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Abhi Kuch Dino Se Cover By Jayant Joshi 💙

Posted 9 months ago in Music & Audio

Azhan Ahmad Rasti 9 months ago

Love the way you sung this song👍 Bravo👏👏

Shikha Rai Shikha 9 months ago

Beautiful song,and nice voice ❤❤

Bhutan Yejay Norbu 9 months ago

Bro ur voice and the guitar combination is super, loved it. Sing more songs, u can become like arjit sir which is loved by entire world.

Rajni Sharma 9 months ago

Cute smile ,melodious voice!! God bless

Rama Bhattacharya 9 months ago

Beautiful Singing Voice . Blessings.

Priyanka Bk 9 months ago

Very good ... Keep smiling and singing...👍

Roopali Sharma 9 months ago

you made my day❤ the way you are singing the song looks like you are definately in love bcoz that smile is so magical & infectious... god bless...

Monica Paul Bilung 9 months ago

Lovely song... beautifully sang...n that cute smile...keet it up👍

Thïtlí Roy 9 months ago

i heard this song many many many times
i love your voice & cute attitude ❤️

Manisha Lal Mathur 9 months ago

Loved the song n loved yr singing