Le chirurgien chinois qui dénonce la vente des organes « halal » de Ouïghours à prix d’or.

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On a discuté avec un médecin qui se bat pour mettre en lumière le trafic d'organes dont sont victimes les Ouïghours.

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Ali Yattar 1 year ago

Travestir des vérités par des fakes, est une spécialité érigée en culture par les médias du grand capital./... Si on commençait par Simone Weil qui avait signé lors de son passage au Ministère de la santé un accord franco-sioniste de dons d’organes prélevé sur les prisonniers palestiniens

👉🏻 https://reseauinternational.net/simone-veil-avait-signe-un-accord-secret-de-dons-dorganes-avec-lentite-sioniste/

Thomas Ter Aroutiounian 1 year ago

Mathilde terrible

Quentin Drarbe 1 year ago

Horrible... Interview passionnante !

Becky James 1 year ago

The China Tribunal, chaired by Sir Geoffrey Nice, QC (who formerly served as lead prosecutor of Slobodan Milosevic at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia — the ICTY), has conducted the first ever independent legal analysis of all available evidence regarding forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in China in order to determine if organ harvesting is happening and what criminal offences, if any, may have been committed by state or state-approved bodies, organisations or individuals in China that may have engaged in forced organ harvesting.

Quote from Sir Geoffrey Nice QC Chair of the China Tribunal -

'Any person or organisation that interacts in any substantial way with the PRC – the People’s Republic of China – including:
• doctors and medical institutions;
• industry, and businesses, most specifically airlines, travel companies, financial services businesses, law firms, and pharmaceutical and insurance companies, together with individual tourists;
• educational establishments; arts establishments
should recognise that, to the extent revealed in this document, they are interacting with a criminal state.'