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Would you pick a place in Love Island over a place at Oxford University? 馃ぃ

Alan Carr鈥檚 Epic Gameshow starts tonight at 8:15pm on ITV and ITV Hub
We We asked. asked asked 100 people I 20 20 - - five five or or or under under under if if if if you were. you you you were were were were offered offered a place. offered offered a a a place at at Oxford Oxford Oxford University University University or or or replaced replaced replaced on on love island. on on Love love island which. Love Love Island, Island, Island, which which which would would you you you choose choose choose how how how how many people? many many many people people people people ages ages? ages ages 25 25 or under, said they they would would choose choose love island. Love Love Island Island. Island. I I I stopped stopped stopped by a I think think No-I no-I sayed. no-I Sayed Sayed, Sayed 50 50 50 's 's 's University University University even do degrees. even even do do degrees in mk. degrees in mk enough today. 55 67 6565 Okay. What do you think this is a great reflection. Young people the show is entertaining and political. You know what we're trying to do here is to to maybe deri young people and ensure that they're callis and superficial, and you know that they would do the obvious thing Soth the obvious thing would be go to the island. They are higher than 65 how many people like 25 or under, said they would choose Love Island, You said. 65. The actual number is 20.

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