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#GoldDigger #Prank #BestPrank #GoneHome #SexyGirl #GoldDiggerPrank

Posted 2 years ago in Fitness & Workouts

Nagenthiran Naidu 8 months ago

Nothing wrong with her...and yeah this video is so staged.

Nathaniel Chukwujike Ezemandu 5 months ago

She isn't a gold-digger; this dude probably missed a great potential wife, who might have given him explosive daily, forthnighly or weekly sex.

Jesse Brown 4 months ago

Like this guy doesn't understand gold digger the girls actually have to be gold diggers and she is not

Andrew Kwabula 1 year ago

Not much of a prank. She does not meet the criteria of a Gold digger, easy to win, maybe her crime but that is not a thing. Redefine what a Gold digger is.

David Petersen 1 year ago

Me too his wrong she is not a gold digger
She never even saw his car
Not even we saw the car

Ali Hassan 3 months ago

حيدر المياحي اكو هيج جهاز بالقاعه اذا اكو اتمرن وياكم حبي

Luis Izquierdo 6 months ago

I Saw this video and she got love

Kipkirui Gilly 1 year ago

This is outright wrong, you can't do that to someone's sister, mother or daughter... Humanity deserves respect

John Arthur 11 months ago

She is not a gold digger...that is a true woma, over in africa also u get such who simply want HELP.

Abdullah Aidil Duing 7 months ago

pls study first before you make a video.. shes not a gold digger, i didn't see any wrong with her...