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Mass Graves In South Africa | You Asked For The Land And They Are Giving You Graves.
South Africa Readies 1.5...
Because More 350 in and do what I told him what you told salad Abu football and I'm called to and a big one. I'm not told I'm a four or five minutes. be unveiling. This is Ah come on. Hey what's up south africa again this is it have against this was not after this children watch all the match To my Youtube channel for more videos subscription is free. Hello and welcome back to another show comedy live my life as a call, Let us talk about the issues that concern us the most and yet so the IP like Emma over wherever you are watching us from and please do let me know what it was and I am so grateful that you guys keep coming back to join us to be part of this tonight. We are talking about none other than the land that we fought for. We are now getting back in six weeks long. Our government is giving us the land, but getting to it as number one. Why are they not investing in hospitals? Where are the Cuban doctors? I need you to come and join me and let's talk about this are we ready for this is it's a good move by the government. just the other day we were talking and having a laugh about taking a lot sending us from online to be delivered. But now it's it's clear as day that they knew something that we did not know clearly our country prefers economy over the lives of the human beings over the lives of its citizens. There is definitely something that takes a lot of new that we did not know and that's why we're laughing. how do we know we go to the. We're taking the graves for us already when we saw the advice, we're still gonna laugh are we still laughing at it or are we more content but we still think they are crazy. Let us talk about this is this The land that we want is this what we have been fighting for is this like guys China they build hospitals. This is where the epidemic started. This is where the pandemic started. They build hospitals huge hospitals to accommodate numbers of people. We have been given Graves one point five million. The only thing that gives me hope is because I know that corruption in my own country. I know only they are family members, girlfriends and friends will be casting the graves. Some of us will not. but then the question is by not getting the grave. Does it mean you're not gonna die? Are we getting Cuban doctors and vaccines and then taking grapes why our children going back to school? but we are giving grades what is really happening in our country. I will be sharing a link so guys please do come. This is not my show. This is our show to come and join me. Let us talk about this. Let's talk about what's the general citizens in South Africa. What do you guys think is this way we should be as a country and as I get ready for you to join us and come and. Your opinions let me play something else for you. I touched the country and now I'm like I pull my hand. I'm and I'm that one day I will let me fall. I can't my foot in and suffering from Hulu if I can. And then that's why I'm not. I'm not in that way back. This is ours. We want that we want and then I was able to once again and Yukon what. What's in my kid's head and move with you or I will keep up so much. What's your name South African and I time-in JJ A-game advice and you don't need for now. You must be beside what you want. Go Go. Go Go Go cool event. Need to need and you must be to I had I I went please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos subscription is free My. Yeah. so guys we must be side, which is for you. should we be thanking our government for doing a such a beautiful thing for so many years we have been fighting. I think the land back and finally we are getting the back. It looks like a one at least one point five million of us that what it looks like. It looks like at least one point five million of us will be getting the land back in the form of six feet. is this the land thoughtful should we be doing this to be to me or so please guys to join me and here is a link you just click on the link and then you join me. Let's have this conversation As a call, Let us talk about these issues cuz these issues do not just content to change the content on. Us so please do join and a lot of South Africans have been saying that people have been sending me videos and the frustrations and voice notes and everything, and I'm sure all of you have seen it on the news, which is not a rumor. Even government officials have spoken about it. Here is only joining us now and we will come and I'm not Ollie. Hello are you I am good? How are you are you? I am good? How are you can you not hear me? Can you hear me now? Yes, I can hear you. I can hear you. okay. How are you? yes? I'm okay you. I am very well Uhhh. Yeah, I said. What do you think of this thing that the government is doing? Is it a good thing for us as a country? are we moving forward? Is it what we need to be having a graves. My view, I don't think it's it's a good move. There was supposed to be supposed to tasks not taking place. Honestly, you see this thing When I started in China, they build a hospital in a quick move, but now in South Africa taking one point Five million Graves, it's it's I don't know what are they doing it to make the people or what? It is scary but the children have come back to school they say the children was corporate to school their numbers are growing and ah we have moved from just saying this number of people who got infected we are now talking about our friends and family members we are now like to the is within us ah so yes the numbers are growing when I president would you choose economy or would you choose the lives of the people because when he was asked it's a difficult choice to choose between the economy and the lives of the people That they love the love of the people comes first, you can recover, but you cannot recover what people's lives. You see. Yeah, guys. please do come and join us cuz we want to talk about it. I am scared because number one remember how we're laughing the other day able to take a lot is now sending coffins and then we wake up to me grapes. I feel like the the the economy holds as the man that many people of the can already knew what was about to happen. It can it's just cannot be a coincidence and then what are the Cuban? Is doing. And when you think much money was what was used to bring the Cuban doctors. I don't know. You see. It looks like it looks like they know something that we do not know. Because you know when this thing starts it I was in America the number is wait big in America we not even half way there in South Africa yeah they didn't built graves yes they they build a hospital capacity they talk to their home and paid them is so that they could effort to stay home because there is a difference between the same day stay at home and saying stay at home but it's nothing because we We can't survive. Or no food and then other countries too. It didn't have a grapes. I don't know, but but I come here. I'm gonna get a candy Pua Angela. They wanna see properly guys. please do come in here. This is no. I saw the High School. please come and join us there. About this thing and do you think even if it comes to a point where we have to get distributed in our government Oh, I lost on me so I can see you are joining the that the stream. please allow your phone or your device to connect the camera and the mic before I can be able to add you onto this screen. so yeah, please connect to the camera and the mic so that I can be able to add you and what worries me even more is what what was. Yes, this thing is stressing me too much guys. What worries me even more is what's Bill Gates? Why many in the state about seeing bodies laying all over Africa and now it looks like a Dream is about to come true. You know one point five million people guys. that's a lot of people. let me check the population of the last time I checked the way about two million. This was in population 20 okay. let me let me let me show you. I do not even want to. In population of Sutherland is one point 16 zero so they are taking graves That's amount to more than the whole population of President. One point five million is a lot of people where do you get the prediction? How do you make that prediction and in making that prediction? how to decide that it's time for things to go back to normal the time for people to go back to work. It's time for us to resume normality When we are going back to school, I wanna play you when you guys decide in mind that you can join us and keep us in. Keep us those who was in need and I will play this thing. That's really touched my heart. You there. In a little lamb. I'm gonna and I have. That's really what where is the cow? As long as I, Probably Cheryl Hi, Yeah. We have all of my. I think the end, Alright. Yeah. and it's also before before you even for me I wanna address this issue. I'm not saying that there might be with or otherwise for people they do the same. yeah they everything on what we're told on the radio TV. That's playing a lot in the background. so I'm oh yeah. he's on the Minister himself did say so it's not a. it's not a he SA. It's something that was said in the news. so some of my. Yeah, some people may be using pictures like it will take just available on the Internet, but yeah, there is also you it will take from South Africa. It's is the real thing. It is not something that's just a dog that they are masquerade it. It's so natural. it's so let me look for it. The problem is. I'm not sure if it's copyright in you. ▁အဲ ▁အဲ လုပ်တာ ကို I think there is a plan or what because of sevens I've been told by some of my colleagues and I'm not supposed to put in coins for lazy Being a House like it is a good or bad. If you would be by car Simons in Icu, whatever we have and call me. I'm in the we can't just be quiet Assembly to people who need. What is going on what is their plane definitely playing something very big very very big and I think they have got instructions from some way to one two three and it's exactly what we are doing I mean couldn't contain the number so but to prepare prepare because there were but South Africa how to they know where are the good Ask us prepare and it's too soon. It's hardly I don't know what's the number now. I think it's less than 5000 of people who are dead, but already they have built. They have started why I keep in it means they're not preparing for Elijah. They are preparing for a death. They are the which is they know what they are going to die. How. It's it's their own agenda because people are trying to look after themselves, but not you are too. It's just ridiculous. Honestly, I give up on our government and again because Africans State Malin Wei that they've been offered but we have so. Africa because it shows go to the money that they have been given and anybody else, President of lasagna and one of the African countries. Presidents. Yeah. We are frozen in you. Missionary It was my next record. I don't know what happened to they can here, which is cool. It's it's all about and how they are controlling us these people. They are really controlling us now on Facebook or Facebook at two or something a month. We call it 19. We Are they blocked you as soon as you mentioned something about Covid- 19 and in