Grandma Buys New Car For Granddaughter

Prince Ea • 2 years ago   48.8K     666  •  3.8M Views
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Such an emotional surprise!

via jukinmedia

Carlos Eduardo
Carlos Eduardo1 year ago

We can see this girl has a really good heart and an awesome family... i see the difference between her and a spoiled girl who got a Lamborghini Countach and got mad because its old... OLD????? It was a Countach!!!!
And this lovely girl gets a Kia and you can see her happiness❤️❤️❤️

Betty L. Carney
Betty L. Carney1 year ago

I was surprised she didn't give her grandfather a big hug! He should have been the first! He is the real reason she received the new car! She was very grateful though!

Bridgette Rouse
Bridgette Rouse1 year ago

My parents couldn’t get us cars, it was 10 of us!!! But I was glad to get my baby girl her first car. A used Lexus!!! I have to get one more for my other baby girl in about 7 more years!!

Tyrone Knibbs
Tyrone Knibbs1 year ago

And that’s the real key here, she’s grateful, a very deficient quality in the young folks today. Would be honored to call her my grand daughter!!!

John Kennedy
John Kennedy1 year ago

My Grandfather bought me a car while I was in College in 1984, I desperately needed it. He passed in 1994 and to this day, I am now 57, I am grateful beyond words and think about him and his generosity all the time.

Veronica Banks-Haynes
Veronica Banks-Haynes1 year ago

I know this is an old video, but the grand daughter is such a humble young lady. Just to see that she would have been just as happy getting roadside assistance for a bike. AWESOME. a lot can be learned from this video. Be thankful FOR ALL THINGS." BIG OR SMALL"

AJ Halili
AJ Halili1 year ago

We are really poor. I remember my grandma gave me 2 dollars when i was in highschool. I was overwhelmed. That's all she had and still gave it to me. I will never forget this even with my last breath ♥️

Stan Duduch
Stan Duduch1 year ago

This vid is used in another for comparison where a second girl gets a 20 y.o. Lambo for ber birthday and is pissed at age, color, demanding dad returns it. Nice to see the gratitude.

Pedro Perez
Pedro Perez1 year ago

I think about my grandaugter all the time,how funny today is her 20th birthday spoke to her this morning and I thought how great if I could surprise her like that love her to death one day.

Janice Garcia
Janice Garcia1 year ago

Made me cry something I would love to do for my granddaughter she has been an A student all her life. She graduates 2023