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Hello Somebody - Will you pray with me?

Devotion: Take up your cross

Matthew 24:13 (NLT) But the one who endures to the end will be saved.
yes things are not the way we think they are these death in the air people dying when you hear that more than ninety thousand people have died in USA those are source those are not just numbers those achievement of God we need to pray for USA we need to pray for other countries we need to pray for everybody even if we are going to die we are going At the feet of Jesus, that's what I'm saying, even if God does not save us from this 19, he's still our God. They still God in heaven in His throne This morning as we pray, Yes, we are going to invite Jesus to intervene in this situation. Ours is not an road. It's bumped and rough. But we know there is a God who promise that you will be with us always this money want to pray with you mister ever there was a time that we need to spend more time with Jesus history that time is now the time is now we are going to pray now we are going to pray thanks for joining me thanks for joining me now just a reminder quickly tonight we are going to have a Yes every evening on Wednesdays and Fridays, we're going to try to have those services, but definitely tonight. Join me is welcome to have our process but not on this page, but not on this page. Listen to me very clearly those who are willing to join me. We have got two pages. We have two pages. We've got two pages this page and page three inches if you. Ministry is an our page that's way we post different kinds of things that happening in our here we post music and symons only by the that page best post everything including pictures so so that's the difference ah that's why we would most someone's day so so please join me join me join me like our pages so that whenever we we we are live you can pick it up like our page Share our page This is our page SDA Worldwide music and cess. It's our page. This is where we post music. Yes, we have a team. We have a team. We have a team of very dedicated to get a-team. We share videos we we checked the content if it meets our standard. then we will post also that page same thing applies to the team of young people. We are running this thing. It's a Ministry very powerful ministries. Yeah. soft desa sista pedis ia time cost manik iya polisi medan meja yes Tonight on that page Freese Ministries, I also I'll also post the caption on this video after I'm done so that those who are willing to join us tonight for our session where you will be praying for me and I'll be praying for you. We're watching. We're praying for you. We're praying for you and I'll be praying for you. We have faith will be praying for you and we will be praying for each other because on this page. We have good pastors and elders, we put God's people that are anointed when they pray faithfully things happen. Thank you so much. Thank you so much children of God. join me with what the deacons and Decc with What Women of Faith here. Yes, in, we call them Alban people of faith when they pray for you down the rural areas when you're in E areas, things move for you. We've got such. Kind of people mister and missus Adventists. Yes, let us all gather tonight for that process. Remember it's not about me. It's not about anybody else. It's about you. It's about you. I'm just here to coordinate that process. We're all leaders. people are going to post up here. They prayer request and each one of us will pick up a prayer and pray for God's children above all Jesus Christ is gonna pick up every prayer. I want to remind you again, God answers all prayers If yes, yes answered if he says, wait, yes, if he says no, yes answer. He knows what is best for us. I'll send you the link. I'll send you the link later. Thank you so much. I'll send you the link. It's a matter of you liking and following it just like you did with this page. Thank you so much. I was there now. I'm coming here. This is my second service. Thank you so much let's go to our service now. the court will say as I talk too much, I talk too much and talkative man. De Noël I'm the Facebook evangelist I call myself, Facebook and evangelist. Yes. I'm not more here on Facebook than anywhere else, So I would like to welcome you. please welcome me. Amen if you're blessed by this services just type Amen. Thank you so much 20 - four verse in Matthew 24 verse, but he that shall endure unto the end. The same shall be saved to save the Bible powerful this. He that's to the end shall be saved Right. Matthew 1130 - nine. We just got to do those two verses. take up. Take my upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly in heart and you shall find rest unto souls. I've been TD my talk with you this morning. Take up your cross and follow Jesus. take up your cross will you pray with. Let's invite the Holy Spirit Lord Jesus. We invite you now not only you Lord. We invite him the Holy Spirit to come down and worship with us here and teach us we unpick you would bless us Dear Father in Jesus name We