the Bible and I would to learn of by but it's not allowed Not allowed you know we we like what you are saying with your colleagues or with they are already telling you what he is a health care worker. There are things you are not supposed to say, which means cuz as long as you're getting paid, even if it's something that you know what you're wrong and you know what it shouldn't be done. But because when you are a professional, you're getting paid, you must just shut up if you. People only I let your family this is just it's it's not good. It's not good. Yeah and the thing is worried because most of them but in South Africa Again, so you know you know about it. This guy is the way they'll end up contacting AAMC by the name, but I don't care we We have. And as long as this is too much we have been quite for too long we have been quite so and Where the Cuban doctors, what have they done and not have they've been doing like I'm just confused by a lot of things where where are they and number two like the amount of money that is being spent on these things we we need to to start doing checks and balances who got the tender for the graves. How much will they give cuz even some of the tenants that they're giving for putting a tank or Jojo A on in I just absolutely ridiculous that they're giving they're giving in my like he's calling they're paying for. Put the Guys like let us let us question this thing. I know a lot of you which is very boring. It's it's a very it's very worrying guys out. Expects you to come and join unless you are happy about even if you are happy, This is not a one -sided conversation. even if you're happy, come and tell us what makes you happy about this come and tell us what what what makes you happy? Come and tell us your view come and tell us Because we might not have an idea you might be working in a department that has better knowledge from papers from ah so please do come guys and join us and let's us know what you think ah And also, if you're in a connection, please let us know cuz we won't even get a on we want we won't even gets this graves'. It's drama and English. so let's see what's in it say what my dad so guys please let us not be afraid to talk about these things cuz they are very important and let me just go through some of the comments here. Nintendo's is it really joke is a true I don't like also a lot of people are scared that is why if we have got disturbed discussions like these that are two sensitive it's it's very they are scared so it it makes it difficult for us because if you join us we could come together in like also may be it would be nice if you and discuss with us rather than us only and We want them, We want them to show their faces or if I don't know I don't know people are so scared. They are really scared. It's who end up. And that is a radish school how they take grave. While we don't have jobs, which is so true, It's ravishing task and bullshit palettes. why don't they respond with such agency when it comes to looking for jobs and housing people. No, I'm not because my nigga is soybeans and that's good people out of the blue I suck and they are not getting any responses. They are not getting anything to wish you would okay. Unfortunately, you are not successful as they are not even cold. Views understand what is going on in South Africa honestly about doctor how many were they I think they just they were just brought here it's not that they know a lot about eco with nineteen I think they were just brought to South Africa to come in and relieve the load because there is a high shortage of staff nurses doctors we are short up Hospitals people are resigning because there's no satisfaction, let me in because we are not happy conditions. The sevens are under me. I already starting to become an enemy because I was complaining about most of the things that we we're not right so people are just resigning. people are not at all. happy people are overwhelmed. I'm with Doctor Who made. If you, if it's it's any of their business, how can something so personal because that is personal? What goes with you is it any of their business because we're in or what are you bring in in October? I let out so many days, but they don't do that. you don't know how rude the main ones are in South Africa. They're so rude. I was shocked me man. I couldn't believe still have the same attitude when are they going to change you know if so ridiculous so people especially the youngness is they just got ups and doctor so many days we also because of stress because they are working so hard but there is no appreciation no their attitude it's not that you should demo it's bad because now okay some of them they are natural rally but you become so irritable you can you can take your frustration on other people which is not right now it's not right to but sometimes you just loose it you know you just loose it so about doctor I I really feel sorry for born up because the public was not made ah they were not given a food explanation no they came to help not to go they don't have the cure So there's another thing did you see that the post about something about this or in equally, they say, Is it fake news? Or is it true? Let's see from the people who. Hey guys if you know princess such it's a job yeah I don't know why yeah number think we just saying it because ah everything ah my friends alright and I am To join us, so please allow your device to allow a camera and in my so that I can be able to add to this stream. When you enter it gives you an option to allow your device to use a camera and microphone that way I can be able to add you to our 10 cuts to doctors don't heal the diagnose prescribed medicine that eats. Yeah, right, they don't care. they give you the medication to cure you or to to take down the symptoms or maybe the pain, but it's not curing. Let me tell you about pharmaceutical immediately. They are not curing. It's just all or watching the. And which is what the government once about even doctors are told good and policy please that is why people are always collecting medication maybe every three months or every month I don't know I am not an admission anyway because last challenge I will never take poison in my body and lucky enough I am a healthy person which is good I I thank God I am a healthy person at my age I don't I am not on any medication I don't have high blood pressure I don't have type which is I don't have anything I am so I am really lucky You are muted or sorry. sorry, even this doctors from Cuba. I have a friend who are medical students and they're complaining about them. What was it? They don't do anything and use an excuse if they don't understand English. Why would you bring doctors in a country where they the the language of communication is one that they do not understand they do not speak in their own country. It doesn't make sense to me and also they don't even. Even use to our way of life this going on here now what's happening here called emergency but what the fuck there is nothing they can help us with what's growing in your hand by ah how it and But unfortunately, I'm a device and I know what you call this my camera. I've got this beauty is here with us this beauty. Hello. How are you? I'm done? They are you know my friend. I'm I'm. I was really When I saw it, it's on Facebook. how about one point five million graves being done and how long are they? how did they predict the number of people are going to die? I I think it's just a way of making money giving tends to certain people. A-game a-game band I don't know. I'm this is not fair and guys. This is not fake. No. I don't think I know when it comes to this grapes and connection badass mixed and Manni hub more than just a benefits. Amanda Facts' AAMC men in the and now we are Africa, You can say things have. In London and let them go No I'm in trouble cuz you never take a grave until we perform exactly. It's just so scary and it is very yes, that's all up in. This as I have just want to check if these numbers are true remember those coughings before guys it will crazy and then they are selling coffins now online what do we do Hey, hey, the money is make people so. People are just the love of money. It's made them think you know they they don't think properly. It's it's not about making money in nowadays, you know it looks like we've lost of our our culture the brains, so we're just doing things just to enrich our ourselves. Yeah, I'm asking myself who came with the idea you would ask to I'm just asking myself who sat down and came with the idea with Jain, a tuna be ready for a man who is that in the full mind, honestly, how can you come up with such an idea? We was like 000, so it's just the love of money they are so. Money hungry because I think, but still they want more. They still want more and it's the more they don't care. I think I think maybe they are way. would you next elections? Maybe they're going to lose so about which is just in about maybe that's the strategy. How about this year but I can't add them on because they need when you answer the stream you need it will give you an option to allow your device camera and mic so they are here, but I can't help them because they're mics and cameras are off. Yeah, that's that's the problem. Facebook YouTube I do not know I cannot tell when they've already sitting backstage but guys here is the link is to connect with us. Please do join us. We need more people. you know. I'm more one point. Five million is a lot that they used to counting million this money because they use one point Five million runs for a party. so they think one point one point five is more than the population of Joan guys. It's a lot of people. Aming discuss of land land I don't know they may be from someone who benefits at and whose now soul the government that's why we need to have to find out these things where did they get talent from how much they did it belong to then that will answer a lot of questions Yeah. yeah. Mindful The numbers that we had in the UK were very high and obviously Twin cities South African numbers are nationally to go to I. So imagine that even if people do stop dying in Minions, I will believe something that's why what was planned. I'm sorry, I was so hey, so how are you? hello? Hello? Hello. The right right, Thank you so much for joining us. thank you. I was struggling a bit because electricity is here the owner of that's why so so so yeah. So ah I read an article in fact ah regarding the grave ah number of and oh well is already came back and said the aim is not goodies it's for nineteen but One of its responsibilities is to ensure there's sufficient men you just that what happens right now is it sounded like by a hype. It's a media by 19. When I read it. I have not done that in the previous years so. Previously what happened this time was the I think they called immediate the okay probably the ministers not really one point five million run about twenty-four thousand it can upto twenty-four thousand ah you know yeah okay let me I have You are forcing me to look for this video cuz it seems really emotionally and yeah. Yeah. we have the following day to fix that mistake because we are expecting a mistake that they realize that what they said too soon, they got people. they're gonna be excited. They they didn't expect to see. Can we can now fight for ourselves? Now? it's