Why I'm too busy to work out

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PRIORITIES OKAY. 😘 (Side note: I legit bought 2 pairs of cute boots, a plaid dress, a corduroy jumpsuit, new jeans and some chenille sweaters with no...

Posted 1 year ago in Fashion & Style
Jessica A Call
Jessica A Call1 year ago

My “I’m too busy” end on November 1st. I’ve had 6 month postpartum slacking. I’m going to kick butt at the gym, start my meal planning again and get back into shape!!

Л. Ви.
Л. Ви.1 year ago

I'm sick right now and i didn't do my workouts more than 10 days. I feel so bad. 😐

Rachel Szappan
Rachel Szappan1 year ago

My current reason for skipping out is getting my house ready for sale so there's plenty of physical activity! I am looking forward to the prettier way to get fit soon!

Catherine Morissette
Catherine Morissette1 year ago

Honestly, it feels kinda comforting to know even fitness influencers wanna procrastinate their workouts sometimes lmao, we're all just humans in the end and sometimes watching netflix for 5 hours is just something we gotta do

Jesse Parrish
Jesse Parrish1 year ago

This is so true. Altho it's never "I'm too busy" it's always "I don't have enough energy" but that can still be applied to the energy we put into doing all those other things

Emily Jo Heintzman
Emily Jo Heintzman1 year ago

PS I LOVE this song 😍😍😍

Sarah Lou
Sarah Lou1 year ago

Decorating the home meant that I had no where to work out 🏋️‍♂️ but we’re on the home run, so I’ll be starting Monday and hitting hard until Christmas ..... hidden arm, buns of steel I’m coming for you ! Xx

Becky Santo
Becky Santo1 year ago

I feel very called out 😂

Twig Williams
Twig Williams1 year ago

This is me most days Anna Taylor

Ashley Alouf
Ashley Alouf1 year ago

I workout as soon as I get home or I won't do it!