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Sorry phone when I'm just have all types of different. Anyways, we are doing a Tiffany Tyler. To roll back in. Roll back in here here we go just get through this. Thank you all for being patient with me. The phones' one. Oh, that's back on. I sent you with my email, said. miss Denny's, no problem. You know about I would say and then Yes, miss Vanessa. Tiffany Thank you. Buy me some answers. You're gonna see the changes. To the struggle with me right now. To the struggle with me right now, wait till I move you're gonna see a huge. I'm talking about. I'm gonna lay it out. It's gonna be a new table. It's gonna be a whole different Internet. It's gonna be a whole different room. It's gonna be a whole different energy. Just watch. Up to the struggle with me now Y'all can see my growth very soon. I don't feel like I'm so close to the damn phone. We were doing Tiffany at Toya. Look at your hand. Anna Mela ES No-I Español Anna Guin spirit. ayan oh oh pabor escort Okay. Is good. This is what I have for you. This into the spirit. In here, thank you Michelle. Okay. So Tiffany Tyler is she here because I'm about to go ahead and do a money back cuz I gotta keep moving I can. I know y'all, I know it's people right here waiting. I'm trying to put this Toya hardt Toya you here-I'm. go. Tiffany Okay. you're here to grow for the child. This ain't even the right case anyway. So let me go ahead and get started this. so you don't have any questions so I'm gonna go ahead and just pull you. are all and you're going to some And I see I see some things emotionally picking up for you. Kind of looking at how much love you have to give and you're emotions. Need more balance Y'all coming in here with all these complaints, I can't hear you. Y'all have to get out and come back so I can't fix your volume is low. honey. I don't got nothing to do with it. You're the only person with low value. I think you. where are you are you game one and something like this your money from this person of your own and inside the first you want from love Hi, yes, give me a second y'all. My list is long. I'm trying to make my way down this so I can get. yes you say yes you here okay so much clear people that only giving you a little bit just to keep you Around or whatever that they say you have to steer clear of people that are doing that. you know. this is what they're going through a separation. Yeah, I feel that and you need to steer clear of people that are not on or just giving you a little bit of not giving you know you have to keep you happy. You know, love to love you and you know you don't want people to feeding you a little bit just to keep you around. so I just feel when it comes to. you are moving on from the parents and people there you know I am not feeling it takes a love you know you have about a love to gave when I feel like you over give there only giving a little bit so it's very important for you ah mister the make sure there who ever is you know you choose when it comes to love is gonna make sure that they give you everything that you give yourself I feel lot of love that you have to give okay Be picky about. you can give me let anybody ah just whatever they feel like you need an lord give the law back to this tell me who give love okay fine Stephanie You know what they say. Toya Haggerty you wanna know about love coming you wanna know about love coming now ah okay so I why you want to know about love coming When it comes to this. Toya are you working on yourself? You're working on your taste with you attracted to what you're working on your healing your prayer, your spiritual gifts your intuition. I feel that you are manifesting the type of love and energy that you want. The first part is the high priest. Okay. Of the airlines', Libra, Aquarius or Gemini, DC, a new person coming in but you're moving slow. I feel the energy coming for you. Wanting to build trust with the person you wanted to see the truett. So I feel yes someone's coming in, but it's like as if you kinda get your guards up as well if you are thinking. that's what I if you can't hear me, maybe you just need to join another live. I can't I'm not entertaining the people that. My heart is so full of love. yes, you guys so that's. If you guys cannot hear me, you guys need to try a different. I'm not just. Alright so miss Valentin Oh, That was simple as 123. You was right there. boom. It's valentin you are next Asia Dukes. You are next to miss Baine. I do your reading honey. Ancestors' We have huh. Yeah, they tripping today. Miss balancing 42. Valentin Everybody's getting a mess, you know what I'm gonna do a different day-I. It's no bad cards came out. It's just I wanna see something different. Doesn't wanna see something different? I'm gonna go ahead and do this. another thing you didn't have a question right you just want in general. This Annika you matter. Is balancing 12. That Girl. Let's show you are a black queen is Valentin. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are powerful. everybody is okay. This is just a different day to a whole different energy. They tell me you need a different any. Okay, but if whoever wants to be you. This is and this is why you have a lot of love to give you have a lot of work. You're a good caregiver. You know how to rule. So, let's see what else we have in the spirit of love life, God's agers. 