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Kenny Rogers - Lucille
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They had a bar bar in in in Toledo Toledo Toledo. Toledo. across across from from from. the the. the depot depot depot on. on on on a a a Barstool Barstool Barstool. Barstool she she she took took took. off off her for. ring. I thought I'd get closer so I walked over. I I I sat sat sat down down down down and. and and and I I I asked asked asked her. her. her. When the drinks but I finally quit living a Dream. Here-i'm after whatever the other life brings. I saw him and I closely watched him. I thought he looked down. To the woman beside me, he had a look on his face. face face that that that big big big hands were calloused. calloused. They They look look look like. like. like a a mountain mountain for for for many. I thought I was doing. But he's and save you to find time to leave me. Lucy I'm in in the fields I've had had some some bad bad times times some this this time time time you you you're. won't won't be. be. From the likes of the room to room, we've walked without talking at all Now, she was a beauty, but what she came to me, She must have thought I'd lost my life. Coming back time after time you to find time to leave me Lucille with 400 children. But this time you make the time to see you picked a fine time to leave me loose. The

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