pray. Check up your cross that's a tightly of my talk with you take up with your cross take up your cross and follow me ah Jesus is inviting each and every remain this morning Jesus is inviting you miss the and missus Adventist Jesus is inviting you this money says take up your cross and follow me and the question is what is to take up the cross now to take up the cross for taking up the cross and following Jesus means Willing to sacrifice even with your life in order to follow Jesus Christ. That's what it means. This is called to die to self are with me. It's called Aol surrender. This is Kota surrender when you take up your cross and follow Jesus. It means you leave everything behind and follow Jesus. It means. Sacrifice it means to thyself, I mean to die to yourself. it means total and absolute surrender. You see brothers and sisters following Jesus. It's easy when things are running smooth when there's no 19 when there's not a sickness in the family when you've got a job when is a full when your Bank account is set following Jesus's easy but our commitment or your commitment is tested when we encounter. Trials and tests that's what we're facing at the moment when people are losing their jobs when Covid- 19 is dividing and touring fems about a living people of fun, Your commitment is tested following Jesus Brothers Jesus. It's easy when everything is smooth. Following Jesus, it's easy when there's peace at home, but you see your commitment is tested when we encounter trials, that's when she says, Follow me. Take up your cross and follow me you see. Follow Jesus. Listen to me. Listen to me very careful following Jesus demands sacrifice following Jesus brothers and sisters demand. absolutely sacrifice. absolutely surrender. in Jesus never heat that cost to us it will cost you your family it will cost your job it will post your life finally it will cost you friends it will cost you everything you can cost you money it will cost you a time sometimes it will cost your family that's what it means taking up the cross and following Jesus brothers and sisters despite the cost I went to a show are you despite the cost despite the cost of losing money despite the cost of losing your family despite the cost of losing your time and if your job Jesus is inviting us you wants us to wet with you he wants to work with you you are just to work with him in his final to bring others entries fold brothers and sisters much after nine seventeen says and Jesus said to them calm e after me and I will make you to become freshers of men brothers and sisters is follow us mister and missus Adventist as his followers we have a mission in our hands to faithful rich out to others when she says take up your cross and follow me he is saying take up across and following land of me so that you can go in fighter this to come and follow me to come and take up their crosses and follow me that's saying is his believers I want to remind you brothers and sisters our duty is to share the good news of salvation it doesn't matter how you say them is no we said them you can share them through your lifestyle you can preach you can read you can pray our choti is to say the good news to in fight lost man to Jesus because some of us who are here preaching today we were invited by other people took up the And follow Jesus when the follow Jesus gave them a mission to go and invite others here I am today. I'm not an Adventist. I'm not a pilot. I am a poverty in other words, somebody who took up his cross and follow Jesus invited me to follow him and as his followers, our duty is to share the gospel. I mean the good news of salvation the gospel of Jesus Christ to invite men to Jesus. twenty-eight western nine says it's very create follow me take up your cross and follow me when you follow Jesus Christ then he says to you invest nineteen of May twenty eight going therefore and wishes that means the name of the father and other son and of the holy ghost was twenty says teaching them to observe all things whatsoever have commanded you low I wish you always If you're not to the end of the world, take up your cross and follow me, Yes, Lord I am following Cally. Take up your cross and follow me. Yes Lord. I'm following you go and teach them to observe all things back them disciples. That's the message of Jesus Christ, Dear Brothers and sisters this morning before you see this money already saying, is you see we need to? This clear before people can ask the Lord for help they must believe in him. That means before we can ask Jesus to intervene in this 19 situation, you must be a believer, you must have faith in him. are you with me. You must have faith in him, You know, brothers and sisters. I want all those challenged when a Hindu tends to an idol and praise faithful. I'm always challenged when people pray to things not to God. I'm always challenged. When people put faith in things that don't leave that have no life, I'm always challenged. therefore before people can ask the Lord for help they must believe in him. Before they can believe in Jesus, they must hear