12, So it feels like you're repairing something in love. There's a decision about to be made when it comes to love. Where are you miss? Valentin There's a decision about to be made when it comes to love for you. something's about to change something. Some new energy that's coming in when it comes to love. Okay. So it's so to say we'll try. So I saw happening when it comes to the love, but it's one -A decision being made and something coming in. Coming back to you. Something out of a relationship and moving. Towards more positivity. Okay, I have a boyfriend Yes, but it's one -A decision being made are Y'all decided to stick it through forgive each other. I have a boyfriend will be broke up. That's why I said there's a decision to be made but something's coming in so maybe. The decision is y'all getting back together and then y'all coming back together. The relationship is coming back. I see something healing. And something that I say some healing and love come on. I'll come on girl. I'll pick it up. Pick it up. pick it up. Pick it up. Okay. Pick it up. Alright. That's what I see. Lord oh, Lord Alright. Miss Valentina Your Valentin is coming your Valentine. Dukes are you here? As a Are you here? Andrey are here? No problem man. One 456 more And then I can go here. I love reading. That's a. Okay hold on. So this. You want a love reading. SCI I thank you guys. you. it was Asia 12. I don't want no bugs that 123. Honesty Honesty has someone not been honest with you. I wanna talk to them. With yourself because they're talking about honesty, that is something that's very important. To love missa Okay, see with the Queen of Pentacles here. You're wanting something stable. We have a very giving heart. I don't think people have been honest. I feel you want something to stay where you have a very giving heart missa. Definitely okay, but yeah, I see a slow coming in, but you gotta try to get away from these people that you know have not been honest. It's time to clean up House. C- one to see if anything is coming in cuz it shows a slow off I don't know if this is from somebody you want or what happened. To clean House Right Look who comes out the pool, it's time to start a new beginning. Be the past be bother and moves forward. And we're trying to clean House. That's what I feel when it comes to love. That's what I see, okay so that's from Miss Asia Okay. Yes. Let me see what they want you to focus on you. Cynthia here Here we go rushing me-I. I can't go live y'all. See the. I got 12. Okay, Cynthia I saw that she was here. I just wanna see if she have a question I have Cynthia Tanika says she won a finances. Tierra Tyra Danielle and Patricia Miss Patty. I'm waiting on those 54. You don't have a question I'm. Okay. I'm waiting on Cynthia Shani Tyra Tyra Daniel and Miss Patty is. Go ahead. Danielle You're here Okay. We don't you to miss Cynthia Spirit of Love Life guys. No, she had me take her hair down last night, she said. It was too tight. So I took it down again now, walk around with a big problem so. Cynthia I'm. Are you thinking a lot about the past? Iming and you're feeling stuck or you can't move on from the. Miss Patty, I got you I promise. Why are you blowing bubbles? Patiently waiting That's just not right. Anyways, 123 Cynthia You are waiting on something and you're kinda feeling stuck. I feel there's a stuck energy for you. It's on somebody love about to pick up very good for you. It's just so moving on. from this past, I see love being it's about something letting go and I feel there's more out of life. you're going to you're wanting more than just love. There's something more than just love, but I feel the love is gonna be good for you. You're gonna have to make a decision in the though. I don't know why he's patterns of behavior from the past. It's okay, I just I feel love is is is good for you. I just feel this is gonna open up. You got the King of wands and the emperor. It feels like more than one person wants you, but I feel like you got your mind made up on who you want and what you want as far as love. I feel a person here. Do you have a person cuz when this King of one shows up, that means that you have a person. More though, but it's it's gonna work out. Yeah, I see this. you have a person, but it's gonna work out. I just feel God God working on some healing with each other. Of the yes. It's showing y'all working it out. Yeah, so we're working it out. The Shawn is gonna be okay. I see this person. So I see that you have a person, but it's just not feeling stuck about the past or whatever happen. It's only you want more. I see that you're wanting more from this person's. I'm moving on from there and just pushing forward. And it's so you know it's gonna work out. We got the nine of cups here. I wanna focus too much on this. what happened to many of our second Me let go and getting out of that. But it shows that it's gonna work out. And you guys, I don't even feel like this is another person I feel. Feel very strong. Strong minded in this person. put more. Okay. That's for Miss Cynthia. For what I call a live, it's been 20000 years. Yeah, and I'm almost finished Taye you Super late. Hello Issa. Okay. So Shani you wanna finds we're gonna go. Bye. Angels and Answers. This is for your finances. Also, you change what you want cuz I know earlier in the reading you want it. No problem mister you are love. okay. everybody wants to. thank you Savannah. I appreciate you. For one, They gave you the black car going on every live like going up on every. You know this is like my third so I just I don't care. I want this is my third time going live to actually go in and out. My goodness, it's showing the love of happening. You Vanessa so sweet. My goodness they give you the black. You like your stuff together. Together like I feel you get a lot of your priorities in life together. Oh, you have them together so like you know, but it's. Okay, What is that almost hit the floor? I see your comments you. here you have a high time So I try to show you how to push through when it comes to love, but it's hard for you. This car almost hits the floor. Almost hit the floor, so this is definitely time for me. Yes, okay. It's. You can watch it live right That's good. Okay, Tasha. Yes, I was definitely that's. Yeah. So I see this person is that this I see that yes, but it's so it is difficult with this person definitely and it's