WDRB News - CAR RIM WRECKING potholes are dotting roadways...

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CAR RIM WRECKING potholes are dotting roadways in Louisville. To read how the city is dealing with the problem, click here: https://wdrb.news/3b7JDgO

Posted 9 months ago in Vehicles & Transportation

Sherry Kenney 9 months ago

There was one downtown that about took my car completely out.. the whole underbelly ...crazy

Dakota Wallace 9 months ago

they aren't redoing thwm thwy are just doing chip & seal cause its cheap

Brandi Barnes 9 months ago

Y'all driving like potholes owe you respect, slow down and cram out of my tail pipe

Alice Carrier Reynolds 9 months ago

So glad to see they are out fixing them.馃挜馃憦馃徏

Sandra Downs 9 months ago

I hope people remember this when they complain about the infrastructure bill that the President is going to put forward.

Dale Duggins 9 months ago

Rough on us bikers

Aleasha Carrier 9 months ago

Yeah they patch it and not even a week or two later it is back.

Robert Sanderson 9 months ago

Yet they don鈥檛 fit a single pothole on 65

Mike Allendorf 9 months ago