Morning thoughts after predawn... - Reverend Al Sharpton

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Morning thoughts after predawn workout 8/7/20 #3 #RevAlsMorningThoughts

Posted 1 year ago

Kika Moi 1 year ago

Buenos Dias... so tell me, when will Latinos & African Americans come together for real ?? and why doesn't anybody wanna talk about the seriousness of our separation ???? too tuff a topic huh ??

LaTonia Simone Adams 1 year ago

Nice words of encouragement

Maggie Jackson 1 year ago

You right have a bless day Rev.

Deborah Ngundam 1 year ago

Thanks for the words of wisdom 🙏🏾 We appreciate you and all the work you do!

Tony Forcinel 1 year ago

You are scared your sheep will realize you and the rest of the media are using them. Otherwise you would encourage people to expand their minds and not just believe blindly. I hope people disregard you and find out for themselves.

Veta Hunt 1 year ago


Michele Ngwang 1 year ago


Joann Carter 1 year ago

Powerful Words

Christina Bone 1 year ago

‘Morning ☀️🌈