Pres. Biden on Johnson & Johnson and Merck

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Pres. Biden on Johnson & Johnson and Merck: "Today, we're seeing two health companies, competitors...coming together to help write a more hopeful chapter...

Posted 7 months ago in Politics

Valerie J. Cadarr 7 months ago

He hast to say it’s ‘nearly’ an unprecedented collaboration’ because Trump collaborated beautifully with the drug companies - and everybody else!

Michael Lorber 7 months ago

Thank you President Donald Trump for Operation Warp Speed. You deserve all the credit.

Dennis Berry 7 months ago

Unfortunately he was not truthful as usial and failed to mention he is setting these vaccines aside for the hundreds of thosands of illegal immigrants he has invited to invade the country.Thank You President Trump for spearheadung the historic effort to get the vaccines out in record tome!

Gustavo Ushban 7 months ago

Great job Joe ..objective to the point 👍 unlike Trump who does his monologue , lies and lifts his chair every-time he spoke 😂😂

Fuller Robert 7 months ago

Why are they charging for it then? They are raking in the tax payers money and act like they are helping humanity because they care so much. Greed has been the down fall to all societies in the past. And history is known for repeating itself.

Greg Griffin 7 months ago

Wasn't for Trump this would not have happened.

Ing Jong EJ Tea 7 months ago

Everyone takes care of themselves and never underestimate their health. It is a matter of personal and social importance. Should be held in strict accordance with the practice. By taking responsibility for one's own life This is Thai people, Thais win it with population and medical habits. Not because of the current government, but because Thai people have a habit Love to take care of your health and concern for the public, Wishing you all good health. And come back to be a superpower to protect the people of the world fairly with humanitarianism, please deal with the dictatorship in Burma completely and others.

Brenda Moore 7 months ago

Thank you President TRUMP for getting the vaccine produced in such a timely manner!!!

Lynda Strobl 7 months ago

You are squinting old man,get a pair of glasses. Then you can read the teleprompter better!!

Dan Lewis 7 months ago

Why don't cha setup reading from a tv and admit with out trump you wouldn't be this far in the fight on this virus