Papa | Father's Day Special Song | Happy Father's Day 2020

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On the occasion of Father's Day listen to the soulful song, "Papa", a musical tribute to all the Fathers around the world!

Posted 1 year ago

Ashref Barkat 8 months ago

I miss u papa .
Rest in peace. Amen

Abhijeet Nerli 1 year ago

*Father's day*
When I opened my eyes saw all surrounding, mom was crying, brother eyes wer numb,der was someone standing very far paying the bill he was my *DAD*.😊.
It was not only mom who used to be sleepless at night when I was ill, it was my dad who got hot milk fr me.
It was thàt time when I was not even able to speak but dad used to understand me by my gestures n fulfilled all my wishes.
He used to adore n loved me to the core.♥️.
Never saw new dress diwali during his childhood,but never let children to see the same thing n worked hard..
No matter how stressed he his in office, never expressed it in front of family, worked day n night just to take care of children that none of them slept empty stomach.
These dad are very smart.
Hide their tears, n wipe family members tears n pretend as we don't come to know anything..
Every evening I used to stand at the door n wait when dad will come, get chocolates, ice cream n toffee fr me, n on bed will become sometimes elephant or horse 😜.
I marked all his words n followed it by leaving bad habits n implementing good habits he made me a good person..
During summer every time fan used to stop working but he made me to sleep in AC room..
Time passed away, I was grown up n dad was getting older.
I was in different cities n started earning money,
But now time has changed..
Now my dad stands at the door, so that I can come, sit down with him fr few minutes , talk with him fr a while n he will feel relaxed.
I followed his words but never understand pain that I gave him by arguing, fighting n going against him.💔.
Maybe I don't understand now but later when my children will start doing the same thing I may realise coz one or the other day dad will become older..
But still my mind n heart says I will earn so much of money, respect n fame that dad can sleep relaxed in my own built house..
I really wish if I can give that he didn't get during his time n get the things according to our generation coz he compromised all those things just to fulfill our things..
I still respect n love him but every time I failed to express it n even he failed to understand it.💔
*Father's Day*

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Chetan Jain 1 year ago

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Shiv Shankar Paswan 1 year ago

Happy father's day 🎉

Dinesh Patel 1 year ago

I miss u papa