not. Ah, what's this? Hey If Christ has been there has been there in Crisis' wiping lasagna about' because you have and it causes so much. That is why we need decision. you know people should bury one on top of the other. It's not that the time with Bangladesh is good, but it's catching. Because of shortage so all of a sudden why they coincide and the of it is prepared for a woman. No no no no, no, no no something smells fishy. I totally disagree with that they are lying. It's not that they prepare. they know what's coming. They know what they are plan is. that's all I can say. Now, what's this? I think so Indians are we are gonna most people say by 11 and five they respect of our cool Isn't are alive. So I think it's more of a strategic move look what is it that we can do or show people as a cause. It's because with you, it's it's so. Places in life like to everything is hundred percent like it's it's life goes on and as I say, begging a home So Mindy I it's more. It's it's it's a it ends up with a bad back but Baba, but hey guys be careful. so maybe they they yeah, Why do it take it to such an expert on level five. You told us to stay at home. We stayed at home. Why do you now? To scare us with Graves when you could just tell us to stay at home, only open Essential businesses and also I won't be calling people's names you're going to your own research cuz I get why are them selves other parts allowing this to happen. Monday. You got it. Why because they put is the tell us to stay at home and rest the individuals that are breaking the rules cuz even though we are no longer level five or level three, A this party are still not allowed. Me and my question is this. Realize the Gucci 19, went was at its peak in winter and South Africa. They decided by who live in 50 my God in my winter, they decide to go by why did they do that and allow people to buy makeup? Why? what was the plan? What is it that they want to happen to people who was over? they know how South Africans can behave when the nobody. So why in ridiculous it's just ridiculous you know why it's because the rule which has no room in twenty sixteen April still have to go and back from the sense sense in mind why to do rule by even with the opening of schools were opening here exits great because it was the end of the year back to my Why are you sending our children to school? They are not even fit in. As condoms, time time sounds okay and i was cool and terms ano ano ano the same for instance a okay but all september It's okay. My family is gone up until the end of August and September is in the US and Ghana is not. It's not all about who are in work, but that's it all what is being done here and they're downgrading you know to up to the lowest levels like. Is doing but it's it's it's warm it's not as cold as it is down there because it's it's at home so why are they copying all these things that are done by by the west and not I think about what is happening in our country and you know not send our kids back to school and the mix of the of the winter says in where it's really really forward and our Course are not good enough like it's enough. They've got hitting systems. you know if I'm the creators don't work here because the kids are not going to school but that at home there's no packaging systems in this course is ending our kids back to school in the midst of winter. What is the Lord and it's also our winter and what they didn't know is also is because they rule by. In the schools were closed, but they are children who went to school throughout children in danger who either live with my parents and a criminal record or domestic violence reports those children had to go to school in order to be safe. Children who only gets meals from school are still provided with meals. children of essential workers. We're still going to school. So they made a way for the country, but because you know we just copy the headline and go with it without questioning why are they doing this? Why is this being done and then this is like it was in and then come back and tell me what you're still telling us and just like we are preparing over one point five million sites and it's an uncomfortably discussion. you know as a medical practitioner, It's also. Becomes not something of micro but it's reality that you need to do with and we need to be a protect you know and ah with all what ah is that it's important that we remind our public that it's remains our responsibility to make sure that we don't get there yeah ah ladies I am not ah I am hoping ah ah I think so listening to that I think so what it okay two things ah one of the things one of our biggest problem Jhansi leadership ah ah like you guys said ah most of the most of the items have been copied from what is happening and then lot of things because They're forcing the kids to go back to school and like this morning, China Hong Kong said. No in schools will be closed because the number is growing. so it's a it's a problem number two. I think when it comes to the grave side, I think one story that you need to really, you know just listen to what he is saying that gentleman what he's saying is that guys we need to. Look after ourselves just that by I know by in such a way to look at the grave site is it's it's it's a sign of Gucci. If you don't take this serious, you are Fastly going there and then we do. unfortunately, unfortunately we have in our for you today because that's where you are hurting. So so we're going to they're the ones who said it's level five stay-at home. There's the one. Everything if they can see that the numbers are going up. why don't we go to level five? Why don't we try other means why don't they put in instead of taking grapes that tended that went for taking place? Why doesn't it go for putting in so that we can work from home, give people every week so that people can be able to operate and work from home. They have nobody. It's not like somebody else came and said, no, no no we're going to level, but we know it's not. Yeah, it's just so many reasons why people like as you say, I mean it's the economy. I'm not gonna go into the into the detail but then and on that very same note, they said. Okay, You guys have been moving down to level three. However, there still responsibilities that each and everyone you know you need to always remember going to need to abide to the rules you need to wash. Avoid all those things the problem is that with us as human beings, one is freedom, then we tend to misuse our freedom. Well, maybe never come with the look if you if you disrespect and you don't have the rules unfortunately, it's a level will be you need in the of it your last your last your lasting place. So maybe that's why they say, Okay. I mean, look from from a marketing. I understand it from a marketing perspective because people think. It is it's so bad and then they say whole food you love with this, but I understand the point of why couldn't we invested the money somewhere else, as opposed to which is your which is that I fully and it's quite a lot of families who are who are among the as we speak because Basim Makai so in jail. I I I can't use it. What's this. मीना ऐशील stand one खुशी one wint has stuth why what was they are achanda why to they just okay when they way five everythe bring society सोखा ना म्हणजे why beth through why benale thank you why My my concern is that I do understand Linda to show you who they were trying to emphasize the danger of 19 or they should scare people or Baba Baba telling I'm at but it's not fair. How can they do that was by the time they can still do the same bring food and I'm also a they don't have the rights to be busy, beating people and killing people because that's what they did or a client. To be told good years is just to control people nothing else I am really against it I don't one point five for that matter even if twenty four thousand but still going up no twenty four thousand but they are still continu And how can they just choose one province? How do they know to that province is the one that is going to have millions of people dying if they are not going to do something. that's my main worry. That's is my concern. And your baby is I I'm so it is for you and also I I I'm not as important but everybody is about' upon me. One really working for instance family member i-close from the member of mind suspect din and now we're one is o long mature now as regards kahit it's really warrant me you know and I just felt there is no hope the government needs to strategy of because for instance we are for away from our families and it's You know to see our government, you know taking so many tribes for for our relatives. It's it is wagging and there's so many ways like I was saying they brought a social. They can still bring back on a source of to maintain a sort of like this dancing and for people to to to you know to abide by the laws and the rules of preventing the spread of the coverage and not by doing that. It's it's it's not on. It's not on it's it's nice. It's against our culture. Really, we are preparing the graves'. It was really really long time as a Anna after five and see what the read before and after five and go love your area on the MSC for helping doctors who was here. This is one of the side. Is being prepared for the need arise for it to be used for those who have died of 19 and I'm going to ask my colleague to show you the wide of this side. It has a capacity of about 24000 grave sites, according to ABC bands. So, he says the biggest real side is being prepared to some way in Johannesburg, which is the hardest hit in how as the as the province is set to become the A. Nineteen in the country the numbers are increasing it's over one point five million sites and it's an uncomfortable discussion you know as a medical practitioner it also becomes not something of migrate topics but it's reality that you need to do with and we need to be protect you know and ah with all what ah is said it's important that we remind our public that it still remains our responsibility to make sure that you don't get there should they a need arises right statement the the second gentleman a it is irresponsibility of everyone to exactly the exact way needs to be prepared who in In case something happened and it is the responsibility of people to protect themselves. Okay now until we are pua. Why am I so, for example, I'm thinking as a citizen, I mean about energy using my own so one of the other challenges. That course is that what I'm so what I contractor in the process while they were looking after us, That's the That's. Challenges E E E E E E E to five, which is your I'm so glad to tell you about 19. So once the once the safest way let's call media of and sita and then so that's it guys you misbehave. With something I was gonna say to you, thank you so much for saying it's it's it's a coincidence. That's they are testing a vaccine Echo and they are that engrave. Yeah and the wax is always on. It's all happened and why are they still allowing me when people have confessed previously would not figure out my job went to go eat, but we have a job. I want to be Why are they still accepting of vaccines and which news today? watch or listen to because of my travel? In the United States federal investigators at the home of sixty year old doctor Charals Liberty today moments after his arrest at