Chris Paul Mic'd Up 2008 NBA All-Star Game

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We rewind to the 2008 NBA All-Star Game as Chris Paul was mic'd up for his first All-Star apperance!

All of #NBAAllStar in One Night • March 7, TNT

Posted 11 months ago in Sports
Mohammad Akrouche
Mohammad Akrouche11 months ago

I really miss this NBA. This was when the league was so good and so fun to watch.

Abdullah Noory
Abdullah Noory11 months ago

This guy is overrated. He'll never win a ring. He's always been carried by greater talent (Okafor, Jordan, Griffin, Harden, Booker)

Daniel Reyes
Daniel Reyes11 months ago

Rondo is a good player stay health and make it to the playoffs😊

Kai Liu
Kai Liu11 months ago

Not many player left from 2008. And he is still an all star this year. That is great.

Edvardas Vaitaitis
Edvardas Vaitaitis11 months ago

I whish to CP win ring .He must have one in hes amazing years

Mychael XI
Mychael XI11 months ago

“I dont know yao, i dont know” i love yao man dude is hilarious lol

Andres Marin
Andres Marin11 months ago

Cp3 is overrated.

Draymond Green

AP Popot Hebron
AP Popot Hebron11 months ago

when CP3 said to Tim Duncan "Worse TD", his voice suddenly transformed to that of Kevin Hart while talking to Max in The Secret Life of Pets.

Daniel Tordai
Daniel Tordai11 months ago

One of the best uniforms 👌👌👌

Don Belison
Don Belison11 months ago

Why the press and photographers look so serious though?! 😂