DOTS Director Cut TEXT REVIEW #2

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DOTS Director Cut TEXT REVIEW #2

In the first take of truck kiss confession, YSJ was crying when he kissed KMY. SJK explained that he wanted the viewers to see the emotion and the happiness that YSJ experienced when KMY finally accepted his love after her multiple rejections.

Unfortunately, his crying was taken out of the official episode. We personally think that JK's idea was brilliant because it'd picture YSJ's love for KMY even more beautifully.

Truck kiss definitely took a lot of makings! There were so many takes made our hearts flutter. The kisses shared between the two were much more passionate (and whole lot more movements) compared to what was shown in the mainstream. PD Lee and JK even wanted to have Kyo lie on top of JK in the truck ( and maybe some rolling around) but the weather and schedule didn't allow that. What a waste for not including them in the official episode!

Hope you all enjoy this text review, please stay tune for more.

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