his Harvard office the complaint alleges doctor Liver signed a contract with the Chinese University in Wuhan and was paid up to fifty thousand dollars per months plus up to a hundred and fifty-eight thousand dollars in living expenses the chair of Harvard's Chemistry department he also allegedly received more than one and a half million dollars I will show me who's or or when they need to one in our government is bringing us Irish right guys. It's me so it's it's here and I don't know what's happening with your device because when you enter the stream, it's supposed to when the when you when you enter the stream cuz it's telling me. You need to connect the mic or come before you can add them to the screen. give villains in Colin and accept that's it. I don't know. I'm not sure maybe check your your with my my my settings. Maybe you're settings for the care and the mic set to pay it. You need to allow to be able to use it. You need to make them accessible via outside. I do apologize. Ah instead of getting six feet six feet six fish हाँ because the airline is unlike a taxi once you are image you fly and therefore for two hours and then you are compressed inside it so the is able to eat every Karanvirs any form of including guys how to get in the country ah if I remember correctly yes statement because you are in informed number two you do not even ah ah information ah I mean ah this morning I was reading because now they testing it's ah so if you when we are flying because it's like so it's said ah it it questions may be that is why secret situation is because we have their own people they make so much sense and I am starting to really understand he is a young just that he is angry but if you can just fix the anger in him he does a lot of good things that he says in a yeah you can say people's names are not on SAPC we are not scared to say people name so you can say whoever is and whoever the leader of the Oh, yeah, That's EFI. He has been challenging the leadership. He has been even went as far as to woman who would he like how can you ask me to buy a school When when yourself we are Skype, we are we are we are we are We are zumba for all the meetings in logic. I mean it's basic principles. basic basic basic. yeah. This is let's us welcome and thank you so much for joining us ah hi hello how are you I am good at you I am so good and thank you so much for joining us thank you so thank you very very much yeah I I Just disappointed with our government really, it's it's really scary instead of building hospitals to heal the people. they're not getting in Graves' grace. So if you're sick, then your grapes are already ready. You've got a number ready for it. Yeah so that's my view I don't even know what to say at like this for this but even I and I have I have no excuse for him yeah what he doesn't even himself he had him in case you needed why would you need a grave woman And why doesn't the government always prepare for other things? Why don't they build universities In case? I need arises for more treats to need a space in University to that they build in place that need arises for more children to enter into great eh. Whatever that exactly Well God's in case they need for hunger arises when I would have told you they starting let's just go for the people to government to say that. Instead of ourselves, we will not have to just go there. We are that we are what to eat. Oh, that's true. That's true. I don't know I feel like that's actually you know the sentence is now joining us. And mute your mic. ये भैया bumping है ना ये Hi and I thank you so much for joining us. I was looking for and hopefully you will join us. Hopefully you will join us so please do let me know what's and island. Oh, so. Okay okay so guys so that's a very especially because Oh, It's time it's time is in darkness who love me for exactly much better. Okay. the security guys. I'm a security mean. I'm not against you and I was working in South Africa. Or even more security now what they do crying themselves. Do you know what the Securities of the rapes born on one? Yes, it has a pen that they rape. they rape patients the very security cards, and there was a big scandals of also about security guards who killed a person, a man who was. Going to look for for his wife because he was my God. Oh mama mama peaceful. so it was something we don't know what happened, but each it went viral for some time all of a sudden in two attitude so as the application so I'm. Alright, our right to go back because the incidents occur. There were a lot of nurses that were nearly rate if not rape some of them by to us because it's security and Apa we are going to what was in. no one has so many Department on who you because there were no locks. To being a key and two have change because you're downstairs the Department depends on so Maui downstairs toilet we want so this is the first one she was clever because what not that she found this man standing there. She was never a I'm the I'm the other one is still in the toilet. Okay, So this guy was scared. so in the BA I understand they are there. They are good, but most of the time naming against you. the I wouldn't say there's no safety IE IE. Different post but whenever you go there they are not there where are they by because it was a coloured area it was verse because these guys about they use to send them by every time security internal south africa it is going to be a more then we have more than this is the most crisis you get more securities genesis because of this you know that supply security the more you supply the money and some changes of Sorry for them because they enter into sense and some of them are not documented. a lot of security guards, South Africa and people who are not documented. but as we get a look but I'm already, it's when I go for your land. Look at what is happening is just as they do with that. That is what they need to someone and on the long run. They won't even pay attention to that to those grades because in my life and everything go with it and Nigeria and I'll look for any attention in the At some point. This is Yeah Yeahs as we usually have if you can look in the way to eh. We laid my dad to rest in that and I said in part of Soto had to be more deeper so that they can save space for another person to be on top because they say we don't have the space for so when you look at that the way it happens, then you have to look at the way our government is doing to the year after yourself again, because we have been told 2009 in our of as more people more than they come back and say. When when you look at all this things you have just been played by the and just because someone who get attend and everything will go on and again having to look these ah in in in air also we will come across the time this thing becomes ah Then my to come to this country as people are passing not because of the way they predicted things. Malone would say our team and then go to our second and now there will be used or anything will come up to it and the way useful some other things because I was looking at the state in the morning and when you look at the. And they say it's 442 days. On the eight, which was Wednesday on Thursday, the ninth, it was saying, but you're saying that is 30. Yeah. Sorry I was on the eight. It was 40 - two on the 20 -ninth It was territory. so my question was how are the number decreasing the number of the When you see that there are something that are being done and we are not the real thing about this whole thing as much as it's happening we we are much aware of it but there are lot of things that you are not being why not aware of they are trying to they are just making money out of everything and and as much as they can actually because let's see is hundred thousand red and nothing original you know something like eighteen thousand red so what It's a five times because another attend I have to be done and another white person has to benefit or one of them and that's it But when you look at the whole thing, it doesn't go as much as this thing is is here and we are much aware of it and everything is happening, but there's a lot of life that we are being Fed and we're not being told and don'ts and now something about the what I was saying Minister We Uber. Achou só ou ministra? Renault fecha aí né tio Sol tá frita o nome Z period of time so when you take a look at to be aware of what is happening I'll not away themselves they don't know who would you watch or and if planes power why they not find planes instead of building of taking graves Roberts about me and everything will be finished if I'm a plane can kill why are we even running up? I mean, that's the I'm from the from the when we get to okay. We'll all be fine and even their message and I will send you if they can use that system that they are using E E E can play or we learn from the manufacturer in when a pilot to now in this school cuz I'm a appeal to I'm a parliament, I have to is. Week-end. Was just preparing our as to which the place is fine for us, then gradually as well to Anna. Now, we found this one in this one, How is that even possible? So I know we have Oh you're joking and how and you come to the school. I mean, I love you. Yeah, we're grinding. Yeah, He W V I P Laila. Thank you for joining us. I too sing it's going to vote So Country into this. It is is very scary and why South Africa why not the other countries that were number one someone had South Africa will be meeting with HIV now we are about it this much number one in why country lead by why can't we need to always have to lead ah why we have Fighting spirit When it comes to things like this, Yes Zimbabwe and we are gonna be number one. We're gonna make sure it's as many of our people as possible will get it and they walk around Nigeria. That's we're gonna be number one. So now we're rugby champions. We are gonna be called the champions. We're gonna have more people getting in other African countries and this beauty and possibly down. Is this beauty is and mute yourself. Beauty Hello. Can you hear me? In the South Africa. Was born two years later. And just imagine ▁ကျောက် ဆည် မ ကိုမ ကျွမ်းကျင် ကို ဦး ကင်း ကလည်း ▁မုန့် ဖတ် ကို ကျွန်မ ဦး And minds and minds, I don't know what's happening with your with your sound. This beauty. It's crackling guys. If you have ever been on a tutu to or by saggy call it affects your lands. That's number one. We are one for two to three is how are you gonna do it with this? It's such a shame that the museum that I know that has a history on this is closed, but there's a museum in England, eh, eh, eh this. Be used we will war, but it was a total failure. It was abandoned the remaining part of it's in a museum. I wanted to go and take photos, but then they are still close. They're not open and they're not allowing people in. It's already been tried in England and it didn't work. It doesn't work. You can't take casualties and gets the truth You. It's open open it and you have to to to to to write. It's a high speed if you're rushing to take someone to a hospital. Ah to to transport us to hospital before we go to ah Thank you. Do you think it will work? What's happening in here? So, Yeah. yeah, This is a bit better. This are the ones that was talking about the hundred thousand. To take people to hospitals. Back by just 22 to our I's, we are we get another