DOTS Director's Cut DVD TEXT REVIEW #1 .

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DOTS Director's Cut DVD TEXT REVIEW #1 .

Despite the fact that CPR was one of the most serious scenes, SSC had so much fun filming it. It definitely took them no less than 5 takes to finish it because SHK would laugh so much and she would say "Sorry!" when she made an NG!

There was a moment that JK intentionally opened Kyo's mouth a little too big which made Kyo busted out laughing and yelled out "YA! SO HARSH!" 😂😂😂😂, JK was really witty!

In the official episode, we couldn't really see up close of YSJ's hands position when he did chest compression for KMY but in Director cut, JK's hands were put so close to Kyo's bosom 😏(actually, part of his palms were really on them) and as soon as JK lift his hands up, Kyo quickly used her hands to cover them up (and she did it twice), who wouldn't get blushy and shy in these situations right??? 😂😂😂😂

Hope you all enjoy the first review, please stay tuned for more 😊

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