about him and then the person must make them hear about him. That's you and the people whom who advise them to believe that that's you and indeed for them to hear about the Lord, someone must tell them and that's how it is you choose this one is saying, take up your cross and follow me and when you follow Jesus Christ and then, he says to you go you there are you with me, brothers and sisters makela followers of me don't just. Make them fun of me, teach them to observe all things. Yes, we live in an age where we just want Jesus to be followed with no condition, but this is when you invite them to follow me. teach them to everything are you with me in other words for them to hear about the Lord, someone must tell them and that's how it is you Oh yes before someone can go and tell them that person must be a follower of Jesus Christ that person must be a believer that person must have faith in Jesus. that person must be a disciple. and that is life was you this morning Jesus say take up your cross and follow me I will be brothers this is we need to understand the very clear here being a disciple oil follow up Jesus Christ comes with a course where prize for you it says in the Bible I am going to read for you set second team of three best twelve yes all that we leave godly shall suffer prosecution yeah of course we know physically so many ways now you need to remember you need to remember this morning you need to remember almost all disciples twelve disciples of Jesus Christ except one join the revolution he was prosecuted they were killed they were killed and the regulator I believe they wanted to kill him but they fail because god for reason only known to him but all these disciples god was lying And that on its own That on its own is a message to you that following Jesus will cost your life following Jesus will cost you your life, not only the disciples now and large number of sense, a large number of people who took up their cross and follow Jesus after the disciples. We're persecuted some are jailed and the majority of them were killed. Millions of people have died for Jesus. They've taken up their crosses. millions of people are open. During the decades, it's in the history, you can learn those are the people who took up their crosses and follow Jesus Christ. Yes. follow Jesus will cost you. It comes with the price on your head. But the good news is that these people he didn't move of faith. if you're not to death even death could not extinguish it just like the three boys who say, Oh, yes, let it be known to you even if God does not save us from that fire, we will not bow down to the devil brothers and sisters. Millions of people have died for this gospel this morning in Jesus, says Mister and Missus Adventists up your cross and follow me. Yes. You need to understand this man, brothers and sisters and many others took up their cross and follow Jesus despite the challenges they encounter some lost their families before they lost their lives. Some lost their status in the before they lost their lives. Some. Brazos censistas los y uno Descarga de Salva Black from Black Days en Foro You to be a disciple. He also empowers you all power is given unto me on Earth and in heaven God we worship powerful for God. When he says to you take up your cross and follow me, he's saying, stand with me and stand for me and not only that he says a good power in that verse. it says all power is given unto me in that in that chapter, in other words before you even tell you what to do he talks about power. All power is given unto me. Then he says, go there for therefore, if you've got power if you believe in Christ, he will empower you, you'll be able to stand up. And stand up for and stand up with Christ and this morning. he wants you to stand up with him. He wants you to stand up for him, He says. I empowered you because of good power. Jesus empowers you, it doesn't send you into the Beckel powerless possible or Pss. This is a reminder to us mister and missus adventists that are suffering here. indeed, the minor compared to the tens and sufferings called corel faced by the apostles and disciples and others. during the past times for the second therefore when you follow Christ it is never is the road yes in the Bible says it very clear all you shall be heated of all men for my name six I'm not talking about people called inviting trouble I wish me you cannot walk into an end method this switch and say to them yeah you before you are keeping something go to hell they will beat you up you can say to them yeah you muslim you are worshiping a man instead of god they will pick up I'm not talking about the specification I'm not talking that that's militants without a religion that's militants without a vision that's made a tense without Christ dann mische ich noch kreis da ist noch der rekord von meinem neues Pipoca I'm not talking about gossiping. There's some people who even when they're taking controling the truth. