2 Bananas Per Day

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Health benefits of eating 2 bananas per day.

Posted 1 year ago in Health & Medical
Kristin Larsen
Kristin Larsen11 months ago

Two bananas contain 24 sugar bites (acts like white cane sugar in your body) Have five almonds before any fruit to keep your bloodsugar stable. Fruit is a treat not something our body needs as fuel.

Joy Miller
Joy Miller1 year ago

Unless you have renal failure, bananas are high in potassium and therefore not advisable for those with kidney issues. Be very careful in following general advice that isn't blanket for everyone

Rejoice Ikechi Amadi
Rejoice Ikechi Amadi1 year ago

Aaah banana!!! Silent killer for diabetic patients,,,, don't go there

Anthony Grace
Anthony Grace10 months ago

Bananas all day!馃挭馃榿

Peter Safumael矛脿
Peter Safumael矛脿1 year ago

natural remedies

Tina Nicks-Martin
Tina Nicks-Martin1 year ago

If I eat 2 bananas a day my Blood sugars would be Off the Charts! This obviously isn鈥檛 for everyone

Sudha Narayan
Sudha Narayan1 year ago

Not good for diabetics

Harry Unrau
Harry Unrau1 year ago

That's because they are the cheapest fruit out there.

Patsy Cline
Patsy Cline1 year ago

I always suffer from terrible cramp in my legs after eating a banana!!

Michelle Meister
Michelle Meister1 year ago

Can't eat them they make me sick