Food Art At Home Easy Peasy 🥰

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Now it's the perfect time for us to get artsy 🤗✨

Posted 2 years ago

Mischa Stray 2 years ago

Maya Andersson ska nog börja göra konst-mackor så de blir roligare

Kiri Classen 2 years ago

Roxy Wells look how cuuuute

Matthew Holman 2 years ago

99.99% sure if I was to try to make any of these “cute and easy” foods. They would not be cute or easy at all.

Tanima Dutta 2 years ago

If some ocd or ocpd people come and saw or try to eat those beautiful looking foods they will be like😣😱😩 because they like to make it perfectly nice and when it comes to eat or destroy it they hate it so much it's not me saying this it's my experience saying it 😊😉😋😊😀😄😆

Mish Clark 2 years ago


Tanima Dutta 2 years ago

The Art is an art🤗 ! you don't need anything to be an artist like~ drawing book ,pen or paints 😎. you just need a place from nature to apply your talents like ~ soild,foods,walls,
papers,rocks,clothes and even on the face and so more😏 ! And your talents will make your colour from nature 😇because the source of the colour is the nature isn't it 😇🤗☺🙂

Andrew Jerard Melitante 2 years ago

What did you call this is a food art