so you have you have been good to this person and yourself. But it is not easy. It's. Oh, it's you better. get your butt back in and get to work. I know that's tough. I'm gonna tell you something whatever you're doing. It's something big about to happen. Some. I feel like whatever it is whatever you put into this person. I don't know if you made an ultimatum and say I'm ready for marriage. He's gonna marry me now or you're gonna do something cuz I feel you're getting that attitude and telling me you gonna offer me what I want and what I need. I'm walking away. I can't with you. I feel that and honey you check. As you guys to open up some good things and love finances in love, Okay, I feel a lot of a lot of blessings, but also in love. there's a whole lot of trifecta boom boom boom all of them coming together, but you gotta make sure you put your standards high and let them know I won't settle for this kitt. Alright and I see something big happening for you in love. But I wouldn't spend another day if it ain't right. That's what I see for you this Tyra Danielle and I have miss Patty. I am not taking no more No. miss Tyra. Yes, hi Miss Mckenzie. Danielle Patti is Selena how you doing? If you want a general. I know I can. I'm not happy I did. But everybody got more loyalty. Okay, Miss Tyra I got you. So, I will say something in the past. The fuck I know right. to tell you to inbox me or just. On my numbers, We're doing this. Let me go ahead and switch. Where you go, I have to switch to energy. I don't know why you're paying off debt. Find those chapters. Let it be known, I see closing even finances are queen. you're clearing up the clutter. To be in the House. I'm waiting on my road trip road trip. Miss Tara and also show you just really focusing on your healing and your. I don't want you to feel like I feel I don't know you're being cool in two ways to make a decision. I don't know if this is to stay or go to move. I don't know there's some type of decision you're being pulled into different ways. Okay, but nevertheless I just feel when it comes to moving forward. Nana's of transformation as well. okay nanalo na uhm different way we will present to mount sana makita season Bye. Okay. That's for you Miss Tara How to make a decision? Okay, Miss Danielle You wanna do love and miss Patty you wanna do. This Danielle This movie is. Is waiting on you? Bye. Bye. Danielle There is a good love is growing. You got the baby car so be careful. Okay. You got the baby card. Danielle. You got the baby so be careful. okay, Yes and so I I feel like you want you wanna help when it comes to love and what this certain person you want to change. I see somebody coming in, but it's on you. you feel like a little doubtful or like something like a workout. Danielle, but it shows a lot of happiness the family coming together. There's something big about to happen for the family and coming together. Okay. Okay, Y'all but it's on somebody's changing. actually they are they have a part Are you here? My venue, I know. You want one of these. So I don't I don't know why I just feel someone's getting out of the past or something that try to hold them back or keep them down. The price been going through something I feel. Your price has been going through something I don't know if this is legal matters. We have you what does you know something your person is going to this one they coming out of that in it you guys are gonna be good okay out now this is legal matters or this personal financial feel you know the family definitely would be expanding in some changes happening here That's what I see so you're gonna be good. y'all gonna be happy. I'm happy they give you some stuff from the past. you know behind it. So I will be next and I recommend I'd love for you this thing. do'n sa women's Good then get back. I don't know there's a roller coaster of emotions when it comes to this person. I don't know I feel that you know you have highs and then you have those I don't feel like consistent energy coming from this person and I see you're going to reminiscing or very hopeful thinking when it comes to this person, it shows things coming together. There's a flames sparking and then the flames right back there. okay. So it's up to you. if you want to keep trying cuz I feel that there's gonna be it's gonna get good. It's gonna drop back down and then you're gonna feel stuck. so it's up to you. If you wanna keep trying to replay this claim with this person okay. And then you're being very helpful and you know you're wanting things to grow and get better you know and then it leaves you feeling kinda stuck you know and you're overthinking or led you know get to you too much. Sometimes you know and it hasn't feeling you know. Patiently trying to fix it. And you're trying a time and you all exhausting and I see the flames coming back up the passion and the everything's gonna come back but then again you. So it's up to you. It also says be careful with. The flame goes up. To go up and then go down and then it is your life. That's your decision if you would like to you know, continue trying to make it work and be hopeful and try but I that's what I see when it comes to love. I will be back, I love y'all so much my baby just woke up. I know Y'all heard the baby crying. I didn't drink two bottles of water, plus a Cup of juice and I gotta do a comb hair. It's a holiday so we are barbecuing and cooking and we have. So I wish you guys a happy Memorial Day for all of you guys. I'll try to come back live more but if you don't see me live, check me out on YouTube. It's very funny very. I love y'all and definitely book a private reading with me please. More information more detail and more healing sessions Okay. I love you all so much. I'm praying for all of y'all have a great holiday. I'll be back in the next month. Okay. Mwah

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