quality. We'll get you in to this and with the food. I know oh guys this is a serious case I think what my first point I show you that in leadership Crenshaw decisions I N D Y, and imagine that because this is my elections soon so that caused my eyes, they might not come back to power any of food. Yeah, I I'm not going to be the one you know I was my people. Bola basah It's not fair because we are not even given an opportunity to see very easy and I'm I'm really hoping one of them or the ministers these things so that they can understand what we go through the same place to Angie. That's my ass because it's how does she think when she makes a decision, which is when it's the civil winter week is all that's is calling. Yield in so what we're lacking leadership Okay. Yes. we do have some people who who government, but the problem is that lot of investment banking. I think from top, maybe like a direct President and not reports they make the right decisions along the way they develop as it feel like when you're. Things so I don't know I'm seeing young people about all these problems and it it is it is our responsibility and our duty to make sure our organism in the Woods and they're going for it and we need to that is why we need to be smart, Angola mistakes and I is our elders and then you don't have to repeat the very same mistakes Tina when we take over. And there was there was a bill that was supposed to be passed. I'm not sure whether I pass by the President will based on EE go to related to, for example and CIF or whatever. But if if if you will right for a leader, they call be there or something like I can't remember the whole process, but I heard about it and I thought to myself now, that is a wise thing and then we just need to know exactly what is going to. That's my take, I'm I'm I'm most of the disease. I'm and it feels nice to have a Africa and I think we just need to really challenge them and at this platforms are great platforms, which is challenging and I'm not sure which it does. It really fit all the way to them or the only to us. Looks like he belongs to the. Yes, I can hear you but have you yeah we really need to we really need to do something and challenge the way isn't and then one of the things is shocking. One. we're waiting for one of the shocking things that is is it was to see abandoned, especially in leadership. If you look at the age where you are, you gonna mixed with the young ones who has who's going to take over. If you question, it's okay. What's gonna be the BCM or business continuity plan? What is that? I don't know whether there's a deal or not we might be in trouble and find out what they have to get. I'm retiring who's gonna take over. Are they transferring the knowledge and the transiting the skin of leading the country to the young individual on the energy and the passion and the love of need or is it just okay guys because you guys. I know it change you. I know I'm I know I know you so I hope this make sure the outreach before. Is that so it's those are the things we really need to do something but it's gonna be fine right I am looking at EFF at least permission ah And we'll turn up and then this make sense to abandon, especially for this food because this is the one thing that this thing thinks it's full. but does it make sense to you? It doesn't change you. It doesn't on a real sense because if you look at the way the whole the whole of and of Corona virus the way we attack. Coin It doesn't allow you to be exposed to such wind that you will be exposed to when you're moving with that so called ambulances or whatever that be hiking is called when you're moving with that thing, it will need you to be on a higher speed and as much as I've been to some part of the Eastern Cape of that, I was somehow not with. I don't know what they have. Because when you look at that thing and one of the things that I'm asking myself, which is why why are you gonna be comfortable and vulnerable? are you gonna be comfortable as well when you are laying there on your pancreas? Remember when you don't have to be shaken up and everything like that and how are those things have they come? They can consider that all those things or they just when they just so that wherever they saw it. As well because it seems like and the the the the the most painful part of everything that is happening is that each and every project go through certain stages and in all those stages, there are people who approved then when you're looking at this, you ask yourself. there is someone who sat down in a meeting and say this is the correct plan. Let me take approved the side come on guys. Let us not be played like this. This is. You you can't sit down and and and when you ask yourself again if someone is to approve that and they give it to the appose and they are post take it and approve it as well when you ask yourself how is everything making care there is no there was no one who was questioning everything that was happening in there because no one was saying no I don't see this something wrong then how are things gonna be how how because this thing has to With you pray and everything if if it moves fast or they just stuff that you have to like you won't be awake. I don't know I really don't know how it is, but if they fail to think and which always when I see failing project like this as much as this one of the trains, I'm asking myself, they sat down and thought this is very much good. people are dying. They start to think and someone signed the. And say I'm approving this project. let's start to take it doesn't make sense at all it doesn't. It seemed like we had to change, Okay. Okay. I think you can I I want you too can unmute yourself and and and say what you want to say because it feels like we're close who sustain you. I don't know I'm not taking care of him meeting. I just wanted to. I just wanted to say and as well, I'm supposed to are saying that the majority of these politicians they are qualified elderly. You know, like, for instance, my age, I'm 63. so there is most of the time when this was discussions are taking place but. Move forward and as for go back on Linda bad is to to to I'm sorry, I have one more time with my. My problem is designed for long. Well recently I think that that killed so many people quick so just image in that thing To yourself. Yeah, I was to bring it to me to to to. let me see So Zen is part of politicians get there is to call Never Never a bunch of us. Can you give us the imports as little as a Coca Ivan are complaining the basis that such as Secretary, let's get to when they go to. Rael a call and it's just not for me. I'm members so Logan straightforward. It's not what puts as it is so change Tina a full of what we have the power. It's the power to us by the mandate, but as well as you know, instead of a control, a controller and whether example. When you go to nine infrastructure in but when the food was and when I go to either way at the end and the and the best of these people is Ilana, I probably will pull out of favor. I'm On this show go to the system, but at the same system of a food, they have been repeating what they don't care what so Level 12 and we and the is to buy and which is next day. I was almost baum and transport who's gonna go out to you. also so she is convinced it's a local. With this it with know if political political this is always fun notice decision full by that time we are with only and welcome We have no thank you so much for joining us. How about I know I cook so it's sort of like a transformation in the Woods because the system is not working and we're born in. So we need another system that will work for this system is wakeing for few people for minority so seriously it's going down in the grave so umbrella a lot needs to be done a lot a lot because you are EOICO how can you take place then building hospital as how can you as Sending children to school so the whole thing is confusing. Yes, going back to school. I'm gonna play a very short clip for you of a high school child in a turbulent who is back in school and what they're doing and then tell me if you think, primary school children or great great one are ready to go to school if your students are doing. Do you think primary school children are really would you send your children to school I'm gonna post it in the you'll make us better When the is eight and one of those it's called an eye, but the great 10 child she's not going to school now at the moment She's homeschooling and she's doing online and she'll go to school in that time because Lin's I got a lot. we'll see in this period where you win. We abandoned it and if we flew and it's a it's a. Virus may be level one or something like that I don't think is a good idea to take back the children to school they could have formulated that different may be online learning or but top or something about some other kind of system there is a Because they they wake up, it's I don't think it's working. I really think it's just our country's lost. We lost Yeah, I said, Oh, well, it's a virus. You can't create a virus. That's why government is putting these measures in place. It's a virus, which means we're a virus out in. I would like you to answer if that's why it is. That's why the government is taking place but. No cuisine so thank you guys and thank you so much. I thank you. my Thank you so much yeah. it's a virus and we post it's nonsense and what's the virus in medical terms but before the again. Shirin is the only one to come up with a mango who says he's he in school when I was in an apartment that could impact homes and bars where they are and also one who might be a couple of us who are not in one whatever wants to come. We are preparing over one point five million sites and it's an uncomfortably discussion. you know as a medical practitioner. It also becomes a not something of my great topics, but it's the reality that we need to deal with and we need to be a pro protect you know and with all the whites he said. It's important that we remind our public that it's still the remains our responsibility. To make sure that you don't get there I am back I don't know what happened okay let me and YouTube ah please let us know if you cannot cure my measures in place Oh, I'm sorry. Okay Okay. So as before when we are like I do understand very viable is not something that you can cure, but there should be means I can use that rather than welcome at how come women and it's I I I mean number a high number five. Why are my two now? I'm going to now is a virus We do understand and not to show who covers it or right Bas. One for all of us, we've got the virus itself. It depends on how strong you are or what you might save at attack in it will we are not the same thing about the immune system to our family, so he can't say, okay my family. To survive, some people don't survive because like because of the immune system, but I think as the government they need to call a assign a microbiologist and come up with a plan with what can we do? They cannot just be the tower, but decide who the only way you're going to secure a good citizens and at that that doesn't make. What sort of leadership do we have because that is the leadership we have and music and the gospel Jesus was my my My. A parliament are they going to give advice to the young people about leadership. They don't