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about God's salvation speak the truth. Are you willing to follow Jesus if it means alienation from your family. Pick up your cross and follow me, says Jesus this morning. Are you willing to follow Jesus if it means to lose your reputation in your family for the sake of Jesus in your society for the sake of Jesus, it work for the sake of Jesus. Are you willing to follow Jesus. You know there's some repetitions that are godly. We need to lose down here. Some of you have been repetitions of being known as a pirate in chief supporter. That's all what you talk about it. That the reputation you need to lose it that's what I am I am just giving an example there some reputation we need to you lose in order for us to take up across and follow Jesus I willing to follow Jesus if it means losing your job yes Jesus is saying take up your cross and follow me this morning are you willing to follow Jesus if it means losing your life losing your family yes she is a says take up your cross And follow me you see. Let me drive this point on commitment to Christ means taking up your cross giving up your hopes. Did you hear me commitment to Christ means taking up your cross giving up your it means sacrifice giving up your hopes and it means giving up your dreams for his mission. That's taking up your cross and follow Jesus. It means giving up your possession praise mission. That's what taking up your cross and follow Jesus means it means giving up your money. It means giving up you everything including your life for his mission. That's why taking up your cross means and to follow Jesus you see salvation is free. What did I say salvation is very free? Okay. Let me just add salvation is more than free. But the following Jesus will cost you everything down here. It will cost you everything down here so that you can gain everything up there. Oh, you didn't hear me. Let me repeat that one salvation is free. salvation is even more than free. It's very free. But following Jesus down here it will cost you everything to gain everything up they that's what we need to know take up across and follow me she is a same sacrifice she was says give up everything she was says life everything just for the sake of me And here's the mission go There are you with me. There's a home in heaven prepared by Jesus Brothers and sisters. give your real birth to the Rock of Salvation Jesus Christ and they will give up everything was already given up everything for you. Want to regret the business as we close and we're going to pray method ten plus twenty-two but he that enjoy to the end shall be saved tapping taking up your cross means following Jesus to the end and when you reach the end they salvation I wish me yes running is never is comfortable thing but you must At the face of the ronna when he won a prize, that's exactly what Jesus is saying, He says he's gonna be tough. but when you look at the end, there's a reward for you take up the cross and follow Jesus This morning. Jesus wants to save your brothers and sisters. Jesus wants us to take up our crosses. Yes, he wants us to take our courses because salvation is free, dairy free and indeed more than free, but it will cost you everything. down here to follow Jesus so that you can gain everything Deise Moço prayers will be accepted. In the most wonderful place, Jesus is there is ours he was already taken up his cross and followed God destruction. It's our turn now, brothers and sisters. ours is not in Israel. Following Jesus will cost you money following Jesus will cost you time. Following Jesus. Sistem fine for now listen all our problems to Jesus Our awake is to wait for the men. Let me just play this song, then we play again. Just listen to this song. I'm just gonna repeat the words it says. It's a wonderful time. I love it. take up your cross and follow me and when you follow Jesus, he says. Go you there. Jesus is saying so in the morning so of kindness so in the long time and the Jews it was while waiting for the harvest. The time of and indeed we shall come rejoicing when you bring the souls, Those are the shifts. That's a challenge in this one take up your cross. Yes, l'esprit sauce. Oui, oui, le so we need to solve the way to God in sunshine in the shadows fearing neither clothes your no winters chilling breaks and buy and buy the harvest the come to shall come rich legacy when we bring those souls to Christ when you bring the souls to Christ we will come rejoices when you bring the shoes Isn't this a powerful? It's to speaking to preparing to pray. We are preparing to cook and pray in your you'll pray for me. I'll pray for you. We'll pray for the world. Are you with me. Children of God? Yes, that God then we have very precious seed shall doubtlessly Come again fulfill yes, go forth with soaring for the master The Lost. Our spirit of Eng grieved when our weeping is over, he will beat us welcome. We shall come rejoicing what a powerful word this morning. What a powerful word? Yes, I'm getting paid the sister. I'm getting better. We shall come rejoicing bringing the ships bringing the ships take up your cross and follow me. I'll make you fishers of men. That's what