DOTS Director Cut TEXT REVIEW #3

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DOTS Director Cut TEXT REVIEW #3

The car wash making must be one of the cutest ever! We mean, both of Hye Kyo and Joong Ki were playful beyond imagination. Once Kyo gave JK her sweater after water-splashing him all over, she was supposed to pull the sweater tight enough to keep him warm, but instead, she intentionally tugged and pulled the sweater up his neck way more than scripted and busted out laughing like she just scored something big. Oh man that wicked sense of humor, she just wanted to mess with him! :D .

The following take, after HK kept him warm with her sweater, JK then added in the adlib by snuggling up to HK's shoulders, Kyo then "violently" pushed him away with both hands and yelled "What's wrong with you?" 😁. It then took her about 2 takes to finally understand JK's adlib and intention, that was when she snuggled him back, patted his back and said "There there". JK was so cheeky as usual, God lol.

Hope you enjoy this text review, please stay tuned for more

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