have leadership. So which advice are they going to give to the young people when they take over because they are a good by the time another party. I go to. it's cleaned up. There's no capital at all. I really feel sorry for the new government that is going to be in because it's going to there's going to be a very big problem. Ivan by look at the. That I've been getting bankrupt a South African. It was big companies. I'm Gus to you. I asked him what is what's the Ebola these people they were not in Parliament for which they should lead people. They were in Parliament for which badly, but we're in front of you and man. I'm I live we are this is they didn't go into Parliament with good intentions and they've got to this concept of they fought for us in life. I've got a brother who is from exile. He didn't get anything he's not in parliament. Instead, they want to kill him because he's exposing them. They want to kill it because he's exposing them because. Even with people in there are people who are in who are killed by them, the better and secured people in in in so they are trying with me. I call the Russia and there are people who there are families don't even know what to my pen and especially the young stars back in 1970, - six. so Lamar Have' your booty parliament I Buy a car the Instead they are just destroying and coming to E F. I don't I don't think that it'll be anything better. Margo me because it's still in the same footsteps, but my my steps where I learn to put my AAMC. So here in this I Gucci and Giants is something that he want to anything better. He want and then music South Africa They just decide in parliament. they don't involve the community to which bass Umar. How do you feel about this? I like like in countries like the UK, the things that are called a referendum where people have a say in whatever decision is taken, you South Africa is good and copying and pasting, but the good things they don't. They don't copy the good things they copy their the things that suits them when it suits them, they copy and paste. Like Google, Five and 11 and 11 three, I was, but they don't copy the right things in the first place. We were a little bit even copied and let's build hospitals with equipment, not just a building with full of beds and lockers. nothing. No. it's no oxygen. nothing. so I expect Lets be like and you listen. Where is the. Going to get the oxygen where are the ventilators to ventilate the patients there's nothing but okay hundred thousand people and every there there is no equipment what is the point where I don't know there is no logic at all hmm it's really it's really embarrassing is embarrassing like They don't even bother to find out from abandoned good 123 and I need a referendum. Yes or no, then about no. they just overnight by a fire patina has been talking to and so he has this been good to see if you look at those tests, I'm a put their. What we are, That's that is the type of a trainer and I'm not and this is my husband can do that as well, You trailer that thing. so I'm likely and the winds that what if you buy a connected, it's not something from the factory built it in his own backyard, and I think he was using black people to build. Now myself can answer why in our country we prioritise the education when it comes to us and our parents pay to my university but when it comes government getting specialised the skills ah giving tenders to people with specialised skills they never care what qualification you have it's which friend why do With that. Needed just using a my skills, education abandon and looking for people who've gone to find is in the either from their work experience in other places where you can come in and say you know what in Sweden they do it like this. Let's try a South Africa or do you think it's fair. The way people are just been purpose tenders big positions that they have no knowledge of that. I'm not one that is very much wrong. however, remember that we've got the streets, smart people and then there's the academics right. so there's people who are very good like when it comes to and everything like or an outcry or a town. But then I get home. so those are the people that you get entrepreneurs. They will have that person to manage their Organization. But then the entrepreneur has got no final details and understanding, which okay, how do I do it when it comes to that in terms of like maybe from a document? So the entrepreneur will go and look for that out there. I think that's what is currently that's what is happening so Tina unfortunately, and this is really one of the sad things ever, especially in our black culture. You know we are promoted or se. It's a family We Fda Wednesday. Yeah. Yeah is all over a young when it comes to skin talking to. You've got a degree, but then I've got you when it comes to Zi in and create something is as long as the food is a lock and then I think that's one of the other things that is change drastically. I think it was put to me or or or or said there's a whole lot of things that needs to be changed. We still call you. an example is telling us you don't have to go out you need to be in the House. And so what I am trying to say is that so then you get people who are street smart where by they don't have the the academics or like education or background or decrease and not they are able to go to going out there and another thing entrepreneurs they like to get the they academics problems Okay, I've been there and I appreciate you know we will say things like that. so that is why most of the time to talk to your teacher for in 10 of your PADI of whatever the corners. I don't care what's in, but I'm going there to regardless and so they say the way I teaching our corner. now we have politicians. They are the very same person when to University to the NBA. It's okay you. Make sure so that is what is happening unfortunately I don't think it is but it's reality when I should be giving people tenders to manage things based on my experience and then after Well, I mean, I think I would see the skills that they I believe from the wisdom from Wednesday's Wednesdays will be not in jail. Oh God it was you were there and it also mean it was also a father, Conner Togo. It's not it's not what you know. it's who you know in this in this life. So everything else, but all of your Nigerian has no like I like I'm I'm 20 million and has no Wednesdays Seafoods in the body it 20 million it was niggas if five million from that. It probe that person was and is he able to do that. I was in the pool and last week to expect and wk, it's roots. but you know as handmade goods and go back in January and so those people a lot of niggas, I'm tibs would. Hello Yes, so I was part of the program and improving India and I'm telling people first. Of all we are two years and in my life in the longest school based in stocking. Guys, This is the same as the simplest thing to see that. Yes beauty is the meet yourself. in the because it's who you know like to say when that connection also the parliament to go, but my problem is how can we expect also to salute? ▁ကဲ လက် ခ ွမ်း တစ် ထည် ခုနက လို တစ်ဦး ကို ▁ze ဖောထုတ် အန်တီ but you don't find any change it's not that the and then it's gone and then within five months home five months ago how can we expect how long will that building last only how do you think last I have no foundation I don't know anything about a house I do not know anything about it is the build a solid foundation we should ask for years and decades because when you build a building you expect that building to last for taking at least not within five months some museum you are living like a like a million and to the job that you are paid to do for this to make to themselves to live in big houses whereas the people suffering in the rural areas where they were building the roads if in the the roads are built and within five five months Back on Yeah, it's. Hey guys, I know it's the worst that is the worst since in the eyes with the lam in the first place. Do you think that I'm in the House? What is going on because they don't have any knowledge. Let's say about panic a 10 by in jail, they don't have a clue when the roads the land is supposed to to be Syed. They should be pipes as the hamburger. Which is gone accommodate when there are floods and everything so we expect to to have, but they can't do the right thing because Allan man has 100 like double story. my motto, that's all they are they. They are not doing it for good isn't I've seen I've got I've got a a a guy. And in my in my area, Mensa with my husband who was surprised, I close one in 10 days and within no time. If I'm trying is no it's is sick. It's the portals, but I have some saying trying in is better. There's there are places that are was and in the room, Mab and in jail as. So my because The last thing I be in the bio degrade doesn't work when it comes to is scary. I think we are the most important thing. It's a skill. you can have a degree right now. We've got accountants who are working for people who don't have money who who don't have even a degree. We are and what we tell you where it is it is important. A robots twelve year old but she was able to do that so let's less into let's not look down upon people let's look at the skill so Rich to increase themselves that's all. If ah This to yourself. But he asked me for years. I got this shit like a gang or Organization Parliament, and there's a band with a spindle. I'm in my lunch. Especially On my nails, I got this Wakanda was a so he education system, so I even prefer letters and for you as a team so for the well-being Saturday, Norma tasty so for the world for the social, this is the demand of food at all. I mean, that's the that's the college's Allan. I'm Zo so how to expect to to to other cells. Experience I did I thought so that's the team is designating the streets. That's one. I'm that I. It's okay because I tell you what I think about all siblings go by the trouble and experiences so I it means that shows Tonight' seven South Africa say hi to. Who's waste this cut? I'm the best in an ASC have, but now we corruption. I'm with you but I go to the savings. Can you not at least have in knowledge of Industry on a 20 I know you said May the Lord change and we're gonna tell you that that's why the and go out. see us. so we DC's. Yeah, whatever this is. Yeah, it is not. I guess. Okay. experience experience example in May we experience in theater for years. I didn't do what we call a South Africa and I twice. he has a technique people go to school where when if he had a technique but when. Back in South Africa and I told them they gave me a job because they saw they they they they they they capabilities that I have as the theaters but strange enough when we are doing the agency who on a Woody. Experience normal trained and trained Tina is experienced meanwhile I was teaching them I was teaching the very people with theatre technique why should I teach you great for something because they went to school to Twitter technique mean I was left And move to a procedure. I'm the one who was there to teach us even teaching doctors some of the procedures because most of them they don't know most, especially in a microscopic. they don't know it so I was teaching them. I was teaching them what you came and Indians with my experience, but I was not being paid for