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Fact: I came to Pakistan and I haven't spent any money.


Because nobody will let me. Seriously. This is the world's best hospitality, by a...
Sony bought bottled waters and then to give us Sun which is take a picture and then he said kept Peter he said it's for you gift and what's happening I was just giving a gift of this traditional accent to your group thank you so much so the surprise is that this is a meal when I arrived in Pakistan I went to the a tm and took out 28000 rupees or 200 dollars I'm on day eight so far and my wallet is still full this is not the case by choice the hospitality in Pakistan is so amazing that they won't let me pay for anything I'm not only talking about my friends who have been taking me around the country I'm talking about random Street vendors and people I meet especially here and push our We're here at the streets of the shower I'm gonna go try to buy some things I'm gonna show you that the hospitality so good they want to send my payment I just scream I love I just want to thank you right come on The good news okay you okay we're gonna try to get this cookie they look pretty good I thought that my local thank you Oh hi It's like a doughnut I must know best why He's like seriously not accepting my favorite shirt I'm rich kicking it with my money because some water there she about another home oh I do it how are you I'm gonna hold music you have Arizona thank you so much ladies man you got to look at that I can pay you thank you so much keep it are you sure yeah man you don't want any money I have a lot of you see yesterday we went to the world's second biggest salt mine andi and about nine salt lamp souvenirs they wouldn't let her pay a dime it's people love love why did you buy it show me there's one fish and how much was it I don't know I can't Guys what I'm telling you is a hundred percent real I just can't make this stuff up my first taste of this incredible hospitality was actually a few weeks ago in k L when I ate at a Pakistani restaurant and the lady wouldn't take my money how much She's literally not having my money why are pakistanis like this why is this the first and only country where nobody will accept my payments the answer is simple we don't care about money we care about family values and traditions I love package that I cannot get my head around this especially because the society I grew up in is completely the opposite in the Western world we work as hard as we can to make our Bank accounts grow and grow and grow and then what all I know is that the people of Pakistan are incredibly joyful they're laid back they don't stress much they don't care about living in House or driving a fancy car they're just living a happy life and that's all there is to it there's so much Welcome to the shower uh you are most of them come it's uh you are my new knee and you're my guest and I will be uh make a sorry sorry it's okay one more time one more chance what does that say what does it say welcome to the shower um a lot of my camera and my gosh did you just that's it that's it huh quite why do you three welcome to be shower to my all of guest and uh this is uh an And this is our city again taking its my strength uh about you heard rob um most we've got anytime uh that's when inch allows also the uh woman cello from oh that's a monster it up see you

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