Overnight Oats Made Delicious

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Posted 7 months ago in Food & Drink

Betsy McCloskey 7 months ago

These are so great for work. Just toss in your bag for lunch.

Lauren Jones 7 months ago

Anything I can substitute for the honey? I鈥檓 allergic.

Elen Ellem 7 months ago

Do you think we have to have Greek yoghurt? Is there any thing else we can use or possibly would it still work if it was excluded all together?

Pattie Gentile Hill 7 months ago

I love HOT oatmeal, cold just doesn't do it for me.

Ruth Angel 7 months ago

Some of these are super high in sugar grams; I鈥檇 leave out chocolate chips and go for the fresh fruit and yogurt options. But, all look pretty tasty.

Krista Eli 7 months ago

Even overnight makes them too soft. Oats are awesome as cold cereal but they need to retain a little texture.

Julian Cuacos 7 months ago

Does anyone know how many days this can last in a fridge if I use regular milk and much of these ingredients? One of them said up to 5 days.

Diana Pace 7 months ago

I just can鈥檛 do cold oatmeal. I make these but with vanilla yogurt and just layer, not mixed all up

Mario Perez 7 months ago

So a jar of sugar? Okay copy! Thanks 馃檹 馃槀

Carol Reed Bodrogi 7 months ago

I make something like these but I don鈥檛 eat it cold. I microwave it for a minute.