my experience. They go Cora Abu to a if you have a technique. Which is not fair, so it's not that need to look into such things because I was not helping my experience. I go to theater techniques in that two years, eh qualified men and with my experience and pattern and the food I was teaching them so if. Degree doesn't work at all okay night degree but it let it be a degree that is channeled into a skill degree or England has done a better thing because what they have done anybody with that degree in finance so they trained them they work for this companies whatever company so at least in done is We are able to get a job at the end of the day. You've got a job, so it's South African need to do the same abandons who financed because I have my finance financial companies money and they need them. Thank you so much Ollie. Now I totally agree and I thought I go for our education system. Cuba We see in goes to politics because that's why without Africa ifno of me and I say that because there's no excuses out of the few is this. This is I think. So if been on news yesterday he was emphasising that so Now, I'm losing that government in South Africa who invested more on us you see and you know, talk to me. What do you mean? Even if it takes pride in that at night, I saw you in China. So it is I think, and that's what I like platform that I just want to do what should we do or what the is from corner to the next level? More How many black farmers of a farmer who I won't get to go? Is it because people have not been using the messages that? It was a it was six months or 12 months, so what's the go go? Let's also remember there are businesses that are benefiting from that. They are businesses that have been complaining prior to figure out when they see when they need to one or go to the running out of business, but all the. Let me play a video with you and then in the business. Est proche africaine Business Business Enough stuff people sometimes we are losing customers because of the change people are dying and the church is waking them up for us that his money being lost like this year. I have been selling like two or three cats cats per week on a new month South African business week. I usually sell 5060 caskets per week, but now we are really suffering and we are pleading with the government. Please Say Please Mister President do something. Help our business to recain its strength because there is no way we can go on operating when we are selling a week we need more business we need more money we are also pleating with the minister of police to stop in the fearing when people are doing things that are creating business for us because when they interfere it means no business for us we are really really packing the and also that if you know a past who is good who can pray please ask them to pray for our businesses as the much very owners of South Africa we need your prayers so that's our business can keep booming we can keep getting client we can keep getting customers otherwise we won't be able to open and without us what will happen to the country please please help us Simons Hey, I got the okay again. Tina. We took a decision and then go in the football is that the car look down and it is a family business, such as as very value of a singer and Salvador is when I see so in a able to. My I want to say so but it's a it's a it's it's a real question about shown ah yeah Des week-ends Convi space to come in the fifth was in the bike, but the 50 get but I want to definitely go to Cocoa plastic. So I go if that certificate it the certificate it. it's not eating or a natural based on. But still nineteen so So I I I I got the party office and get calls every day 7678 and what I said zero zero seven so when the no service and so but in terms of the peninsula it like at any call. It that is ah one of the most things especially because they are taking them to cause because they are like This is what we need to know who this man so we need to make sure we reappearing the right person as us and any call we would go by when I was a name and it is in the P P P E E cousin. But you cannot just give us a random book and say we must be what should we do to that? like what would you do if it's go to no. We believe what you are saying and we saw that happening with Russia, Nigeria when the man and the family that's insisted of all to mess around. So what do you do? so what? You can't identify My whole world would be I was born and oh man go what if the court in I mean. And what should we do identify Hey, we are we are 0000, Eh, eh onions and I manni show me there's a conspiracy. There is a conspiracy and there's quite a few doctors about but. Because they were told to who apparently it's like they are paid to put Covid- 19 on each and every death certificate more want to lap. I think this thing is a strategy of putting a fear in people and they are doing it. They're getting there because man on kisses matter Who is saying these people they are telling us to wash our hands for twenty minutes and to to keep on whatever drinking warm what about ever washing your hands every twenty minutes naturally as a person that was they are They were from America My IV, they said, Not as a human being there that there's a bacteria that is protecting you as he protected natural. It's like with with this and even has got that's fluid a protector right, so it's the same so my cases and they are killing us. What is in the immune system, a strong one because as a clean. So if you want easy so those doctors will emphasize with don't wash your hands right, ladies and gentlemen and for 20 minutes, okay, it's understood if you've touched something you can't wash your hands but bang bang until you wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds. Why should you wash your hands for 20 seconds every time because baptism is very clean, The one K plan or Zumba natural. Has got his own immune systems and also owns him White blood cells that are protecting us from any type of infection. So I say let me know so I Ma familys'. I'm promoting a part and the other thing a human being needs vitamin D so mother is in, but I told you or who suffers with vitamin D or. Trying their level breast to use all the strategies to get raid of to kill your immune system as a human being because not unless ago which is it's too bad mange it's then that is a but every time you are cooling no is because they strategized the whole thing finalist by childhood they shouldn't hug it finalist but why why is it just ridiculous so over glamour into and I have been suspecting it to some of my colleagues in South Africa shouldn't say things like those and they block you good but no when let's which we are living in when we are control or kay right now the controlling as part of the stage it's not just beach patch it's time is going to come last touch o n kay macy 'tol inevacuate then will be control you will be doing wherever you are whatever you say whatever you do so what before light again if some You can come up and and it just so I understand that then I think everything will get better and now you would be President should be some not from a party, but somebody who is deemed to have a strong leadership, then sing a song which is, but apparently I'm woke. The And I know some, I know somebody you to me. That's we're not in you're not allowed. Hello. Okay Hello, I told you we can hear you. Can you hear yes, we can. so yeah. Yeah, I I really don't understand what I'm about to because Marion in who was born when the last was identified to work, but not want to why can't they do that because it's possible take. This like class like plastic that you can say here and identify there in it is because really it happens to Another person was not related to them. You know they they really need to to to to do something because it it it. It will give people closure because what you don't get that closure Your the real person more, especially about about about about abandoning so once you mix up and more charges. You know, I think that they they they should think about it. If if it's the same thing you know most to my I was born to or you know they're not. It's okay. We are cremated. The majority. Andrea is a short. Will work out not only to the other people who've come to the funeral and they have to wait outside the crematorium. And the family still allowed to see the body. They're not allowed to say the board if they've died from it so they could be cremating a dog. South Africa anh em mình là right so We are Zoe, we we we have ve 67 months down the line. 601 basic 20 - eight Canaan so So another day because very important specially And so as multiple in the same as you need to No a simple message, social media and to go over it again. So. It's I looked in and they have a compromised immune system. So yeah, I hope to see you and and and mab 40 clubs because this is Gloves Cuisine. Angelo. We have one. But in no, no no. It is a great band to number two. It was so me is something needs to be done. There's a Caesar who prevented then who so like and follow my clubs go to it's totally out. As a as I was, it's it's out it's out Liz. We're not seeing a lot of. Alright, now, I'm gonna have to go back and get back in to go to mind. you will have no. Oh, my oh my God. Oh my baby is too. I found analogue because if I'm elected to the family ever get a chance of what we dreamed them because gonna go to a band. I would not go as soon as they go down and they were. they were the people who are working in the mint, not ones man, so I don't know how far how far he is. I am not I am not for it I think And so you know who we need another day to discuss because honestly, what is the knowledge the empowerment of knowledge that he's given us about he needs to it's it's very intense. We need to know a lot. so we'll also lands in school which is coming and I just want. I just want to listen to that I wish. Thank you so much that it's such an important and empowering topic to talk about what day is it and it's luggage in and go. To frame as well as decision, but it's so Africa. what should we be doing other than sitting here talking about this? they have salsa Goba Theresa Nobody's gonna question with any money, then you're going so what should we do going forward as a country because this time next week, See scandal, it's gonna be it's gonna be it's you were foods and this is depending over one point five million sites and. It's an uncomfortable discussion you know as a medical practitioner it also becomes not something of my great topics but it's reality that you need to do it and we need to be protect you know and ah with all white ah is said it's important that we remind our public that it's still remains our responsibility to make sure that we don't get there what is your what's your last ah I don't know last way what the last thing you can say about this thing that we are facing as a country what do you think solution is what's can we do what should we be doing other than being here and talking about fail I mean I I I have only one. You know I can see it's a knowledge is power and this is a total solution. we have McCoy confusion a confusion so Venice so all I can say and. This beauty please send yourself you are muted and yourself. Thank. And what we need to open in no way to school because my son I got. We are South Africans. We need