out not shortening and things like that. Alright. Thank you Everyone. Dwayne Appreciate you man. Thanks for jumping on you guys. Thank you guys. man Y'all be safe.

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