Jesus says. कोई therefore कोई देखो all things in when you have done that will bring the ships we shall be rejoicing when you bring source we have good heaven to brothers and sisters this morning and help to shine I want us to pray now just to pray will you pray with me wherever you are you pray with me just thank you so much for your word which is the lamp on our pathway and they light on of it Lord in times like this we don't wanna hear voice of men one to hear the voice of God Lord we are power hates we are the challenge in the cold to take about cross in fully Lord we are going to loose our time we're going to loose our money we are going to loose our families but we have ask you to prepare us we asking a lot just like the disciples another who died for this faith to give us the and movable faith dear God we wanted to invest yourself in us yes the road is rough and some of us are limping in this journey hundred in this gym they got some of us have been speed up in this journey the devil is lended blows in this journey he is still lending blows lord some of us when we try to rise is the lens more close but give us faith because you are saying this one of those who will enjoy and to the end will be safe give us the spiritual strength to walk this journey and to enjoy to the end Your people are dying from 19. Our commitment is to you is tested. Dear God because of this covenant the children are dying and we are being shown and given numbers every day, but we understand it's clear these are not numbers. These are souls. people are not numbers. People souls. save your people Lord those who are in the hospital be with their lives. Lord Oh, send your Angels to move in those corridors and life because you are life give a protect us from coffee nineteen note it said he said what is happened but we understand it because we are the people of the book in times like these we need to stay in and stay in the field of Jesus begin with our sisters and my sisters I am praying for single parents who have got a lot of challenges of they I am praying for your children was sick with other diseases aside from coffee nineteen I'm praying for your protection degree I am praying for those who looking for jobs we will be losing jobs Dear God Because of this covenant Dear God, The devil has led the big blue onto this Earth and everyone is on his belly. We are struggling to rise back a day on our feet, but Lord is with your hand down here to aid us to stand up, give us strength to also lift up our heads and reach into your hand so that we can be lifted up Lord. We want to take our crosses this morning and follow the bless us in Jesus name. We pray Amen. Bye. God bless you children of God. Thank you for your prayers. Yes tonight. Don't forget. We are coming here on this platform. not on this platform threes if you if you are not if you're not following that page is yet after this, it was just look for three Angels aviation Ministry. That's why we'll be having our session tonight. Yeah because of of data, I won't be able to be on both sides like in the morning. Now I've got free data from telecom in the morning. That's why I'm here in the morning. so I'm free. Gives me data it in twelve point six they are crazy they think I must be awakened that time they unfair but always taken advantage for those two hours to come and share the way of god god bless you बाबा Baba God bless you have a blessed day yes pray for me and I pray for you now for those of you possible that were not here this that Monday on Monday yes my is working she is a front line weaker the health care worker The one of the nurses that work with him was that of this 19, so all the staff members were tested in the are so we are waiting for the results. Yes. come with me. We know there's a God in heaven. Yeah. I wasn't feeling well yesterday, but today much better. I was my temperature was a bit high, but today it's a it's much better. Thank you. Lord. Thank you. Lord. Yes. I got a little bit of yeah. Rain in the morning yesterday I went to run it was very cold so the using in the evening but overcome this yes with the coffee nineteen affect me or not I if surrender my life to Jesus Christ because it better than those who have died I am not better than those who we have been affected there affected I am not better I am not part of the ninety thousand people died in USA I am not those over thirty thousand people died in Italy I am not better though different because I believe in God from some of them but some of them also believed in God in the diet yes take up your cross divine take up across this money and follow Jesus if the blessed day if the blessed day I love you all with my heart but there is one loves you more than I do his name is Jesus he is a man who have never lost the battle in his life therefore surrender your battles on your knees ten audio bakeries into wash it then you will tell you worship in the blessings god bless you have a wonderful day see you tonight and see you on Friday morning thank you so much

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