to stand up and talk to the government and express our feelings and our fears because that's what the senses without consulting us because we're just saying, okay. It's fine. We'll just turn the other cheek and then do something else comes and pretend the other cheek and. Of Africa, we need to stand up and talk. That's the only way that they have to drive a lot of side by by the government and there's nothing else that will help us the space. That's okay and thank you. Thank you so much what do you say? okay tonight we play is now you know it's fun but I bet you back in the Lord. but as soon as cut, Tina has been what is that we are in the Bahamas and Tina we. There's the yeah. And Hey, hey, get your mom. I'm with the human rights sing A popular protect some cuisine is is our next President of this country right now. Alright and who's with with the idea, but I don't think he will make a good President. I don't think so now now Why not? Camens menu pickum Kenzie PSLF, OK, okay right a name let's hope but let me just say something about public protector I'll tell you what happened to me in the UK to come back to work when I left the UK I stopped paying for my nursing registration NMC so I was no longer in the register, so I wanted to go back to the right I needed to go back to the start. So what happened? I had a tough time with the South African Council just for a simple paper. They didn't. they couldn't fill up that paper If verification just a verification to clarify with of dance so many hours and all that was all they could do. I don't know. I used to make how many calls you know the way I was so frustrated being handed even some groups, Lago Facebook and it's Africans practitioners and all that bass and ideas with what can I do because these people are not helping I used to send my husband to S, but I figured I had to lose the service. there is appalling so. You're probably projector somebody advised me about the Protector. eh report is to the public protector, which is what I tried to do and then I remember I managed to get hold of the number by public protector my office. I ran them the first thing the person you know. there's one thing that I've learned about South Africans. They are so rude when you make a call at when they answer. So I I I made the call this person was just I you go to. I don't know what to do so I ask this person who is that the public projects of his wife for humanity and no one was good when you are the one who found so why do you ask me? So I told it would mean I've got a problem. I've been advised to call your offices to report the Africans Council because I've got this problem 123 I explained to to today. so after afterwards, I said to him my, I was I need to I need to create it was a a a woman, I said to say, I didn't expect that response from you because Wang Jing. Protect us office only pay hope you are going to but it's like I am not going to get what I am I am looking for from you and not at all very pleasant for the in a very root man so internal we show okay may be protector is a who sees but experience I am young and looser To in any office in South Africa, irrespective of how high that office is because I know it probably protect us of is the highest, but I I didn't get to have that all what you know to be the same with just I didn't expect that response from music, say hi Sissy Peggy. So I'm Uber is a really E E. Only ones who are talking people are not doing anything. They're not saying anything there are people like you organizations like you. I mean I would be in you. That is a very good step. We really need people like you who would back on because who concentrated in is in most of the time they fight for things that are not important like be. Into doing anything, but isn't just they're not even aware of what is going on around them back by me and that is why my color is something they just jumped without even analyzing what happened. So my. Thank you so much I am trying to okay myself Yes, please. Alright and Get him in that, but in front of the E AAMC, we are never in part. halfway AAMC will present the East or breaks or China nine visit to a West. Oh, I got Boise a political party. I represent a lot of us will be represented by a President unless you. सो गए experience Now, I'm I'm official public and a control so you can see as they go by focus is public protector protector, A certain political parties will be on a team is to get so go by and as I reported. That is why I say three bingo. Protector so whatever information it, but human rights is a Togo, but is in the there's the second part two which I see one zero 11 zero one. No. No. no. no. I'm talking about my case is worth So I got the cashier What I'm Gail Inland. Do they call the cases I. I'm Linda Ohh. What do people do if they want to join you and go in going to the world and say how how what how they join in the bio to be over and that and also personal a favor? Please get some nice full for at all and so it was a. Linda I I I I opposed to what I'm about to go to has a $10 each. I'm going to and Monaco can do to the man was in see how much the human rights. So And I'm doing Thank you so much guys. please do look out to check on my social media and and try to get some links and I will put them down so that if you want to follow the people and this, I think it's a South African content. It's not about the political party. Let's us understand what number one just because you vote for people. that doesn't mean agreed to everything they are doing and just before because. Disagree with an action of a political party of the representatives of the political party. It doesn't necessarily mean you are no longer a member of the political party are no longer in a in agreement with other things that the party does and just because in 1940 - one you voted for political party. A doesn't mean you are not married to them. If you can marry if they divorce your husband divorce your wife, you can also divorce the Do not feel under pressure or you are stuck, especially the practice that you vote for. it's your duty to question them cuz you put them in power so by them doing such things, it means you are doing those things cuz you put them in power. We need to question our leaders and when we question them, it doesn't necessarily mean we would say we hate them as individuals. We might hate their actions and it doesn't mean that we hate a political party. We Hate actions of the individuals that are involved with it. Not buying it, they do things is a political party, but those things are not benefiting landing. Sometimes I'm not even benefiting Abu and it is our duty to question our leaders so it never feel guilty or a question and never assume will come and we hate people. No no no we have to question this isn't that we can't. It's your last words. And to be part of this discussion, it was really beneficial and I opening and get the call and the call and so I miss Nancy. You know the part of my own social. What happens behind closed doors? We don't know much. Take some Nassau and then that I want you to ends there. So we say we want to go after to show me the things that can be done like or involvement to stop the zumba to rot. So I'm a quarter and the attention for all these programs. You are putting up for us, even though we are away from home, you know we are. We feel that we are part of what is happening back at home. Thank you very much. Thank you so much thank you so much as I can't even say without seeing if picture of it South Africa instead of right Platforms and Debi gigs nobody is Sosa. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you so much and guys. please don't forget to subscribe to the channel. Subscribe on YouTube. It's is a hundred percent. absolutely free. this Nasa asco over the list. Mute yourself with a new to yourself. Can you hear me now? okay? Hey be I'm putting this platform really. hey it is me not say it has really empowered me not only today, but I'm kind it's was cool. You know, I can't wait to go back about what happened. you know nobody. I don't think a lot of people know that this is a crime or go to government and Aqua Ivan to being a it is a crime or abortion. nobody's is above the law who's abortion and I I caught and I. Why so I am glad on this panel no go to This platform is so we we always feel like we are home because we are talking about home and it shows that we are so concerned about what is going on in our country because we mean I don't think. Up to the end, I want to go back home, so I want to go back to South Africa. Liz Save Mango Hi man posing in the tuna for men so or the platform need to Asco big as soon as I can, But I mean it's two years old to ham ham Baba. So now, it is so big I goodnight and thank you so much. so that means to my guys here is the website. Please press the website. The Black Press the link for ELF we are not saying we are about. We are not saying we have a we are just saying so that you can get. Formation you will find all the information there as well as they are social media links but all the information is on the website I have just ah gone to the website and checked so please this is the link to follow them and do share it to as many people as you can and I think as South Africans we need to learn with the just because when they doesn't mean if we can It's good to see you. Trường सो गए I wait, I wait like this and and I was what was seen to be seen. They need to be educated and causes the Benghazi go back and cousins my Wednesdays in one person. And these are the dangerous. This is why we do this is why and who are going to be so that's from designer who sing a mistake. We are here to learn eh. If you have not subscribed to my channel, please do Subscribe. It's a PLF, a platform which was which is a. Lou it's snowing. You have to know about you know. I'm getting the same thing the same time-in and gave himself Kauai Iain but as soon as. Some for the Globe 50 - nine, and I want to put my is now can a guy born to a business. I know it's in yoga that mean another gunman in I attended so if you know a woman and I am, but we still back in the I Liberia materials that we can I can. But guys thank you so much I really appreciate you for joining me and we need to grow together please educate me and I will Trying to come up with the topics as a scissor and please nanny suggest topics. Let's learn together and let's grow together and tomorrow. I've got very good news for you at 90 'clock. We have judged tell you a houle which is gonna be live on this channel because I'm a I'm a. but in my case I like indeed and I didn't want to came in. so I'm doing it the modern way I'm meeting. I'm we're gonna have On this platform please do join us tomorrow especially because it's gonna be our first one and we need your feedback on what is working and what is not waking you gonna zoom with the charge so yeah tomorrow at nine PM ah Of course, is our lawyers, It's gonna be hot. It's gonna be nice nine PM. Please join in a judge. Send you Abu Quarantine Edition. it was a thank you so much and I miss you guys. Kunin n'yo sumapis less business of reclusive so kung ikaw gusto mo bago na noong nasa caraguay harassin 'pag nandiyan si nandiyan na best friend best chance manager high five high we are okay na baboy ▁အေး ▁ဟော တယ် လာ ရော ဖတ်

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